Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Platunova to James (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my sweet James!
Honey, i'm just from the travelling office and i just just wonderful news for us! They said that i can easily apply for the visa there , it's the same temporary residential visa that you metioned and i don't have to look for any forms to sign, they will prepare everyhing for me and i just have to bring them my internation passport and couple of certificates. That's all my dear James and they say it will take about 1 week. Honey, but i didn't know that it costs so much, it's 250 dollars and actually i'm so sad now, i realise that i don't have such money now...i wish i had a better job, because now it means that i cant efford my visa. I'm ready to cry now really...I was so excited that we will meet, i will get to see you so nice and kind in real. I will have about 2 months off and of course i would love to stay there with you as long as possble, i'm just afraid i wouldn't want to go back to Russia after all, i'm already in love and all my thoughts are about you...
Honey would i really be able to get a job there? You know i'm not afraid of difficutlies and i woudl love to work there, i 'm sure i would do great with kids because that what i was taught to do and that what i love doing...I woudn't want to be just a burden for you, I really want us to feel comfortable with eachtoher and i know that we would so just great!
Honey i jus t loved your picture, i see where you live and i already can imagine us having breakfast the dining room, it looks awesome honey you have such a good taste. And i'm so excited to come and share my life with you, you are the man i have been dreaming of all my life! honey please don't think that i want to go to you so much because i want to see Canada or i just want to leave Russia....honey its really breaking my heart now to hear that. Dear James, people can't be happy if the don't have one thing in there life, it's love, my dear and everything else it's just a good addition to it. My lovely, i want to come to Canada because i want to see my boyfriend, i want me and him to have great time together, learn eachother better, to love and be loved and i would be so happy to share my life with him and be a good wife for him...sweetie it's you James and i know now that i don't need anyone else but you! TOday i woke up feeling so happy liked i had wings to fly, i feel that i'm not alone any more in this huge world, i have you!...just what really makes me sad now is that money difficulty that i'm having now, i even feel so shy about it..
Please write me what you think, i really need your support here, i can't wait to hear from you..
my lovely i will be waiting for your letter
With all my love to you
P.S sweetie Olechka Z is the name of my friend, i'm using her email adress because i don't know yet how to creat my own, she let me use it but please dont' be afraid only i have access to your letter and they are only mine my love! kiss you
Letter 2

Honey my dear James!
It's your Nadya here my love, i'm so happy to see your letter! Honey i love you too, we will overcome everything, everything will be just wonderful because we love eachother and honey i'm also so sorry because now there are 2 of us and we have to think about eachother but not only about yourselves so excuse me also, my dear...I so much appreciate what you have done to me and how much effort you have done, i'm just ready to cry when i realise how nice you are, how caring and that you are mine now and i'm yours and we love eachother and we have future ahead of us!!! Just my lovely remeber that i love you and now nothing can prevent us from being with eachother!! Very soon I will just be in your arms and we will be calm and happy and I hope we will never part my love!
James my dear,I just from the travelling office and i have so much information to write you!!!The lady was very nice to me and she just printed the information to me and I will just type the information here for you Sweetie the return date will be 23 of January, but i my visa will be find for 3 months!! But i can't imagine that after all that efforts to get me to you we will have to part....i don't want to think about it, tell me that you will not let me go sweetie!!!!
Well i have to start typing my love, i know that you need this information: Airline: Lufthansa Flight: LH3189
Depart: 23 Nov, 06:59, Sheremetyevo Aeroport
Arrive: 23 Nov, 08:25, Frankfurt International
Seats: Economy class, seats available connection - Frankfurt Airline: Lufthansa Flight: LH9586
Depart: 23 Nov, 11:10, Frankfurt International
Arrive: 23 Nov, 13:54, Lester B Pearson International
Seats: Economy class, seats available Travelling time: 14 h. 55 m. Airline: Westjet Airlines Flight: WS682
Depart: 23 Nov, 19:30, Lester B Pearson International
Arrive: 23 Nov, 22:30, Halifax International
Seats: Economy class, seats available Travel time: 2 h.
_____________________________ Airline: Westjet Airlines Flight: WS663
Depart: 23 Jan, 06:59, Halifax International
Arrive: 23 Jan, 08:25, Lester B Pearson International
Seats: Economy class, seats available Travel time: 2 h. 25 m. Airline: Lufthansa Flight: LH9635
Depart: 23 Jan, 17:15, Lester B Pearson International
Arrive: 24 Jan, 06:59, Frankfurt International
Seats: Economy class, seats available connection - Frankfurt Airline: Lufthansa Flight: LH3182
Depart: 24 Jan, 08:25, Frankfurt International
Arrive: 24 Jan, 13:25, Sheremetyevo Aeroport
Seats: Economy class, seats available Travel time: 12 h. 10 m. __________________________________ honey i will hurry to send you this information and i guess we will have to book the tickets really soon so i get the seats. Honey i will be there soon with you, oh i'm so excited!! Honey i will have to pay for the tickets in total 25650 rubles but that's so much money, i feel so bad that 'm so much trouble for you...but sweetie i i wanted to tell you that i have the money for the train to Moscow and now i will just have to get some money for the hotel because the train to Moscow arrives on the 23th of November only at 8 o clock in the morning and my plane leaves already at 7 am so i will have to be in Moscow on the 22 and stay the night in the hotel. So on the 23rd Im' early in the airport!!!
Honey i will be waiting for your letter my love, tell me what next i should do ok?
i love you kiss you, more then anything now i want to be with you!!
Your Nadyusha
Letter 3

My love my darling!
How are you my dear James? I hope you are well, honey i so much want to be with you now, to kiss you, to feel your warmth, to hug you and just close my eyes for the second and imagine that there is noone in this world but you and me!!
My love thank you so much for your compliments but you are going to spoil me my love!!! YOu are so handsome yourself and you know it my love!!! I love your pictures my love, i even started talking to them!!
Honey i'm so glad that you talked to your mom my love,i really hope that we will get on very well with her, well at least i will be my best sweetie,you know that i'm very open person and i guess if the person is open to you it's easier to be near him, learn him or her better. Honey we are bright example of it, we were sharing with eachother, we were open to eachother and we found so much in common!!! Honey i feel so close to you and i feel so confident about you, so please dont' worry everything will be great between us and honey i can imagine how we will enjoy eachtother everyday!! PLease don't worry honey that i might be bored or i won't like something, i love you and you will be with me and it's the most important!
Honey today i went to the travelling office to get the visa and papers for my trip. The travel agent told me not to forget to bring to Moscow cash money to show at the customs. I was so surprised so i reasked her about it. She explained me everrything but sweetie...she told me that at the customs in Sheremetevo, tourists leaving Russia for Canada have to show that they have enough funds to support their staying in Canada for at least 3 months. She said that this is done because i'm travelling as a tourist and Canadian government doesn't want me to live on the streets there and starve to death, so they want a proof that i have enough cash money for 3 months, the time my visa is valid for... I told her that i'm going to see my boyfriend there, he will take care of me in any case. But she said that at the customs there dont' ask for that they just look at my visa...Sweetie she told me that in Canadian dollars it is 700 for a month and that will make 2100 in totall....honey i'm depressed now, i don't know what to do i have only 200 dollars left from what you send me and from what i have saved for my trip to Moscow, i worked as much as i could this past month, i was tutoring and now i'm in such a despair....i have to have this money till Monday before i leave to Moscow.
If i don't have them that means that i will not be able to sit on the plane...Sweety she said that i just have to show them, i dont' need to give them anything, but i have to have them in cash..So the agent said that whoever helps me, i can give it all back to him but I have already called my parents and they can only help me with about 7000 rubles, so this will be 300 Canadian....
I dont know where is the way out now, my dear, i just couldn't imagine this to happen i wasn't ready....i'm so depressed, i can't believe that something is preventing us now!!!! I really need your support sweetie, what should we do? I feel that there is no way out!
I will be waiting for your letter my love, please write me
your Nadyusha
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