Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Goncherenko to Stuart (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hello my darling Stu!!!I am mad glad to receive your letters.My dear Stu I every day think of you,and I so would like to be now with you,I love you, and I think that our meeting will be not forgotten. My darling Stu my heart belongs only to you,and I think that every day our relations becomeall more strongly and more strongly, I cannot live without you. My dear Stu I went to travel agency,to me have told that now they cannot send this information,they can send only the contract of the visa as I yet did not pay for air tickets,they I can not send this information, they can give me only a copy of air tickets. My dear Stu tomorrow Saturday,and I should have time to buy the air ticket as on Sunday at 15:45,I leave for Moscow, and I need to have at myself the ticket!!!!My dear I at all do not know what to do!!!Tomorrow since morning I shall come to the Internet-cafe to read through from you the letter.I shall wait for your letter.Your bride Nadezhda!!!!
Letter 2
Hello my darling Stu!!!!My dear Stu I am very glad to receive your letters,but to me very sadly that at us is impossible will meet,today I had a train to Moscow at 15:45,but I have changed the ticket for Wednesday,and I will arrive to embassy on Thursday so we have time that that not be to think up. My dear Stu today I went in Western Union and asked asit is possible to send from credit card VISA,to me have told that you can send through their siteand there not such big commisiion, to me have told thatthe send money less, the it is more commisiion,a site, try come on this site and look.I will wait your answer.My darling Stu I as will try to search for possibility.Now I any more do not work therefore, I at all do not know that to me to do.My dear it is good, I will wait your answer. Your bride Nadezhda!!!!
Letter 3
Hello my darling Stu!!!My dear Stu I am glad to receive your letters,I regret for so late answer, I at all do not know why I did not write to you,likely I have not been much afflicted, to those that you do not trust me,but I understand you, after all you at all did not see me and consequently you so speak!!!I all the same very strongly love you, I hope that you trust me, and love me!!My darling Stu that if I will make for you a copy of my passport,and I will send it to you tomorrow, and you will show it in Western Union?My dear I went to travel agency, and for these days, I was there set of times,I do not know why they cannot give me this information,they speak that I have not paid it money!!!And consequently they cannot send this information!!!My dear today I have simply come in furiousness,I have quarrelled there with all employees,I spoke to them that you do not allow to two loving hearts to reunite!!!!My dear Stu I very strongly love you, and I wish to be only with you,and any more with whom, you the unique man,which smog to make me happy not meeting at all, you very good,you very kind and careful!!! I love you, and I wish to be with you!!!My dear tomorrow I will send you a copy of my passport. Now I should finish the letter!!!I will wait for your answer.Your bride Nadezhda!!!
Letter 4
Hello my darling Stu!!!!My dear Stu I am very glad to receive your letters,it is a pity to me that at us so all turns out,but I hope that we will find forces to overcome all our obstacles in our way.My dear Stu as I have understood that in Western Union,do not trust that I present and consequently they do notwish to help you with it? My dear I will send you a copy of my passport,and you can descend with this copy in Western Union. To me a distance not the big information in travel agency,I hope that she will help you. Moscow - Oakland Time in a way: 28 h 40 minesStart: 24, December 2007 17:00 DME Domodedovo a/p (Terminal) ?0134 - Boeing 777-300 class B A Arrival: 24, December 2007 23:15 DXB Dubai international a/p (the Terminal 1) "EK" Emirates Airlines Change: DXB Dubai international a/p>> DXB Dubai international a/p Start: 25, December 2007 01:15 DXB Dubai international a/p (Terminal) ?0738 - Airbus A330-300 class P BA Arrival: 25, December 2007 12:20 HKG Hong Kong international a/p (Terminal) "CX" Cathay Pacific Airways Change: HKG Hong Kong international a/p>> HKG Hong Kong international a/p Start: 25, December 2007 15:35 HKG Hong Kong international a/p (the Terminal 1) ?0117 - Airbus A343 class BA Arrival: 25, December 2007 07:40 AKL Oakland international a/p (Terminal) "CX" Cathay Pacific Airways Oakland - Moscow Time in a way: 29 h 5 minesStart: 24, January 2008 18:50 AKL Oakland international a/p (the Terminal I) ?0407 - Airbus A345 class A Arrival: 24, January 2008 05:40 DXB Dubai international a/p (the Terminal 1) "EK" Emirates Airlines Change: DXB Dubai international a/p>> DXB Dubai international a/p Start: 25, January 2008 09:30 DXB Dubai international a/p (the Terminal 1) ?0133 - Boeing 777-300 class P BA Arrival: 25, January 2008 13:55 DME Domodedovo a/p (Terminal) "EK" Emirates Airlines My dear Stu I will wait for your answer!!Your bride Nadezhda!!!!
Letter 5
Hello dear Stu!!!!!!Darling, there is one problem,I went to bank and tried pick up it, but I couldn't do this,because I had no passport and other documents they didn't want accept.My passport now at passport-issue-service and will be there for sometime. I can't pick this up because I repeat I gave my passport to agencyfor documentating process. That's a pity I can't take order with other document.I tried to do this with birth certificate which here also important documents,but no under rules in Russia, it is could pick order only with passport.I tried at different banks but it is strict rule. I don't know what do.I wait to your letter my darling.Don't know what to do.I wait your answer! I told you about this problem. At the bank they gave meadvice to ask some of my close friend or relative to help me pick itup for what you can change the name of order. I think it nice waysolve it. In such case it necessary change name of order to name ofthis close person, and i know the code and other info about order will beonly able pick order. So it ok and safety. If you can do it, I wouldgo to bank with such person and will pick order. This person will notknow code and info about the order. I will go with him to bank andpick the order with his assistance. I think it nice way to solve thissituation when passport is not at me. Dear, I can ask for some closeperson, relative. I can reach him anytime and it easy,convenient for me to ask him help me and I can trust him. His name isIvan. He lives not far from me. I can trust him, it is easyfor me to ask him help me. I can reach him anytime during work day. Soit convenient for me to ask him help me. I think it nice way solve it.So dear I would like ask you to change name of order (I sure itpossible), because if it is for my name I can't pick it withoutpassport which at agency now and will be there some time. I hope wewill do it such way and I will prepare all necessary things. Itnecessary to do fast I think.So darling this is infoFirst name: Darya ( D A R Y A)Last name: Semakina ( S E M A K I N A )Address: 62 Mira str., flat 97.I would never ask if there were no such necesity. Dear, I hope you dothis.I so much love you my darling, very much want to be with you.I can't wait to be with you.I shall wait your answer.Yours Nadezhda!!!! P.S. PLEASE CHANGE THIS IMMEDIATELY, WITHIN 8 hours, ok? Honey, I send you nine beautiful angels, hope you receive them andkeep close to heart ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ first one will kiss you for mesecond will take care of youthird will protect youfourth will try to transfer my love to youfifth will sing you a song about lovesixth will dance you a dance about passionseventh will cook lovely dish for youeighth will be there to help youand ninth... I hope it's me, a person who would be with you someday

Letter 6
Hello dear Stu!!!!!!It all will not help,don't you understand Money order locations in Russia are situated inBANKS, except their own rules they abide rules of banks andlegislation of the Russian Federation under which all financialoperations with physical bodies must be done only with showing ID.This rule is set up by theFederal Law #115-FLOn the struggling against legalization (laundry) of incomes,achieved by illegal way and financing terrorism.There is requirement of identification of clients,also there is act of the Central Bank of the Russian Federationthe letter of 30 August 2006 $115-T which compell all banksdemand ID when make any financial operationsincluding settlement and cashbooking operations.When do any financial operations on behalf of the organization -corporate person, the person, entrusted with the powers (credentials)on the disposal of banking funds and banking account in case of moneydeposit to bank account and receiving money in cash from accountis obliged to check citizen's ID (the first page and the page with theregistration of the place of living). In case citizen refuse to provide such ID (passport)bank refuse to make financial operation. Why you tell me that you can't change it?Have you tried?You have moral right to tell me it is not possible,only after you went there and tried.Please do this, I am sure you can, sender can change it if you can't change it within 3 hours than cancel money order.Yours Nadezhda!!!!
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