Scam letter(s) from Julia Zainullina to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Jim!!!How do you think, is there any sense to look for seriousness here in the Internet???At least this is the thing I am looking for. And I hope with all my heart that I will catch the Bird of Happiness.Few words about myself. My name is Alina. I am young woman of 30 years old.I live in a very beautiful Ukrainian City Uman, if you have ever heard about Sofievskii park then information for you - it is here, in my city =) I am working in a small shop as a seller underwear and I like my job very much.Young woman who is looking for her soul mate in life, friend in all the circumstances and lover in the bedroom .“What can you propose?”, - you will ask. There is an old Russian saying: you will be pleased with what you will wake up in the woman.Sounds like true? I do want a man who will wake up tenderness, smiles, care, and love… love is a big thing.It can overcome everything especially when woman is in love… Will that work out here? Would that be interesting for you? …Hope for your reply,With best wishes
Letter 2
Hello my dear Jim ,
I am really glad to receive your letter. Thank you for your letter and your beautiful pictures.
I am really happy to know you. What is your big dream for 2008?
Please tell me what is the biggest thing that you wish to happen in your life in the year 2008? If you are God and you can make any wish come true, what is the one wish that you can make to come true for you. For me it is easy to say. My biggest wish and goal for 2008 is to meet my dream partner, fall in love and to start creating a happy relationships with love and passion. I hope you have the same dream as me for 2008 so that we don't have to waste too much time. When you wrote to me, you seems very real and I have trust for you. I am looking for my soul mate as you. I hope we have found each other for the love of our lives. I am serious and honest and I will prove it to you. I am open to meet a man from any part of the the country or the world. If I meet a man and we like each other and we have strong feelings for each other, I will like to meet soon in person as this is the only way to find out about true feelings in real life. I feel you are really serious about a relationship and that is why I am telling you about my feelings as well.
I am sending you my photo.
I am impatient to hear from you soonest.
Happy New Year,
Your girl
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