Scam letter(s) from Elena Kireeva to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Chris
I have a perfect mood today..
I have woken up in the morning, the sun, brightly shines.
And pulls me to go out and to take a walk up to my work..
But I went by metro …. My chief has told me that he will give funds tomorrow. And I can buy myself that jacket which I yesterday wanted to buy…. I am very glad.. Tomorrow at once after work we with my friend and two girl shall go to shop where I shall buy that wonderful jacket. My friend also decided to get herself something for winter.. In Russia there is a very interesting saying: " prepare a sledge in the summer, and cart in the winter " that means in the winter prepare for summer, and in summer prepare for winter. So in Russia everyone make everything with humour … I wanted to tell you something about my work.. Earlier I did not tell you about it, and I think it will be interesting to find out about it…. I work in a department of quality surveillance of automobiles " Volga ". Only do not confuse I that I tell you about the river Volga, as the largest river in our country. And at our factory the automobiles GAZ makes " Volga ". I do not check the ready assembled automobiles, but only a frame of cars.. Frames of the automobile a roof, motor compartment, and so on. My work consists in checking a frames. And to check the bad machines from good.. In general my work is not so difficult and sometimes even interesting. And I am the only one young girl in collective, and where are the cars where are also men. Their work is considered to be harmful as they each day work with welding devices.. Also drink much.. Frequently it happens that someone at work will fall asleep, and will oversleep till morning. Rises and again go to work or to drink.. And on Friday, before days off they after work all of them go in a bar, and drink there. It makes collective evening each Friday, or at holiday, or birthday. But they always drink. The truthly speaking they are not so bad. I for example at date of birth was presented with a large toy. And box of sweets. They know that I like sweets HA-HA and on March 8 they never forget about it. You for certain know that March 8 is the international female day.
Really sorry but the night is coming and also it is time to go to sleep and tomorrow again on work …
Tell me more about yourself, about your attitudes to the women, what you like in us??? Also what most of all appreciate in the woman?? What qualities??
Waiting for your letter
Your Elena
Letter 2
Hi Chris
I am so really happy ….
At last, at last I have bought that jacket….
You are probably ridiculous but I waited for the moment when I will have this jacket, and dreamed to buy it?? Now my soul is quiet, only full of joy.
My girlfriends liked it very much too. And my aunt too. So now I am not worry that I will not freeze this winter.. It will be warm for me but it could be warmer if you were close to me.. However the aunt promised me to cook my favorite "borsch", and tasty soup. I have helped her to make salad, but I was not able to because I had to run faster.. Such I … love to be divided with the people my happiness. In general as my friend always say that I am the soul of our collective at work. She told me: " you are the light, who can listen to another, and lift mood even in a most difficult minute. "
I always appreciated her words. She is like senior sister for me. I have no sister no brother.. My parents were died in air crash in 1986, when I was absolutely small girl. And my aunt took me to herself. Also has brought me up as her daughter. I am very grateful to her. You see my aunt is the most favorite person of all planet. She always helped me and she used to walk me to the kindergaden, then to school, institute. Has arranged me a work. She is as the mum, and daddy simultaneously …
Well it is absolutely become unstuck, when I say about my life … let me tell about my city though your mood shall raise.. ok??
So I live in Nizhni Novgorod. It is the large city, its population is about one million. And it is very beautiful. But the most surprising that it is not beautiful by the centre, and it beautiful out of the city. As almost in city there is a large factory "GAZ" where I work. Our city is divided into two parts, where is the river Volga. On which many cargo ferries float large traveling steam-ships … and. Both coasts of the river are connected by 3 bridges. In our city there is an underground. Just now it is only for one coast. And in future the underground will stretch and up to my other coast, where I live. And by the ground trams and trolley buses go too. Also there are a lot of cars, basically bought from other countries .
But not this is the most perfect in our city. Me most of all our parks..
In one of our parks there is a lake in the middle of park, it is very large and always green. There are beautiful trees as birches, poplars and maples.. And when in the autumn birches with a maple and poplar frow their leaves only Christmas trees help this park to be green, even winter.. And on lake in the summer the present wild ducks float too, it is a lot of a fish there too. Here it is possible even to be engaged in fishing. But the fishing needs to be let.. Also I like quay in our city, it is a very long street near the river. Where it is possible to go on a path and to admire the waves.. It is possible to speak about my city very long but I am afraid of time will not suffice …
I see, that you like ice-cream too. :) What do I appreciate in people?
Self-return. I like, when help me, appreciate my independence.
Egoism is not pleasant. I not the greedy. I have never was anything, than I could not share. :) I like people who appreciate my self-return and do too most.
And still, I want to ask you question, is it possible? Do you have woman whom you lave very much? Or do you have a girlfriend close to you I mean in your city? You see how you should solve the problem with ***?
You are a very ridiculous man, I am ready to make anything you like.
Sorry I have to go but certainly if I have offended you, I am sorry. Good-bye. Write me I am waiting,
Well? I shall wait.
Elena P.S. I want your Photo too!
Letter 3
Hi Chris
To receive your letters is becoming a good habit for me.
Thanks for sympathy, but I almost all life live with the aunt. I have already got used. Lost not to return back...
I am glad, that you have told about ***. I think, frankly. I consider, that *** - an integral part of family relations. Partners something give also something take away. But not on the contrary. I do not want live with the person for whom I am necessary for ***. I am not such girl. You have answered directly and frankly. Thanks. It is important for me. Today is a good day and I have a good mood.
Weather is simply perfect, it like whispering me to go for a walk.
The aunt is going today to visit a summer residence, and i told her that I do not want to go there. And today I am a housgirl!!! Yet I do not know, how Will I dispose the loneliness. I love, when I am alone at home, do not know, Why, but I love. And now I am just with my friend and we cook tasty dinner, have decided to cook a meat soup "borsch", and have prepared cutlets, and potato mashed potatoes.. There is nothing better then the fresh vegetables. We also cut salad from vegetables. I am full now, that Even I can not go anywhere. It is interestingly possible to die from the fullness of food Whether or not? I am afraid, that I shall recover. Tell me, what you love to eat? Do you prepare meal yourself? However, there is saying that the man cooks better than woman. I hope, you are the independent man. The life of the bachelor tires you? Probably, anything good is not present in, when you come home, and nobody there is not present? I am ready to argue, that is lonely. I had a good man before, I thought so, that he was a good one. But I found out everything. He betraid me. Sadly. But in your life, probably, too were gloomy moments am I right? Tell me about them, if you want, certainly, but if not it is ok, I shall understand you. Life is the very strange piece, and always prepares unexpected surprises. It is interesting even, how you have finished school. And, as passed you further, your life. Can and will you open me some of your secrets? Now I am going home and sleep on a sofa for 5 minutes. Why am I tired.
Well, all while, I will go, and will . It is not present so much to eat it is impossible, it is exact. Well,
All, probably, I shall finish the letter, it is time. I shall wait your
Your Elena
Letter 4

Hi Chris
I am so much glad, as I am glad, again I see your letter..
Only now it is exactly in a habit I get your letters..
I like to speak with you.. And I am glad to speak with you always … only it takes time to come and write you the large letter. But now has appeared a minute to write you and I can speak with you. Dear do not think that that i do not want to write you and that it takes too much time, I want to tell you that I work a lot and that is why i have no free time a lot of free time.
Today is cloudy and the sun is not shining, there is rain and wind is very strong. And it did not stop all night. And to leave home it would not be desirable at all. I would lay in warm and Soft bed. I at all do not wake up in the early morning. I love to stay in bed, and five or ten minutes to lie down, but the alarm clock is ringing and you have to wake up. But the aunt was at home, and has woken me that I have to go to work, and it was possible to tell, that I was ill. But only my weakness for one minute. I know, that to go to work is necessary. But after ten minute of gymnastic, soul and vigorous music, the mood at once rises.
Especially cup of good coffee makes you feel better. What coffee do you drink? I always drink Nescafe. Now I drink tea with cookies. Very tasty cookies. Our girls frequently prepare yourself this cookies. Tasty. And it is really sweet. Today was a Olya's birthday. We drank 3 bottles of wine, was very cheerful. I very much liked the wine " Chateau Haut-Brion " It is a white French wine. Simply magnificent. But it very expensive, Her brother from St. Petersburg bought only three bottles but it was enough for us. And in general there was much ridiculous. One of our friends has dropped a piece of a pie to herself on a ****** and then she was really upset, and we had to leave! I had a wonderfully evening. It is a pity, that such days are seldom. Well my break is being finished.
I wait for the letter.
What is wife? Do you have the wife?
Your Elena
Letter 5
Hi Chris
Thanks for photo. It's nice :)
In Russia there is no such holiday. We have a holiday a Christmas-tide. Then "dressed" go on houses and sing songs, tell jokes and we give them sweets. This holiday is in January. I am glad for you, that you sell the company. I do not climb in the big business,:)
therefore I do not know, what benefit you we will get. Will you tell? Today I hardly rise from bed..
I took a shower, and then quickly put on my dress, and dried a hair..
It appears my friend already waiting for me in the street.. she has a car, VAZ-2106. certainly it is not a limit of her dreams, but for me even this car is a good one. And I have received a license when I was studying in institute. But I did not buy a car, it is very expensive purchase, and we have decided with the aunt not to buy a car. And now my friend Olga almost always pick up to home by her car, except for those days when she is break, or when we would like to go home by foot … And when I was going by car I remembered about the childhood, about school, about rest with the aunt during summer holidays, about my friend when I was going to school. My aunt on a summer holidays time took me to the village and there was no guys of my age and almost all of them were little bit more senior than me. And I very much frequently was asked with them to graze the horses on a field about the river. And even now I remember this night. All night we did not sleep, sat around fire. Boys told terrible histories about we people who went to water and never came back, and everyone ***** to force: vampires, witches and wood spirits. We cooked potatoes in ashes, it is very tasty also fur-trees by its hot. Since that night I have grown fond to sit close to fire and to look, how it plays by the fiery petals. The sparks fly up highly, in the black sky and it seems, that it is a small asterisks which have departed in the sky. At the night in a field the fog lays and it is more tremendous Beautifully! Above the river there is also fog and is very beautiful! Is audible to look how fish is swimming! From a fire is very warm both is cosy. Becomes quiet and it is good. And time goes fast. I remember that night and my first fire, as if it was yesterday, and has flown by twenty three years. Also I remember the handsome man, whose name was Grisha, I have fallen in love with him at once, he has told the most terrible history about angry water spirit. He has sunk in three weeks after that night. So became Sadly. I love to sit at a fire at the night. I love to look at stars. And you understand, that thousand years of evolution and progress of the man nothing have changed. Stars as far and are perfect as one million years back. And we in this world only guests, glanced on one instant. And very long time ago people looked at stars just as I, enjoyed this beauty and dreamed of the future. And when I look on stars, I dream of the future. Stars are beautiful, very beautiful. I agreed to depart in space, is exact.
However I already have to go!!!
I will wait for your letter
Your Elena
Letter 6
Hi my dear
Thank your for your letter, I like to correspond with you ever more and more.
I know about the American holidays. Day of gratitude and CHRISTMAS.
Christmas in our country on January, 7th because we live on new style.
Our country has accepted Christianity from Byzantium. So has developed historically. But much was forgotten in due course, much registered incorrectly. In 17 century church reform has been spent, the general church divine service has been created. Many people have refused to trust the new patriarch and have left in wood, to Siberia. Now their settlements find, come to them and ask as live. But they even never saw radio, the TV and speak in old slavic language! I have read your story about the State of Texas and about Indians. I have laughed, when have learnt, that they have carried case by the ground at USA!!!! lol I heard about your laws but to win the claim, it is necessary to try!!! There are no words... lol You heard, that on Russian earth about 300 years there lived tataro-Mongols. But in 1380 our ancestors have expelled them. Cities remained, but now there there live Russian. We have not brought an action against this nomadic tribe... We dress up a fur-tree in New Year. The grandfather the Frost with the grand daughter the Snow Maiden brings gifts. :) You are right, that the person needs to move, be engaged in business, even when he has all. I have a little, therefore I aspire to earn money for the further life... I move :) I send a photo of the car of Olga.
Here is everything the same. Yesterday we with my friend Olesya went in city centre to have a rest, I would like an entertaining complex "Astron". It is dancing Club. There are even kegelban and billiards. I like everything there, there is cosy, and it is clean, on parking everything is beautiful and expensive cars. Is felt life and pleasure. But cars! It is my weakness. I love beautiful, fast and strong cars. Such as Jeep Grand Cherokee, or Ford Mustang, BMW. Olesya's boyfriend has such a car and I asked him to let me drive. I reached very large speed 163km/h. But it was Russian Lada. On the American or European machine, probably, I could dispersed up to greater speeds, not strongly straining. I love fast speed. And do you what to have such car? In west automobiles appreciate, than more real estate, is it truth? But, a kegelban is a funny game! I do not know, who has imagined this game, but that man is reputable. First time I have tried absolutely recently and at once has grown fond of this game. And now I want to play this game constantly. Only there is one bad thing in this game I always brake my nails. But I shall learn more and I shall try them to not to break. I do not know when I can play next time, but necessarily I shall play. And still we played in Russian billiards. This game demands mathematical abilities and i like it very much too. I can play billiards the whole hour or more, for example two hours. And what is your Favorite games? It is time.
I wait for your letter tomorrow, ok?
With the best regards from Elena
Give me your telephone number, please to tell with you. :)
P.S. And necessarily send my photo.
Letter 7
Hi Chris
Everything is well here, I have my work, still alive and healthy. And how are you???
New VAZ 2106 to cost approximately 5000 funds... And this old car to cost approximately 1400 funds, I think...
I am surprised by your engines. 6 cylinders! Our Russian factories make only 4 cylinders! Our manufacture cannot make so My congratulations of your mother. Let she will live as much! Yes, we transfer hours for "winter time". We transferred hours at 1 o'clock back. Biorhythms get off, but it only advantage. I am sitting and thinking, what interesting things to tell you about. Well, probably, about Russia. So it not only boundless snows, frosts, bears and everything like this. But also remarkable and kind people. They are ready to give help for there friend. Can be, therefore we also live so poorly. And for me it is very insulting, that in the world so strongly do not love the Slavs. I love our history, and absolutely recently has learned about it, that once Reigan have named Russia " by Empire of evil " I do not think that it is so. But will suffice about sad., for example, very amusing case, which happened not so long time ago. It was in a department, there was a day of the salary, well as always men have received money and have begun to drink ***** in this occasion. And one of the men has decided, to have a drink in the car. They always drank at in a small room of rest, and this evening they got to cargo of a car, also have begun there to drink. and then all approached to end, one of the drivers wanted to rearrange this car in boxing, boxing is a building, where a very expansive lorries are, well he went outside. And the car went into dump. Such history has happened at work. I receive holiday in 2 weeks. At last I can have a rest from work. It is a pity, that I will sit at home one... I will cook new dishes! Yes! I cannot leave on street because it becomes cold... We with my friend shall go to have a rest, we shall catch last autumn sun. The last year we went, I liked it very much. But summer it is certainly better. I love to be rolled on boat on the river. To swim up to a coast and to collect flowers is possible will cling behind a forage of a boat and so to be floating in water! The most wonderful! Better I do not know. If only by the sea. But it is different things and them It is impossible to compare. To have a rest it is simply healthy!!!
Your Elena
Letter 8
Hi Chris
Everything is well here as usually I am glad for you and me that we are so close friends even only writing to each other.
I spoke about 5000 dollars. :) I am surprised by your prices for gasoline!!! We have same prices. My girlfriend always swears, when the prices for gasoline raise. In our country 1\3 all world minerals, and we cannot use them ours...
Why doyou think that to arrive to your country so difficult? In Russia give out tourist visas within a month. But you can see me in this my holiday. I read about visa reception. You should send the official invitation to me and this time will be reduced about two weeks. From me it is required to collect only a quantity of inquiries on the property (I have apartment), work (I work at factory) and a number of other inquiries such as family structure, presence of a previous conviction, etc.
I can arrive to you because saved money for a trip with the aunt for the sea. I told you about it. The aunt has allowed them to spend to me for flight in your country. I think, that one meeting can change much in our relations... Am I right?
If you really want, that I have arrived to you this holiday, you should send me the invitation. I receive the following holiday only in a year... It so long... If you arrive about me I will not be against. Even it is very glad. But I cannot lodge you in apartment while. My aunt against it. I already told with it about it... I never contradict her, She became mother to me... You understand me. If you arrive to other time when I will work, I can I will not give you a lot of time because I work 6 days in a week... :(
I want to meet you and you can help me having sent the invitation.
Thanks, that you have told opinion on a problem a berlin from an American side. There are many programms on Russia TV that was at that time... I think, that we "ordinary people" do not learn, that is coded in archives of our states... :) I have one important question, how you treat children? I love children.
I love children's laughter! It happiest and joyful, and perfect! If the child laughs, my heart becomes warm.
I want children never cried. I love children and children's holidays. I want to visit Disney Lend. I have heard about a lot. Were you in Disney Lend? I think that there is very cheerfully and beautifully. It is a pity, that we do not have anything similar. But I read about the owner and founder Mr. Disney. It appears, he was a very malicious and good man. I was in a shock when i read that he offended his wife, even beat her! Interestingly how the man created such miracle can be such malicious? I do not understand it. And how is it possible to strike the woman? It is very terrible and *****. Such man should sit in prison. Yesterday I went to library and took the books " of Ancient Rome ", it is very interesting.
Also my aunt says, that it is necessary not to sit at home, and to think about my future! is it so? And sometimes it happens very rough, probably, because the militarian. And I have to go for dinner. Till tomorrow.
Your favorite Elena
Letter 9
Hi Chris
I'l try to phone you and explain all about visa.
Your Elena
Letter 10
Hi Chris
Today I have cooked a hen in an oven. My aunt has told, that we cannot eat it together and I have invited Olga and her daughter to my home. She has brought a pie to a table. We had very well supper also I has told about you and our plans. We have a little dreamt :). They have envied me. And Nastya has sung a song. She is so amusing. I like, when children laugh and rejoice! I receive holiday from November, 24th till December, 26th. But I can prolong the holiday "for my funds". In Russia people do not work from January, 1 January till 7th. It is a holiday of new year and Christmas. I can prolong the holiday for 4 days! I can be with you of more time...
Thanks for your diligence, but IT is not that I asked. You should write the invitation by the hand and assure the press and the signature of the notary. You can not write the E-mail. You should write address where I will live when I will arrive. This invitation considerably will reduce time of reception of the visa till 6-14 days. It advisers in tour agency have told. It will be better, if you assure the invitation the notary.
I did not ask anything about tickets. But I know, that all international flights happen from Moscow. My city is located in 1100 kilometres from Moscow.
I am glad, that you protect me from "idiots" in your country. HA-HA Also you will not listen to their word. I do not like, when people speak bad about me, not knowing anything about me.
I will wait parade from your mayor in honour of my arrival. Fireworks and fanfares. HA-HA Wait for your letter.

Letter 11
Hi Chris!
Today at factory there was an accident. One worker has chopped off fingers. The metal piece has fallen to his hand. The working day has begun with such difficult note... There was a lot of blood. Now he cannot work more. The factory will pay only safety payments. But what can he make without fingers?? It is very a pity... The court of inquiry tomorrow will come and will understand the reason. On whose fault there was an incident... Many people say, that it has occurred because of a Japanese car which has not kept metal piece. But all will be known within the next few days... I necessarily find out all... An awful case... I went to tourist agency. All has passed perfectly!!!! I am glad. The tourist agency has accepted your invitation. I have convinced them, that you are a legal body and can assure such documents. I have started to make these papers.
Here the list:
100 - an irrevocable payment on visa A-2
68 - registration of visa A-2. (With your invitation!)
161 - insurance registration
54 - gathering at the airport
48 - inquiries (2 medical, from a work place, from a house management, from the notary - I have the property, from bank - there are debts and many other things no inquiry)
TOTAL: 431 dollars
I have already given this money to tourist agency. To me have told, that the visa will be ready in 9-10 days. I so am glad!!! I will soon see you. Day of our meeting comes nearer!!!
Letter 12
Hi Chris
I have found out all about that guy who has lost fingers. The commission has drawn a conclusion that is guilty machine. It is awful. Now we should be very cautious. The commission checks other technics on malfunction presence... The factory practically does not work... All costs. It not the first case on manufacture, but I have seen it for the first time...
Will suffice about the sad... I think, what I need to ask, we will visit what places, when I will arrive to you?? Tell about sights of your city. I cannot send you my documents because I receive them before a start. I will begin to cry for tickets itself. I do not ask money from you. I wish to meet you and my intentions - noble. I do not regard money as obstacle for our meeting. I cannot ask money from you. I very much wait for that moment when you will meet me at the airport... I already dream... I have thought that I long do not send you a photo and have made one... :)
Letter 13
All is OK, Chris!
I work much. It is necessary to make a lot of work before holiday reception. If I do not make it I will sink in a bale of papers when I will arrive in Russia... :(
If you want, I will write to you which that from my childhood and my parents. I had not absolutely happy childhood. We moved from a place into place in search of habitation. My parents did not wish to continue searches in search of cheap habitation and have gone to earn money for the north. They have counted up, that in half a year we can buy apartment. They have departed and have left me with the aunt because the north is the north. It is cold there... Very severe conditions. I remained with the aunt and the uncle. I did not understand all it then. I was too small to understand difficulty of position... But they have not arrived in half a year and I have started to worry and cry. I remember mine cry... The aunt said, that parents soon will arrive... But they did not come. Then the uncle has told to me, that they were lost in an air crash...
It to happen on July, 2nd 1986. In a city of Syktyvkar.
In 12 minutes after launch. At height of 5600 m in a crew cabin were worked by the alarm system «the Smoke in a luggage carrier». In 4 minutes, being at height 6700i, on removal of 140 km from the airport Syktyvkar, crew has reported on the dispatcher of a traffic department, on return on airdrome Syktyvkar because of a fire in a luggage carrier, and has started emergency decrease. In 7 minutes after that the crew has informed on intensive smoke blanketing of passenger salon, and about intention to execute an emergency landing on wood, visibility at a rain - 6 km. In 9 minutes at planting to a large forest approximately in 75 km from Syktyvkar the plane has collapsed and has completely burnt down.
Unequivocally reason of occurrence of a fire in a luggage space is not installed. Ignition forbidden to transportation of self-igniting substance, or a liquid in luggage of passengers could be the possible reason. With the subsequent *********** of a burning liquid into underground space. Or ignition by the impregnated combustible liquid of isolation of electricity cables in a luggage space.
They at all have not started to earn on apartment. They have not reached a work place... I cried much. Ate nothing. Has very much grown thin... Was silent... I have gone to school absolutely lost. I to anybody did not talk. I could not think of what. I studied badly. I read much. It is a habit remained with me since then. So I have lived till 13 years. And then the aunt has told to me, that I should be the optimist and to see my future. She has told, that I will be better than my parents. They will be proud of me, looking on me from the sky. I should be better and not look at back. I should go only forward. I will have all. The past not to return. But it needs to be recollected...
I cried all night long. Next day I felt better. A month later I have got acquainted with Olga and she became my best girlfriend. I have left school and have entered the institute. My uncle was the engineer and has learnt me to draw drawings.
I do not know, that to you to write to you on this question still. I send you a photo of my parents. They on the right... At the left mine the aunt and the uncle. On the right edges there is my died cousin on uncle's a line. She has departed with my parents on the north. By then she already worked there and again came back back.
Here such there was my life....
Letter 14
Hi Chris
My aunt feels better and I am ready to departure. Everything is all right. She has simply overtired and the head was ill. But now everything is all right. I am glad, that you render care to my aunt and are interested in her health. :)
I am glad, that you have found the buyer. Now you not will so get tired these negotiations! :) Today I go to Moscow! I come nearer on a step to you! It is very great!!! I look forward our meeting! I will arrive to Moscow and I will necessarily take a walk across the Kremlin, I will glance on a visit to the president... HA-HA a joke! Nobody will start up me to the president!
I always thought of the big cities badly. I think, that people in such cities selfish and irritable... Olga made a business trip once. She spoke about it to me. She said, that a city big, there are many places which can be visited. Theatres, museums, the Kremlin... All it is very beautiful and fascinating.
Today I leave by train to Moscow. I will arrive there tomorrow morning. I will go at once to the girlfriend. I said to you, that I have classmates who have left to work to Moscow. I have talked about it to one girlfriend and she has not given up to me. She has told, that will be glad to meet me because I come to the target. I have promised, that I will tell to her about you. She has hinted about your friends. Whether your friends are lonely?? :) This girl very bright! She not married, but always tries to find the man better than previous. It is amusing enough...
All the day long I collected things. Now I go home. I will say goodbye to the aunt and girlfriends... Then I go on station!!! About, my God, as I wait for our meeting!!! I cannot put thought into words!!!
I will go. We will meet!
Letter 15
Hi Chris
Today I have arrived to Moscow!!! I have arrived to capital of Russia! It is very big and ***** city... I was disappointed in this city. Our city is much purer... And people in our city seem more joyful... I have stopped at my classmate. At a meeting of graduates she has agreed to place me in its apartment. I already have had time to descend in the Istorichesky museum on the Red Area. I have seen many various things of all times of the Russian history... It is very surprising. Very big attention is given to 2 world war. It is a lot of weapon and photos... The guide spoke about times of civil war and compared 2 world wars with events. The story of the guide was very interesting. I am glad, that have visited this museum.
After that I with the girlfriend have gone home... Have welded a supper and I have gone to the Internet of cafe which she has already shown where there is it...
Here now I write to you and I do not know, that to you to add... I do not imagine, that I will tell to you at a meeting... I should prepare speech!!! HA-HA.
I look forward our meeting and I think of you each free minute... I dream of a trip on your motorcycle... I already feel approach unfamiliar, but an attracting wind which will **** my hair...
I wait for our meeting very much... I think only about it....
Letter 16
Excuse, Chris. But Russia not Ukraine... Here there are other laws...
I cannot receive money for the ticket because tourist agency protects the law... There are terms on which I can take off in other day preliminary having paid a little more funds... Our government has published the new law last year and at once after that have appeared set of tourist agencies which wish to earn money... I do not know what to make to me now... I do not know, whether can attorney make yours something, because Russia it not Ukraine... In Ukraine there are vague affairs in the politician... I do not think, that someone will be got involved in a policy of Russia, when In Ukraine a bad order in the power...
I do not see other exit while... And nevertheless, my holiday proceeds...
Today I went and found out much about it... Nevertheless I can not find other way out of this position... Try you...
Letter 17
I never was in Ukraine... Yesterday, I could not write you the letter because the cafe Internet made repair work in a line the Internet...
Today I send you my passport. I hope, that you will be convinced, that I real...
When you wish to arrive?? I do not know, when I can take holiday....
Letter 18
Hi Chris
I will not go to Ukraine! You know, that Ukraine and Russia have bad relations. I will not go to the country which tries to deceive the big neighbour. There there are many TOURIST countries where the visa is not required. It is necessary to pay only a few funds at entrance to the country. Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates, Hawaii, islands on Caribbean sea... It is a lot of these countries... Unless you did not hear about them???
I will not go to Ukraine never! If you wish to arrive there and to see me there it will turn out nothing. You will arrive there, and I was not present. You did not know what Ukrainians make with visitors? You never deceived? I will not arrive there. We should find other place of a meeting. I have already got confused in thoughts and I do not know that I want... I wish to meet, but I do not wish to meet in Ukraine...
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