Scam Letter(s) from Natalia to Mike (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

Hello!!! I do not know why, but I very strongly to pay the attention to yours profile from !!! Also has decided to write to you it not the big letter in hope that too you I shall interest!!! I do not want to write and tire you now much!! Therefore I shall try to be brief!! To me 23 years, I the simple vigorous girl who very much wants to find really serious relations, I very much love a life and I try to not notice all trifle in this life, call me also very simply - Natalia!!! I take from a life on maximal and for a long time about anything I do not regret.. In fact the life very short piece, and simply is not meaningful in so short, allocated to us a time interval the God on what that to stop, stumble....!!! I also very much to love children and music!! And on this I now to work as the musical teacher!!!... I am proud of the work and very much I value that at me is!!!!!!!! Everyone speak me, that on the Internet it is impossible to find the love!! Well as you can see I have decided to try, I at all do not know, whether write you to me the answer whether or not.... But I shall wait very much for your letter on my personal email: I certainly do not have big hopes for your answer!!... But I have tried!!!..... Natalia

Letter 2

Hello Mike!!! I am very glad to receive your letter... Simply I am happy!! I want to tell to you at once, that I for the first time get acquainted through the Internet. The matter is that more recently I have understood, that through the Internet it is really possible to find real love!! Earlier I thought, that the Internet it only entertainment and anything serious to find in him it is impossible, but I hope that it not so, and that you the serious person and also as well as I search serious family relations! Mike I want to tell to you a little about myself! As you already have for certain understood my name is Natalia, me 23 years. My favourite color - red, growth at me 5 ' 3 ", and makes my weight 115 lbs. I live in city Volgograd, my city is on the great Russian river Volga, my city very old and is rich local sights! My city is in 900 kilometers from the city of Moscow! I live with mum in a small apartment, the daddy at me is not present.
The matter is that when my mum has become pregnant me I the daddy why that was frightened, frightened to bring up such fine daughter as I, and has left from my mum to another. And so on light I have appeared!:) I never saw the father because he me never wanted to see though he knew about my existence but why that to me did not call, not make gifts for New Year and my Day the Birth, did not come to us home, he probably simply wanted to forget me. After my mum has become pregnant from him, he at once has left and has found to itself another, married, started family, at him 2 children, the only thing that I him can tell, so it only thanks that thanking him there is I!
Mum to me has certainly replaced all! She has made of me true the person, for what I her am very grateful! I have stopped musical college by a trade the teacher, and never regretted that there has gone to study. Because I adore the work, I adore children who come to us such small, and leave already such adult young men and girls. I tried to find second half in my city Volgograd, but it very much difficult! All men my appearance, my external side interested only!
That that at me inside was not interesting to them! They were not serious with me! And it has simply bothered me! I do not know, whether well you understand my English? I know English not in perfection, therefore I shall frequently resort to the help of the computer program - the translator! In free time from work, I go to cinema, visit theatres, museums, I like to read, and certainly I adore to listen to music! I listen to music practically all directions, but all more I love classical music! Because classical music is the real music, she so alive and musical, that any musical style cannot simply replace all musical spirituality of classical music! Mike You agree with me? Also I very much like to have a rest on fresh air, to go with friends on the nature, to skate or on a ski in the winter... As to food, I like healthy I peep, I do not have preferences concerning what or kitchens, I like both Italian kitchen, and French! But all I like kitchen was more certainly my mum!:) you it is simple not taste her I peep, she so it is tasty prepares, that I am sure any restaurant with her to not be compared! Because she prepares with all the heart and with all love! I also think, that in our life difficult to find the serious and good person! In fact everywhere it is a lot of deceit and lie! And I shall hope, that for the benefit of you I have made the choice correctly! I hope, that you have not got tired to read my letter! I shall wait very much for your letter Mike! With best regards, Natalia.

Letter 3

Mike, I so am glad that have seen your letter in the letter box and I with pleasure speak you Hello! I very much want to continue our correspondence and know you more! I want to tell to you more in detail about mine loved and very much dear for me to mum. Her name is Olga, her 51 year, by a trade she too the teacher, but only the teacher of preschool age, she too very much loves the work and always goes on her with pleasure! She very much likes to bring up small children who only 2 years ago were born still do not know more many and do not understand, through her education has passed is a lot of people which she sees, sees as they have already grown, as they already work and marry, it so is healthy! Especially when these adult children (so they are named by my mum) come to her in a kindergarten. Already adult, with the wives, give her flowers of a sweet, and simply speak her in all sincerity: " THANKS, thanks for your precious nerves which you spent for such blockheads as we! Thanks for your love, for your education. Thanks that we became true people! Also that all your efforts and forces which you gave exclusively to us have not gone to waste! We have grown also steel true people which appreciate, like and respect! " At such moments my mum simply on eyes has tears and she is happy!!! About the father I already to you have told, the only thing that I can add, recently we with mum came back from shop, and she has seen my father, he went towards to us. She to me has told: " Look Natashas, there is you the daddy! " And he has simply passed by us, having pretent that with mum has not noticed me! Certainly I sometimes had moments in the childhood when me him did not suffice, there was no man's attention, I understood it also my mum too! Therefore she to me him replaced, and I shall tell to you Mike?, that at her it simply superb turned out! At she certainly there were men, lived at us with mum, but they sufficed only on couple of months, no more. Imagine, basically all of them drank alcohol, and because of this my mum of them expelled, and then already her simply all this has bothered and she entirely and has completely given all itself only to me! We with mum also excellent friend! I can her tell all! I from her do not hide anything, as well as she from me. She always me understood, always allowed a true direction on correct exits from difficult situations with which it was necessary to me, as well as to each of us, collide in this life! At times I also dream to have own child, I it count fine, in fact children this our future, and we simply should live for the sake of children, they sense of our lives! But, that start the child it is necessary to be absolutely assured in the partner! In fact children should grow in happy family where there are mum and the daddy who very much like each other and love the child even more! You love children? You want to have children Mike? I with impatience shall wait for your following letter!! Your friend Natalia...

Letter 4

My friend Mike, whether now I have come home after work and at once have decided to look there is from you a letter! And as I was happy having found out on the monitor a beautiful and promising inscription:
New message! And certainly I shall write with the great pleasure to you the answer! Now I want to tell more in detail to you about the work. As I already spoke I work as the teacher of music. I teach to play children on Russian national tools and a guitar! In Russian national tools, on which I train in game enter - Russian balalaika, an alto (it is very similar on balalaika, only at it musical construction absolutely another), also on a contrabass (it is such huge balalaika, on a sound it reminds electro a bass a guitar:), Also I train in game on a bayan and an accordion, the accordion - it is very similar to a bayan, but only on right side at him keys, as at a piano or a grand piano. Also I teach at musical school also the musical literature. At this lesson we listen to very old operas, sonnets and various musical reproduction of such great composers as Mozart, Bah, Vivaldi, Chaikovskiy and many others. You probably ask what for this lesson is necessary? When we listen to these fine compositions, children have many ideas when they listen to this beautiful music, they write in the writing-books, that they feel, and that in their opinion the author of music when her wrote felt at that time, that to them reminds and on what this music is similar! Probably it is not interesting to you to listen to my stories about music, but nevertheless... When at us there comes time of final examination, all children come very beautiful, little girls in beautiful dresses and a skirt, boys in strict trousers and jackets. At such moments I at once recollect with what they to us send, absolutely young, modest, at them so burned eyes, they had such desire will learn to play on tools! At my musical school of arts children pass the certain stage of a life. I even would tell that the musical school in a life of children is some kind of " school of a life ", and I consider completely correct the decision of parents to give the child on musical education to us! Because our school comes on such age of children - when at them the first love, the first kiss, there are such questions as: " Mum, the daddy! Children whence undertake? ":) The musical school teaches their lives to make the schedule of the day, in fact besides domestic tasks which him set at school, they should even to have time take a musical instrument and teach a new minuet, and also even go to the best friend, to talk about past school day as on him the most beautiful girl in a class looked.
To discuss past football match as the goalkeeper of our Russian club in beautiful a jump has beaten off eleven meter impact and as great attacking Ronaldo has scored a goal to great club Manchester United:) At this time they have many friends, there is a choice between two ways - bad and good, it is especial very much frequently it happens in Russia. But the most important that almost everyone choose a good way to the life! You for certain know, that in Russia affairs are not so good, that at us much crime is especial among youth. At such age when they sideways concern a bad way, they from him refuse, also the attention, understanding and attitude to all this parents, tutors, teachers, friends, all dear and loved children of people here is very important. Certainly when I was the little girl, I have just got on disorder of Soviet Union and occurrence of the Russian Federation when USSR has collapsed, was very much difficult, but nevertheless we could. Could go through this heavy change, I consider, that Russian people, was very powerful people, very patriotic and strong people.
And that there did not speak various foreign newspapers and channels, I all the same know that in Russia much true Russian people, those people which many centuries respected about which told and now tell legends and fairy tales to the children for the night. Mike? You for certain too love people, you for him are very proud also I consider that it absolutely correctly, in fact so it and is! Mike? To you probably has already bothered to read my letter? At me probably it is so much mistakes, but I think that all of you understand me. Tomorrow after work I by all means again shall come home, and I shall hope very much, that when I enter for the letter box on the monitor that message which delivers me a lot of pleasure will again be highlighted: New message! Mike I very much want to hear your voice, and I ask, that you have written to me your telephone number! Unfortunately I cannot give telephone number to you because I have no him! But I shall be very glad to call you! Also I want, that you have written time in which to you it is more convenient that I have called! Your friend Natalia.

Letter 5

I am so glad to see again on the computer the message which informs me on your letter Mike! How at you mood? What weather at you? In our city today fine weather and I with pleasure today have woken up, have looked in the window.. Has seen there the sun, the morning sun. You know I approached to a window still sleeping, and our Sun has simply filled me with energy, she so me has encouraged, that vital energy for the whole working day has sufficed me! Mike I very much want, that you have told to me about your childhood! I to find houses, and at me was not present webcam! I also to understand, that you already the adult person, and me it to frighten, I to see in you that I very much like also what at other men is not present!!! Also I shall call to you tomorrow! I very much to want to hear your voice!!! So wait for my bell tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! At present I to not work, and to have holiday up to the end of August!!! My full address - Volgograd, 13 Gvardeiskaya street, 11-15, 400131! I also to trust!!!! In turn I also very much want to tell to you about my childhood. In the childhood I went to the same kindergarten where my mum worked, but other teacher brought up me. At us in the "Russian" early childhood when to you as early as one year three - four, are very popular game. She refers to - family. Everything can participate in this game, sense that each child incurs a role of a member of family, someone becomes for short time the daddy, mum, a daughter, the son, the uncle, the grandmother, etc.:) it is very interesting to observe Of this game especially when you the adult because the child who has taken on a role of the father of will conduct as his father, also will sometimes shout on him ostensibly a daughter or the son, will copy completely the father, as well as the girl who have undertaken a role of mother in turn will copy mums. Actually, age when to me there was from 2-6 years I so in details do not remember, how other children!:) But I precisely remember the first love, she at me was about 1-3 class of an elementary school. We with him three years sat together, him called Dima. And when I have grown I have understood that this was not love, and only sympathies. What was your first love Mike? Also I remember the first bad estimation at school - the three (C) which I have received for a dictation on Russian, I had many tears! I so was afraid to go home, thought that mum will abuse me very strongly. But when I have come home all in tears mum very much have become agitated, she me of minutes ten asked why I so strongly cry and anything her I do not speak, and after these ten minutes I have squeezed out from myself that have received the three (C) in a subject to which at me always were only the five. And what my surprise was when my mum has simply burst out laughing, and I for a long time could not understand why me then mum did not abuse. On what mum has answered, that it only an estimation. Certainly at children's age there are no problems, in the childhood all children sincere, at them huge desire know and to see everything, as their daddies and mum. At school basically I studied perfectly well (A +), were certainly sometimes the four (B) and very seldom the two (F). In the childhood certainly, as well as all little girls at me had dreams to meet and fall in love with prince on a white horse with blue eyes, strong hands and beautiful moustaches:) But it certainly were only dreams, based on the happy moments of those unique girls which found them and these moments occured only in fairy tales or in beautiful romantic films lived for a long time and happily, but besides. Mike In the childhood I did not think at all of that whom to me to begin in the future! I am simple about this did not reflect, but already when I left school, I have understood, that I very much love children, and very much I want to devote the life only to children! In fact just I also have finished musical school and have decided to go on the teacher of music! And whom you wanted to become in the childhood Mike? I shall wait very much for your letter! Your friend Natalia.

Letter 6

Hello my dear friend Mike! It is very pleasant for me to receive from you the letter! I have noticed, that when I read your letters that excellent mood to me is provided on all the day! I so am grateful to destiny and the Internet, that he have given to me an opportunity and chance to find and get acquainted with such the man as you!! You very interesting the man, and it is very pleasant for me that you understand me, appreciate and respect my ideas and feelings! Last night I have told to my mum and my friend Irina about you, my friend very much was delighted, that I have found such remarkable person as you! And my mum has told, that I was more cautious! Simply my mum do not trust all new and is afraid this, but I think that you the serious person, I think that you deserve my trust! For me you very much dear!!! I yesterday cannot phone up to you, but I to leave the voice message!!..... Also excuse me, that I so for a long time to not answer the matter is that I sick, but now with me everything is all right! I want to tell to you about my village. In village I go to the aunt, basically in the summer. But also in the winter I also to her go, but it happens very seldom! Basically in village I help to the aunt on facilities, help her watch for her a garden. There I spend very remarkable time... At us very small village, in her only 17 houses and 2 permanent residents, one of which my aunt.. My sister as well as I comes here in extremely summer. In village I always affairs very much, in my village in ours the neighbour have a horse, her a name - Ferz. I very much love this horse as well as she me, I certainly not the professional goer on horses, but Ferz love me and always gives me to drive on him astride.. When we together with him skip on our boundless Russian fields, I feel all freedom and force of horses.. You would know as it perfectly!!!!! Also there there is a bath, you have for certain heard about the Russian baths?? They it is similar to your saunas, but it is much better!:) That I can tell about the Russian bath it that is necessary itself taste and to visit in her! Any entertainments at us in village certainly are not present, even the shop is not present, and my aunt always, it is necessary, goes by bus behind food stuffs, but basically she itself raises food stuffs.. Mike You probably think that to us very boringly there is with the sister spend summertime in village, but actually it not so! We always to find interesting employment, and besides all there such wonderful nature!!!
There it is possible to go on walk to a wood, to breathe the naturalest and clean air! To see to fiber or a hare, to collect berries or mushrooms. And for the evening to make mushrooms with Russian potato! I very much love the village and always there I shall go only with pleasure!!! Mike, unfortunately I should on this finish the letter! I very much wait for the answer from you! Your friend Natalia.

Letter 7

I very much to want to apologize before you, that I so for a long time to not answer you!!! I had not big problems, also why that my box to cease to work and I to make to itself new! Therefore write to me on my new box:! Tomorrow I to write to you bigger letter, I once again to apologize! Tomorrow I to write more and more is more detailed!!!!
Your Natalia...

Letter 8

I very much to apologize before you! The matter is that with my mum it became very bad!! And I have been compelled to go to her in other city because in our city there is no such specialized clinic which required she!! And consequently I spend with her all this time, I hope that you will understand me Mike Also you will forgive! I to know, that is guilty to you what to not write to you for a long time!!!!! But I really very much love mum.... I so was afraid for her.... experienced! She everything, that there is at me at present and she that person whom the life has presented me!!! I also to want to tell, that you did not worry, now with my mum everything is all right!!!!!!! And nothing threatens her to health and consequently I to want you to tell, that I have decided and very much to want to come to you!!!! VERY MUCH!!! After all it I really very much to want visit your country, I also have understood, what you Mike - unique the man on the ground which for me means much! And I very much and very much to want to come to you!!!!!!! I understand, that it can look very silly, but I am valid it very much to want!.... I shall wait very much for your ideas!!!!
Yours and only your Natalia.....

Letter 9

My darling Mike!
I to tell to you all is exact, only after you to write to me the information!!!!!! I very much to ask you that you to write to me yours full name, full address and your nearest airport!! I am very glad, that is fast our meeting happen! I shall wait very much from you for the information!!!! And I also hope our fast meeting!!
Yours and only your Natalia.....

Letter 10

Today I went to tourist agency to know cost of travel to you. I did not think at all that it really very expensively cost of travel. Cost a package of documents of 90 euro, cost VISA the tourist of 140 euro. Cost of air tickets will be made there and back with 520 euro. My dear, in tourist agency to me have told, if I now can pay money for my travel then in tourist agency can reserve for me flight on 20 August. If we shall pay this money now I can arrive to you this flight.
Time in a way: 5 hours 20 minutes
Start: On August, 20, 18:45 SVO
Sheremetevo a/n, the Terminal: 2
LO5676 Tupolev That - 154
Arrival: On August, 20, 18:40 WAW Warsaw a/n, the Terminal: I LOT
Change: WAW Warsaw a/n, is not present change of the airport
Start: On August, 20, 20:00 WAW Warsaw a/n, the Terminal: I LO269 E75
Arrival: On August, 20, 22:05 AMS Amsterdam Schiphol a/n LOT
Dear mine, I very much worry, I can be completely assured that you will meet me at the airport??? Also I shall soon call to you! And I to want to tell, that for me this very big sum of money, and I am valid I can not independently her to pay, and consequently I am compelled to ask the help you... It is very a shame to me make, but I very much to want to come to you!!!! VERY MUCH!!!!!
Kiss Natalia.........



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