Romance scam letter(s) from Oksana Mateeva to Gary (USA)
Letter 1
Hi my lover Swazzie.
I so am glad that you have written to me. I already was afraid that I have lost you.
Thank God, it has not happened. And we have an opportunity to continue our attitudes.
Well, my dear Swazzie, I send you a copy of my passport. In hope that we be fast we can together.
I shall go to agency of travel and there to learn about my arrival to you.
But I need to know from you. At what airport you can meet me??
I shall wait for your letter, yours Oksana.
kiss you.
Letter 2
Hi my dear friend Swazzie.
I am glad that you have answered me my letter. Also I hope that we shall have the further dialogue and
Let's be better to learn each other. As thanks for your photos they are fine.
I will tell a little about myself: My age 28 years, my name is Oksana.
I was not married also I live in to apartment of my parents.
I Having finished college of trade, and now Works, as a saleswoman in shop of children's toys.
Me my work with to children very much like. For me as productive For leisure,
Periodically you go in for sports for maintenance of a body.
I travel and in different places, but my work does not allow me to make
Often. I have many friends, we sometimes together to spend time,
To play in billiards and tennis, we other entertainments.
It is very difficult to be one. To it is a pity but in our country of the man badly understand
As it is necessary to address with women. And basically the majority of them abuses spirits and
The some people even use drugs. It is very bad. I would not like to have the husband which the drunkard
Or used drugs. I only wish to create healthy and strong family consisting of the careful and gentle husband and
Our children. In future I wish to have children with my favourite person.
I am glad that we have the common interests and I hope that they with future only will increase.
Many people from my environment spoke me, that my idea to find good the man abroad it is not real.
But I all the same spoke them, that I shall search for the happiness that it would be not necessaryl to me.
And I am glad that I have such opportunity to learn you better. And it is possible that in what that put we will meet and we shall run towards, in a consequence having dissolved in hot embraces each other.
It also will be the best day in my life. But I have a little fallen into a reverie and was possible to speak about it early still. But I have got used to speak all fairly and to not hide the ideas.
I hope you me understand?
I send you Photos my person. Please To set interesting things you about me and
To inform me the some Information on you: what do you love entertainments?
What your character? What qualities you love women?
I will to inform you more about myself in following E-mail.
I will wait yours messages.
Yours faithfully and gentle embraces, Oksana.
Letter 3
Hi my most are favourite also most dear Swazzie, she is yours Oksana.
I write to you to tell about today. This day has brought to me huge disappointment, at me after today very bad mood. Because I today was in representation of embassy and I was waited there with very bad news. Favourite, I probably have hastened to promise to you, that I shall arrive, because I do not have such opportunity. I have learned the prices for the visa, tickets and The insurance. I hardly can find such money. My salary it will not allow me.
The visa costs 250 dollars, tickets need to be bought at once there and back, differently the visa to not receive, they should be confident, that I shall arrive back, such rules at us to receive the visa.
And return tickets cost 1180 dollars. And plus still it is necessary to pay the insurance from accident in a way (God forbid certainly). It too one of conditions of reception of the visa.
The insurance costs 200 dollars. In total it turns out - 1630 dollars. From mind to descend it is possible, it I should work year and to eat nothing to earn such sum. Here such, my good, there was at me a problem.
I at all do not know, as to do. From you to ask money to me simply it is not convenient.
I have left representation all in tears and the upset feelings. I did not think, that such expenses will be necessary. And still it is necessary to collect a heap of any information for reception of the visa. In a place of work, a place
The residence, from a passport office, that I not married and is not present children.
It will Be necessary to sign necessarily the legal document, that I shall arrive back.
All documents would be issued in current of week when there is money it at us is done quickly.
But alas they are not present. You represent, favourite, in a week we already could embrace each other, but it is visible not destiny. And so it would would be desirable it. I sit, I write to you the letter and at me tears on eyes. What to do? Prompt favourite. Me still love?
With impatience I wait for your letter, yours Oksana. Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Portland (the USA, Oregon) (PDX)
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL31
Departure: January, 30th 2008, 12:10, the Sheremetyevo the airport
Arrival: January, 30th 2008, 14:55, John F Kennedy Intl
Places: econom a class, places are
<<<<-city of change New York (NYC)->>>>
Airline: Delta Air Lines Flight: DL433
Departure: January, 30th 2008, 16:50, John F Kennedy Intl
Arrival: January, 30th 2008, 20:25, Portland Intl Arpt
Places: econom a class, places are Time in a way: 19 hours. 15 minutes.
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