Scam letter(s) from Marina Isaeva to Ulrich (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hi my pleasure Ulli. I am very glad to receive from you news and to read through your letters. I very much hope that you can help me with payment of agency. Dear very much it is not convenient me, because to me to have to ask the help at you. I always considered myself independent and always thought, that I can solve the problems itself. But this time I could not consider all of circumstance and could not cope with payment of travel. Earlier when I travelled at me not so left money much, for me it was is ready more cheaply. I am glad, that you at me are. I know, that you me when you will not throw and will not leave me a difficult minute. Before our acquaintance it seemed to me, that I am independent enough and strong, but now I feel myself the weak woman who requires support and the help. It is pleasant to me to feel it because I know at me there is strong and kind a man. I informed the agent the information which you have given to me also it have calculated the remained charges for me. It is the sum will make for me 1378 American dollars. Into this sum enters: the ticket, insurance, road up to the airport and other small charges. At me remains a few money after the first part of payment. This sum has managed to me of 850 American dollars. And now it is necessary for me in current of several days of 528 American dollars to pay to agency and to arrive to you. I very much hope, that you do not become angry about me. It in fact not planned charges for you. I so on you miss and I wish to see more quickly you and to embrace.
The whole I wait for your messages yours Darya
Letter 2
My darling Ulli. I am so incredible happy! You are so cute, care and kind. I just cannot express my feelings and when I will meet you it will be just light and a big explosion of my feelings. I love you, and my heart is beating with highest speed. I feel things which I have never evensupposed to be able to feel, it so strange.
Every day I think of you. You will believe, but today at night I dreamt, in which we have met. If want, I shall tell more in detail. All began from that that I went at the airport from the plane and there were many meeting people. And among them I have seen you. I do not know why, but I at once have found out you as though, at the airport any more there were no people. It seemed to me that we one in all a building. And then morning has come and I have woken up. To me it became very sad that it was only dream. But I am calmed with an idea on fast our meetings.
My heart is making booom... booom and knocking to the different sides and it seems to me, that it will throw into your hands right now!
Now I wish to inform you, that today I went to the company the Western Union. Unfortunately I could not receive money.
In this company to me have informed that I could receive money to me it is necessary to know a full name and the address of the sender.
Please do not forget it to inform me.
Now I should finish the letter.
I will wait for your answer.
Your love Darya
Letter 3
Hello my love Ulli. I am very glad to your message. Today I went to the agent of travel and took away details of the flight. I would send these data to you that you I can meet me at the airport. Here my details of flight Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Cape Town (CPT)
Airline: British Airways
Departure: December, 23rd 2007, 16:55, Domodedovo
Arrival: December, 23rd 2007, 18:10, Heathrow
Places: the House-keeper a class
<<<<-a city of change London (LON)->>>>
Airline: South African Airways
Departure: December, 23rd 2007, 20:15, Heathrow
Arrival: December, 24th 2007, 10:20, Cape Town International
Places: the House-keeper a class
Time in a way: 18 ch. 25 m.
Flight: Cape Town (CPT)-> Moscow (MOW)
Airline: South African Airways
Departure: March, 23rd 2008, 20:40, Cape Town International
Arrival: March, 24th 2008, 06:55, Heathrow
Places: the House-keeper a class
<<<<-a city of change London (LON)->>>>
Airline: British Airways
Departure: March, 24th 2008, 08:40, Heathrow
Arrival: March, 24th 2008, 15:35, Domodedovo
Places: the House-keeper a class
Time in a way: 17 ch. 55 m. Dear Ulli I very much to you love and I wish to approach more likely day of ours with you meetings when we can embrace each other. I with impatience will wait for your following message. I will think of you every minute I kiss you gently your princess Darya.
Letter 4

Hello my love Ulli I have not enough time as I leave today to Moscow.
I am very glad that this day has come also we can soon meet you I I cannot express the feelings is simply glad with happiness that I to soon smog to see you and gently to embrace. Dear as soon as I will arrive to Moscow I will find at once the Internet of cafe and to write to you.
With the big love yours Darya
Letter 5
Hello my love Ulli. Dear as you can name me the swindler. To me I am very unpleasant to hear from you such words thought that you really trust me and love. Dear now I am in the cafe Internet. And I would not have so much time what to write you the big letter. As I can make a copy of my visa of my passport if the visa to me will give only then when I will come into the plane. I very much would wish to send you it but I do not have such possibility.
Still I wished to pass the customs control. But me have told, that I should pass it before the departure. But me have told one thing which is necessary at a start to you. At me with itself should be a credit card (which at me is not present) or available money. This sum should be not less than 2000$. The customs control has explained to me, that all this money will be necessary for me for residing, for a residence, for purchase of things necessary for me, even for purchase of means of personal hygiene. I tried to explain to them, that I fly to the favourite person and that it can provide me and I shall not be to require what. But the customs control has told, that they with it cannot do anything and such rules. It is necessary to have at itself a credit card or cashes. I ask you to borrow this money the friends or in bank and to send them to me. I ask you to give them to me only on couple of days. They to me are necessary to show only to the customs control and to take off to you. And as soon as I shall arrive to you I at once I shall give them to you. I even can give them to you at the airport when you will meet me. Please, borrow this money the friends or in bank only on couple of days. I really require it. And I can hope only for you. Now to me any more on whom to count. Only if you will send me of money specify my former address. If you will specify the address the city of Moscow I cannot receive money because I do not have Moscow registration. Therefore specify my former address (city of Cheboksary). Please make it for me. I shall wait for your message. My gentle kisses. Yours Darya
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