Scam letter(s) from Irina to Michael (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello!!! How your mood??? I hope, that all is fine!
Probably you to be surprised a little, that now to write to you the unfamiliar girl! But I very much want to get acquainted with you and to start interesting correspondence! I very much hope, that you to write to me the answer to this letter! I to see your structure on a site of acquaintance and to decide to write to you the letter on yours e-mail the address. I the lonely girl and to search for my second half of heart!
I very much hope, that you too to search for it! My name Irina, me of 29 years. I to send you I wash a photo, and I hope, that to like you it! Here I to stop, and I shall wait very much your answer to mine e-mail the address ! In the following letter I want to tell more about me, and to show much my photos! Good-bye!!! Irina.
Letter 2
I am very glad to receive the letter from you. Excuse that could not answer you quickly. I had many affairs on my work. I very much would wish to get acquainted with you more close.
You likely have many questions. For example from where I took your address? In my letters I will try to answer in detail all questions which you set. I have many girlfriends which live in other country and have a happy family. They to me have advised to address in agency which helps To women and girls to find love in other country. I very courageous and serious girl and Too has decided to try to find my second half in other country. I have found the old girlfriend which works in such agency. It the manager. Also has given me your address. I think that foreign men very clever, responsible and serious. You to me seem the interesting person.
I wish to tell to you a little about myself that you could present with whom you communicate.
my name Irina, me 27 years, mine growth 166 centimetre, my weight of 60 kg, I live in Russia of Zvenigovo city, republic of Marij-El, it is approximately 800 kilometres from capital of Russia of the city of Moscow. I am very glad, that you have shown desire to learn about me and to get acquainted with me. It is always very pleasant to study for me new people. I really search for second half, With whom I can conduct a life. I as wish to run away from last life and to leave all past. For all my life there was very much all both bad and good, but I think, that it was in each of Us. I hope, that further our correspondence will turn to something more. That you think About it? I search for the person with whom I could create serious and firm communications and in Further a happy and favorable family. If you wish to continue dialogue with me I will be very happy to see yours next the letter.
p.s. Write me your full name. Because I would like to know it and that you seemed The real person, instead of illusion of the person from the Internet.
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