Scam Letter(s) from Irina to Gary (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Swazzie!
It is so great that I have such an opportunity to meet you at this site and I hope to get acquainted with you.
Swazzie, thank you very much for your photo, you look so cute!!!
I think it'll be interesting for you to know something about me.
But you must understand that it is very difficult to write your biography to unknown man, cause I'm scared to bother you or to tell about the things, which are not interesting for you, but I'll try;)))
My name is Ira. I was born in 1982.People say that I'm very interesting,kind,clever person, I think you will be able to know it on your own experience, certainly if you are not opposite it;)))
My hobbies are tourism and sport. I think that sport is an important part of our life. It helps us to keep our body in health and sure makes our figure more attractive.
So I'm also dynamic and energetic person. I like to be in motion.
Cause i think till we are moving and running through our life's path till that moment we are living. And if we stop, we make stop the joy of our life, do you agree?
You know I like to travel and usually make it cross Ukraine, cause unfortunately now I can't afford to move abroad. But hope that one it'll be changed, cause I'm so curiouse about different cultures and traditions. That's why I hope one day I'll be able to travel all over the world.
I think that the more you see the more you know.
As you know I live in Donetsk city in Ukraine. Now I'm studing at National Univercity at faculty of economics and working at the same time in a little nice restaurant, as a waitress Actually, I have a dream to work as a finances manager in a big company.
But to make my dream comes true I must learn hard and finish my education.
Unfortunately I don't have enough time for communication with my friends.
and I'll be happy to make friendship with you!
Write me about yourself:about your way of life,hobbies,work etc.
I'll be waiting for your letter!

Letter 2

Hello Swazzie!
I'm so happy that you wrote me.You can't even imagine how it was glad to me to read your letter. On the level I even don't hope that such interesting and nice man can pay attention on me.
Thank you for it.
Swazzie, I'm so sorry about this accident, but thanks to heaven you feel good now and everything in the past..
Swazzie, may be you were surprised to see my photos. I want to explain you. My friend was working at photo salon few month and she made her practise. I was as to say her guinea-pig and she took a lot of my photos. You know it was so cool, cause I felt that I'm a real model star and she takes my photos for modern magazine. I felt like a real actrise. There was a lot of fun;)))
I think that each person has his source from family. That's why I have decided that you will like to hear a little bit about my family.
Unfortunately i don't live with my parents, cause they live in the village near Donetsk and I had to relocate in the city to enter to univercity. My family isn't big. Just me and my mother.
It's a pity, I don't know a lot about my father, cause he left us, when I was near 2 y.o. I understand that to speak to this topic is very painful for my mother and that's why I try never to speak or ask something about my father. To be honest I'm not interesting about him. I think each of person makes decision himself and he decided to live without us..
My mother is a wonderful woman. Her name is Galina and all her life, she makes everything possible that I have all good. And I'm very thankful to her for it. Even now when I'm working, she tries to help me.
Certainly, my work brings not much money But I'm not down in the mouth;))
What else I want to add, it's according my english skills. Unfortunately I don't speak english and my knoweledge at this sphere is very little to be able to use it. That's why i have to use the help of translating services,for me it's not a problem, what about you? seems I talk too much..such I'm chatterbox;))) I'm kidding.
Enough about me! Please write me about yourself more and more!
I want to know all about you!
Yours friend Ira!

Letter 3

Hello my sweet cake;))) I hope, Swazzie, you are not opposite if I call you in such way?
So, how are you, today? Is everything ok in your life?
You know, I think probably it'll be sound silly, I know that we are in correspondence just few letters, but anyway do you like me? I mean not just as friend, but more..
You know I'm open person I don't like to hide something, that's why I try everytime to be honest.
Maybe it'll be interesting for you to hear my opinion according US and you.
At first I want to say that you are a very interesting interlocutor and I like to chat with you, hope one day we will be able to meet and to speak face to face. I think we have a lot to talk about, do you agree?
Also, I'll be direct with you and I want to say you that I like you very much, and it's more then just feelings of friendship..I like you as woman likes man..I hope it doesn't scare you or confused..On the level I hope that this feelings will develop to love and to be honest I hope that your heart we will the same about me one day..
I know, now you probably that i lose my brains completely and tell nonsense..but believe me I like you and I want you become my man, I mean my boyfriend..sure between us miles and we have some difference in language, but I don't think that it can be barrier for human's feeling's do you agree?
More over, I think the distance is just like a test for us and also it's a good opportunity to know each other. I think we will meet when it'll be a right time for it, am I right?
You made my life more interesting. Your words that you write to me are wonderful. Only with you I can speak so easy.
I can trust you in everything. Sometimes it seems to me that it is only a dream. I can't put into words all my feelings to you.
I can say just in few words, you are wonderful and I'm happy that we have met each other.
Who knows maybe our hearts were united in the heave..
I hope you understand my feelings.
See you later...
Your Irishka!
Kiss you..

Letter 4

Hello my sweetheart Swazzie,
I'm so glad to sit here and read your letter, everytime I'm so happy to know more and more about you.
Swazzie I think it's a very good idea about our meeting and I'll be waiting for June with impatient.
we are really two half of one. It's so strange you are there and I'm here, but I feel so close to you. You know even this distance which exists between us doesn't bother me. I know you are on miles, but you are everytime in my heart and mind. I can do nothing with it. You have won my heart..
I'm very happy that I've found you, I feel you're my soul mate.
Only you can bright my days during this routine life.
My angel I know I don't have right for it, to ask you about something or something like it. Just know I like you very much and I don't want to lose you. You know that my english is very poor and to communicate with you I have to use the help of translator. Don't think in bad way, but now I get in such situation,
not very pleasant I have a little problem at work, maybe I even would lose it, as a result I have a problem to pay for translation of our correspondence. I can't afford it. That's why I have to keep silence. I don't know when I'll be able to write you or read your letter again. But I do want it so much. I need you and I need to hear from you often..I feel blue about this situation, because I really don't want to lose you.
I don't push you to anything just.. may be you will be able to help in this situation and to pay for translation of our correspondence. I don't ask too much, all that I want to be with you and to develop our relationship.
Probably you also will be not able to help me, but anyway if you can, and if you still have desire to communicate with me and if you need as much as I need you, please me to pay..I'm sorry that I ask you about it.
But I even don't know to whom I can address in this situation to ask about help and support,
In love with you..



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