Scam Letter(s) from Olesya to Rick (Canada)

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Letter 1

Greetings my dear rkc!!! Today at me bad news. Since morning Ihad a good, cheerful mood.
But it has very much worsened after I havevisited bank. Today I have gone to bank, and to me have told, that Icannot discount money of the husband. I was simply in a shock! I couldnot think that the such can happens. I have asked why to me Cannotgive money, and to me have answered, that my husband had a will aboutwhich I did not know. I have gone to the notary and he has confirmed,that my husband has made the will. It to me has allowed to familiarisewith it. There it has been written, that it bequeaths all money to myregistered husband. That is, whoever was my husband, he can discountmoney. But I cannot take advantage of money. My husband always said tome, that I should not work, I should keep order in the house. All thatis connected money, the husband should earn. It seems to me for thisreason it bequeathed all money to my husband. As it was my husband, itcould receive money. But now, that I could receive money, I need tomarry. And only then, my future husband can discount money. I haveasked the notary why my husband has made the will, he could not knowthat with it something happens. The notary to me has told, that at anemployment there was an obligatory condition, to insure the life, aswork dangerous. And consequently he has decided to write the will. Ido not know why he to me about it has told nothing, probably thereforethat I did not worry for it. I still had 200 dollars. But where to meto occupy 1200$??? I should pay money to agency. I have been assured,that to a smog to discount money, but it has appeared that I cannotmake it!!! It is very difficult For me to tell to you about it. But Ihave made everything, that could. I have paid for the visa. I havespent a lot of time and nerves when waited for approval. I did notwish to burden you. I wished to pay for all itself and to arrive to you at own expense, but unfortunately I have failed. Now I should payother part of the sum to agency. It makes 1400$. It is very a shame tome to speak about it because I do not know where to me to take suchbig sum. Now I still had last hope, it you. Please, help me with moneyfor the ticket. I understand, that this difficult decision for you.Certainly, if you do not want, you can not help me. It is bad, but isnot deadly. I will lose the money. I cannot arrive to you. IT is bad,BUT TOO is not deadly. I have paid 465$ for that to me have made thevisa. These are the big money for me, but MONEY NOT the MAIN THING In the LIFE. I trust you, and I know, that YOU are a PERSON of HONOUR,And YOU are a GENTLEMAN. If you Can help me, write to me about it inthe following letter!!! rkc, please forgive me all my words. Ispeak so, on that that I in despair. Now, when only one step separatesus, I am afraid. I am afraid, that you will not help me, and all mydiligence Will be useless. I require you, and I wish to be with you. Ihave not calculated the possibilities. But together we are muchstronger. We will pass through difficulties and a barrier, it is mucheasier to make it together. I wish to present you all my infinite loveand fidelity. I understand, that it is big Money. I did not wish toask you money. I thought, that I can make all. The loneliness has mademe strong. I lived without support of the man, and could rely only onmyself. I ask the help from somebody very seldom, but now I ask, that you have helped me. I have made a step to you towards. Now I wait thatyou will answer the same I hope, that I have not offended you. Irequire you, and I trust you. I know, that you will not throw me nowwhen we are divided only by one step. I look forward to hearing fromyou.

Kiss you. Yours Olesya



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