Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Shukshanowa to Norris (USA)

Letter 1
I have decided to send you one more picture.
These are drums of my friends. I tried do it by myself and i can a little bit:) I know that you're probably surprised to get my message. I got your email somewhere on the website. I don't remember which one it was. Liudmila
Letter 2
My honey!!!!!!!!!!!
it is me,can you believe I am in St.-Petersburg. I can't believe ,it was wonderful flight and they gave red vine in plane,wow,I have never tried such tasty one!!!!!
I was in travel agency today, but my documents are not ready yet, it will be ready in 2 days.
So in 2 days I will go to travel agency again to get all info about my trip.
And of course, when I will get it - I will send it to you!
It is such great city and it takes a few hours to travel from one end to other. I took a taxi from the aiport to the flat i rented for few days.
They have such nice taxis ,it is Ford - Focus -not new one (1998 ) it was so nice jorney from airport to the flat.
So comfortable car,I have never been into such car!
Taxi driver showed me some nice places in St.-Petersburg while he was taking me down to the flat. Such a great city it is. I have no words to explain.
you can't imagine how great St.-Petersburg is,to be fair I wouldn't like to live here,a lot of cars,people, voice and pollution.**** traffic and people with crazy eyes.
When I get off plane in airport St.-Petersburg policeman asked about passport and he looked at me like I am any enemy, I think all people here are a little crazy at terrorism.
Life here in St.-Petersburg is expensive. I was going through some shops today and it is much more expensive than in our town. Food and all the general things. It is the same country but different prices, what a great change. I think people living in St.-Petersburg are very cautious ,I think so. But I think that I have done my choice and to be fair I don't want to live here,it is not the city of my dreams.
you know I am not coward I am not afraid I know it is my chance to meet kind man .I do hope I am right.
and I think you are too kind to make any bad things I feel it.
Well,I will close this letter ,please write as soon as possible!see you soon!KISS . Great kiss from St.-Petersburg!!!!!!!!!!Liudmila! ps. I have some more photos of me for you!!
Letter 3
Hello my honey !
This is Liudmila again, so I write you from St.-Petersburg internet are too many people as I wrote you and that's very unusual for me. Today I went to cinema and watched "American Gangster" recommend this movie so much.
It's very kind movie!!!!!
Also I liked that cinema in St.-Petersburg, it's very big!i've never been to such big cinema. Soon I will go to Museum and tomorrow I will go to the Alexandria theatre so maybe I will not have enough time to write you. I already bought tickets to the theatre, the play is called Cherry Garden (or Orchard, I'm not sure how to write it in Eglish). It was staged on a book of famous Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chehov. I think I will like this play. I've been told there will play very good actors Kondratieva and Ostroumova. I'm sure you've never heard of them but that's OK. Have you ever heard about Chehov?
OK, I have to go now... I will write you more as soon as I can. If I can't write you tomnorrow I will write you the day after tomorrow after I visit the travel agency. I already miss you!!!!
Yours, Liudmila
Letter 4

Norris dear hello,
it is me again and I want you to know that you can't imagine how happy I am.
I have a schedule of my can't imagine how much crazy St.-Petersburg is. It is great fear to live here I think so!Our small town is more friendly . well,about our business, I tasted my blood,such rule for foreign visitors wanting to visit your country!Thanks God I am in good health, all of my tests are all right,I only need some vitamins I think it is the bad foods and long winters problem.I have to eat much more fruits and vegetables.The doctor said!
well,here is all info ,I do hope we will together in a few days! Info from agency! ----------------------------- Information for Shukshanowa Liudmila
"St.-Petersburg tur", Svolochov Sergey. 2440129 St.-Petersburg,
Nevskaya street 12,office 10. St Petersburg to Seattle Flight 1 Saturday, January 19, 2008
Departure: 12:35 St Petersburg, Russia - Pulkovo, terminal 2
Arrival: 12:50 London, United Kingdom - Heathrow, terminal 2 Airline: Rossiya-Russian Airlines FV299 e Aircraft: Boeing 737-500 Change of plane required. Time between flights = 4:20 Flight 2 Saturday, January 19, 2008 Departure: 17:10 London, United Kingdom - Heathrow, terminal 4 Arrival: 19:05 Seattle, USA - Seattle Tacoma Airline: British Airways BA053 e Aircraft: Boeing 777-200/300 Please use our service .
Best regards.Svolochov Sergey Sergey. Price: USD 1190.00+ -------------------------------- Honey I am so glad to see that I am almost near my goal,and our meeting wait for us.
I think I will call you from airport and I will wait for you there so long as you need,I mean if you need any time to arrive in airport. it is not problem to wait there because I know that it is the end of my trip and I have time to improve my condition(some parfume)after long jorney.I want you to see me in good shape!
I think everything will be all right.Rather I am sure everything will be all right!.
My Dear, they have told in travel office that I have to show tickets when I will visit embassy after tomorrow before my flight.
People from embassy must be sure that I am not going to stay illegally in your country and I have tickets with returning is very strong rule. I have some money but my flight from Tomsk to St.-Petersburg costed so much(about 600$) because so many kilometrs from there to St.-Petersburg.
I didn't guess that tickets costs so much.
and I have to book tickets till in less than 2 days ,because of my interview. May be you could borrow some money?I am sure I will be able to return it back in a few weeks after my arriving I will earn some money and at first to return all money to you.
in Agency they have told me that you may send it by Western Union.
It is pretty easy to use. The guy from the agency explained to me how their system works. It is instant worldwide money transfer system. All you need is my name and my surname to send me the money. Once you do this , I'll be able to pickup the money in any local Western Unuion office in St.-Petersburg.
We need to do it pretty fast, because we have no time till my intervew,if everything will be all right I will be on this flight!
I have about 300 US dollars yet and I think I need about 900 US dollars from your side with all travel needs and living here till my flight!If everything will be all right between us I can stay with you longer than three months,maximum I can stay about 6 months for first time! We should change only the date of my returning flight.
Or I can return earlier if something is wrong! Here is more info about Western Union. You find any local Western Union agent, go there and send money to my name. Western Union will ask you for my full name and address in St.-Petersburg where I am staying at. Once you give them all the info they will initiate the transfer. In just less than 10 minutes I will be able to pick the money up at any Western Union agent here in St.-Petersburg.
you will send me transfer info and MTCN( money transfer control number ) I will get cash. So I will need your full name and your address + the control number of the transfer. Kiss you many times ,I am tired today,you know it is hard enough to be in foreign city. So many different emotions .
Kiss you many times! Liudmila! see you soon! Ah, silly me. Nearly forgot to give you my full name info and my address.
My address here (the flat i am renting)
is Russia,St.-Petersburg ,Pushkina sreet,build 10 flat 22.
(right writting in English)Shukshanowa Liudmila !
I am sorry to send so dry letter but it seems to me I am like any drunker I have lost my mind and my head works so badly,see you tomorrow. I am sorry to make so many problems for you I only hope that you will be not disappoined to meet me.
Letter 5
Dear, I do not wish to give you a words of good bye! I am sorry about all the problems with the money!
But without your help I will not be able to fly to you. My relatives will no longer be able to help me out.
Mama gave me almost all the money that she had to help me out with this journey. If you can not help me, I will be returning to home. But I do not want to be lonely again. I do not want to return home.
I do not want to stay in St.-Petersburg either. I do not want anyone but you.
More than anything else, I would like to continue the trip! I want you!
I want you to surround me with your tenderness, warmth and care.
I certainly think about the future. I want us to be together.
I go to sleep and I wake up together with the thoughts about you.
They are not leaving my head. More to that, I’d like to wake up in your arms every day.
I’d like to be sure that you really need me now and in the future. I just want to look into your eyes.
I want to feel your warm breath. I want to see your smile and know that this smile is for me.
I want to be waken up by you rather than some kind of alarm clock. I want to be your sunshine.
I want you to warm your hands up in the back pockets of my jeans.
I want you to pay me with your kisses for the rental of my jeans pockets.
I want to belong to you and. I am yours and you’re mine. I want to believe you and never question anything you say.
I want to hear your voice. I want to get to your inner thoughts. I want to be everything you need.
I want you to know all these things. I want you to love me.
Can’t wait for the moment I board the plane and start my final journey to you.
I am sick without you. Thank you for your letter and kind words!
I am looking forward to hearing some good news from you. Hope you can help me out and give me your support.
I shall try to call.
When i am coming to you, agency will support me. What does it mean?
I am sign a contract that during one week they will provide me with job. Certainly it is not for free. I should pay them 10 % from my salary.
Also agency provide me with home.
It is a normal Procedure. Many girls and boy from Russia come to your country with The same contract.
All the documents is ready.
What i need now is just buy a ticket and show it in Embassy
I am return you money from my first salary.
I am missing you so .
Hope to your help.
I don't have enough time.
your Liudmila
Letter 6
I do not have opportunity to solve these problems in St.-Petersburg, it is another's city and nobody can helps me...
It is too sad to understand that I create problems to you, but I do not have other choice how to ask the help from you...
My heart will not sustain it. It is too much problems for little girl like me. Now I think only about you and I want to come to you. i would like to know everything about you, to speak, kiss, hung you... May be more..
I have no place to move, if I cannot issue all during short time I should return home and then all my dreams will broke.
I write you this letter and my tears flow. My last hope is you and only your kind and understanding heart! I look forward to hear you. Kiss you sweaty. Liudmila
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