Roamnce scam letter(s) from Kathy Lewis to Henny (Netherlands)
Letter 1
hello my love i send the scanning passport to u am cool this morning as u no that am alwaly cool since when u no me.
am missing u henny
a m getting better at here .
all what i need now is to leave here cos am missing u i need to chat with u
i was just mannagng to check my mails on doctors laptop .
so am missing u henny take care or urs self
so where did u want to arrange for the money? cos i need to leave ok
Letter 2
hello honny,am sorry for the formar scanning document that i send i made a mistake is not the one i want to send on that that but i have now send u the my scann I;D .
so, all what i want is to be out of here ok.
when u send the money to my i;d try to send the M.T.C.N OF THE MONEY U SEND to me
use western union.
my daling henny i will change your name from henny to honny will u like that , if u love ti get back to me
i love u have a good day.
Letter 3
hello honny what is ur arrangement for me now
i have do what u want
but i have not see ur mail what is going on honny?
let me no ur plans for now i need to leave the hospital for now am tried of here
so am excpeting ur mail
all what i want no wis to get me out of here ok
i love u henng the lord will bless u as ur procesed .

Letter 4

hello honey,
how are you today, thanks for the mail you sent and am very greatful.... honey as i told you earlier i have no mobile phone and am dieing here cos i beg the doctor to please permit me to send you a mail that i have no other person i can talk to and he accept cos i am on bed rest now and i have no access to browse or talk to any one for now am just using this little time to let you know what is going on here.. honey all you need to do now is to arrange for the hospital bill and get me out of here soon.. cos am tired of staying in the hospital premises.... honey i will be glad if yo can do that for me .... the doctor said i will need to pay 180euros for the bill so hone am expecting your mail and you will need to send the money to the name and address i gave you last time.... i will be expecting your mail soon .. i love you so much.... bye
Letter 5
hello henny
honny i wanted to use this opportunity to thanks u for all the mails u have being sending to me since when am sick and all ur support for both finacially and morally am greatfull for this thy lord will bless u.
send the money to this address

ZIP CODE:013520

pls try to make it snappy and fast becouse the doctor say the more i spend in the hospital

is the more my hospital bill increases and the doctor even prescribe 3 diffirent types of drug for me to go and buy it in chemist inorder to make me very strong and healdy so immediatly u send the money i will leave the hospital and i will went for the drugs sio i can countinuo my live
u will soon play with kathy
am missing u bye honny
Letter 6
hi honnny i send the address bu adsk me to send to u but u have never mail me what is going on i need to leave the hospital pls try to send the money to the address thatb i gave to u sothat i can leave i love bye .
Letter 7
hello henny i don,t even understand u any more u know am not fine over here
and i expalin ever thing for u u know and in the hospital i told u about the hospital bill and u told me to send the address that u will send the money to u and i send it but i the not see ur message u are now telling me to send me pix
is this a matter of pixxxxxx?
i told u that i need ur help i want to get out of here and u promise me to send me my international passport to iand i do so but now i dont under stand u pls u promise to make my happy but why are u doing this to me?
so bye for now
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