Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia Dusha to Gary (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Swazzi!
I have found the free minute at work and came to the Net cafe to send you a letter. I am happy that you have interest in me. You know first of all I want to apologize if I can make some mistakes in my letter as I am not good in using the computer. But I should tell you I know English well and I write to you on my own without any help. My name is Galya. I am from Ukraine. I live in Lutsk. It is in the west of Ukraine. I will be 22 soon. I have the bachelor degree and work as a medical nurse in the pediatric department in hospital. I like my work and respect people, who can create something with hands. It is my hobby. I like knitting a lot. I like nature, animals. I like summer, worming rain, calm sea and mountains. I am romantic and optimist. I like merry and cheerful people. I like reading, going to the theatre, cooking original dishes and growing plants. I am not married. I prefer frank, serious and trustworthy man, who could become for me a faithful friend and companion of my life. My greatest dream is to find the perfect man. Yes, I know that there are no perfect people, that's why I will make a little amendment-man perfect for me. Appearance is a quite secondary factor, I need man with beautiful heart, pure soul, golden hands, for whom such notions as true friendship, love, devotedness and duty are not alien. I want to make a strong and happy family with unique family traditions. I adore cooking, listening to music, animals, I dream to travel. In the relations between man and woman I appreciate honesty, devotedness and sincerity. I am kind and romantic, able to make compromises in the relations. I have so much to tell you about that it will be probably difficult to express everything in one letter. That is why I will wait for your letter to me and tell you more about my life, my desire, my goals the next letter.
With best wishes, sincerest smiles and tenderest kisses
Sweetly, Galya
p.s. My heart has always been beating with joy when I see your photo. I can't take my eyes off you... You please me so much...



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