Letter(s) from Patricia Aferdi to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hello James,
How are you doing too, Iam Juliana and glad to hear from you.Well i am looking for the right man who is ready to be in an honest relationship with me i have been tried of been in single and lonely life i have been hurt before and dont want that to happen to me any more i am looking for the man who know what true love is and who will be very resonable and trustful to me i dont want to be played i am looking for a good and honest relationship.......are u willing to be the man for me
Anyway, Iam living in Ghana for now with myBrother and Mum. It is nice to live with them here, but only that iam missing the sence of a man in life. I have been single for now and that is what i hate to come this years to come.
It will be very appreciative if i could get a real man of good qualities to fall in for me so that we can move in together as couples do.
Iam a honest, caring, dealy, lovely and understanding lady, that is willing to share both good and bad times with my partner in good name.
I live healthier here, and want to have a furnished and good living with my family as a normal life do exist.
Iam 5'7 ft tall, 128 lb as my weight, Iam fair in colour and have the average body buliding structure. I like going to beaches on weekends, love going out for dinner wiht my female friends, going to movies when needed in the weekends.
I am a simple,. straight forward type, want to know everything about my partner so that i cant be disappointed to hear something different the years to come.
I only want to have kids with the right man if ONLY he can have them for me, but as for no, i dont border to go further.
I like to live a simple life with my partner, do things together, especially when it comes to keeping the house clean, tidding up places in the hall, bedroom and on compound too. This shows good moments, when doing things together, have fun, kisses and holding of self together.
I love a man of ambition, plans and education that is willing to be open and self confidence in anything he thinks he has in mind and heart. I dont want to share my man with other ladies and that is why i want to enphasize on you been honest and attentive to me.
I like to go out daily for jogging, walk for whiles and do alot of excerise to keep my body sizeable, and fit, in order not to fall sick and be attentive as well.
I do enjoy reading novels, sotries about how to have faith in life (talking about scriptures)
I am educated and have the ability to work .
Iam a broad minded lady and know how to take care of myself, when it comes to self control and self-esteem. I love to be treated well with care, showing of concern cos that is what i want to show to you too...
I have to close this here and would tell you more when the time arises. Dont hesitate to ask what ever you want to know from me.
Take care and be blessed my dear.

Letter 2

Hello Sweetheart James,
Hello My Love i have been In the House and been thinking alot about you.Honey Hooo My God You are Really Handsome WoW.James I bet you are the Man Of My Dream and I love the Tatoos On your Body.My Darling thank you Very Much For the Pictures.Honey I Will Love you and Only you and I promies to Love and Give you a Better Life.Honey i have Given you My heart Take It and Dont Play with is. I Belive you and Trust you. Call me a Soon us you Get Home i am Missin you Very Much.I LOVE YOU JAMES.
Your Wife,