Scam letter(s) from Ilona Russel to Grant (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Lol how are you it nice to read back from you sorry for not replying you so eaily here, it was nice to got mail from you Tell me about you i will be back online to talk to you same time you want have anice time .. ilona.
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Name: Olga
Age: 28
Name: Elena Sieljaninova
Age: 28
Name: Erika Contton
Age: 33
Name: Mary
Age: 31
Name: Rita Nyamoah
Age: 38
Name: Linda Yormie Johnson
Age: 24
Name: Linda Robbert
Age: 30
Name: Olga Nizovtseva
Age: 26
Name: Tatyana Sabantseva
Age: 29
Name: Julia Zolotarewa
Age: 31
Name: Love Boafo
Age: 34
Name: Ludmila Kalinina
Age: 31
Name: Julia Zelenoglazka
Age: 25
Name: Julia
Age: 29
Name: Caressa
Age: 34