Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia Avdeeva to Gary (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Swazzie!!!
Thank you for your interest in me I will be vary happy to know you better!!!
You know my name is Jenya. I am 21. I am very sexy passionate kind honest girl!
I want to find love! i think it is very important to have person whom you can rely on. I saw your profile and suddenly i realized that you maybe you are that person whom i was waiting the whole life! I can love , belive me , i hope that i can prove it to you.
My dream is to have big family with funny kids.
Dear, do you dream about the same things?
They are simple , but the most important in our life.
I want to have strong shoulder near me and the man whom i will take care the whole life.
i will be waiting for you...
if you interesting in me,write me back on this address :

Letter 2

Hello dear,
It is so nice that you mailed me back!It is great, because it gives me feeling that you are interesting in me, it is great because i am very interesting in you and i like to talk more and more.I think that it is time to introduce myself.I like to talk about myself ,because i can tell you a lot of interesting about me. Well i don't know how to start!If two tell in some words, i am kind , purposeful girl with great sense of humor! I can relax, but i can work hard!!
As for my appearance,i can't tell you that i have 90-60-90, but not so far away!My height is 170 cm, and my weight is 53 kg.
I think that i am slender girl. I am glad that you paid attention to me.
Dear , if to speak truth i have some experience in communication with man, but my last experience was really bad!He was not honest with me and then he betrayed me. It was hard to survive this situation ,but i am strong girl and now my heart is open for new emotions and love. I am looking for love , real and pure!!!!
Of course like many people on this earth i like music!!
I fond of it,i like to dance very much!! I like music, but especially soft calm music!I fond of sport. I think that it is very important for each person.
I attend fitness two times a week!Every morning i do exercises, it gives me energy!
So i think that i gave you some information about me, now is your turn!!
Waiting for your letter,kissssssss..

Letter 3

Hello dear Swazzie,
What you wrote in letter made me attracted to you as you are an intelligent and very interesting person. We can write many beautiful letters to each other but if we want to know one another really closer we better meet in person, of course if we decide that we are very interested in each other and really wish to meet in person. I should say that you impressed me being so brave to start your search in other part of the world and willing to come for your love if it is in other country. From your words I can get a sense of what you meant, the way you are in your heart and soul.
My full name Jenya Avdeeva.
I live in Ukraine,city Lugansk,i live with my family.
I was born on Jne,28 i am 21 years old.
The next thing,maybe a little about my appearance: I'm 170cm ,and 53 kg., brown hair and blue eyes!!!!!!
About my family: I have my beloved mother and father . I have younger syster.Shi is 13.
I love her very much :)
I am really close to my family, because this is all I've got now.The relationship between members of my family is really friendly and loving. I try to spend my free time with my mom and pope, there are really warm and loving feelings and relationship for each other in my family.
I study in Lugansk National University. I study international economy!
I am good student :)
I like music,may be except rap and heavy metal..some of my favorite groups are:Aha,Roxette, Depeche Mode,some works of Moby,may be Sting and few others.
I adore reading books. Specially about people's behavior.
One of my friends has found her soul mate through the net and soon she is going to marry to her boyfriend from another part of the world. So I decided to give it a try too. I am very glad that it helped me to meet you, maybe we can find a lot of things in common and maybe, who knows, that happiness and joy for whole life we will enjoy together. Of course first of all we have to become good friends, and develop our friendship into deeper and stronger feeling (if we are fit together). I think that best friends will understand each other and support each other on hard days of their life. It is really important for both partners to be best friend in their relationship. Don't you think so? I do respect the honesty and open communication in the relationship. Mutual respect and understanding are really important in happy relationship. The most important for me in my partner is his kind and caring heart for me, his tender ! attention to me, his generous and giving personality, I dislike greedy or avid people, because myself I am not stingy or greedy at all. Other things are not really important for me, I am interested only what's inside his heart and soul.So let's try to be happy, maybe we are both that persons, which should be together forever and were meant to be together by the destiny. Jenya.

Letter 4

Hi my dear Swazzie,
I really glad to get a letter from you and I like it very much.
It gives me hope and strength. It is very unusual for me to get know with someone using Internet. I've heard about it a lot of times but was afraid to try by myself. You are the first person who I write but your letter makes me feel that you have the same aims as me and you can realize my dreams about family and happy life.
I have never believed in relations between people through net but your letter made me feel that in this big world are a lot of people who just cant find their half in their own country and maybe they are right. I believe in Destiny and and that people meet each other because of it. And I think that if we meet with you, its a destiny. what is your point of view?
When you meet somebody you like, everything changes and you feel like you are flying. You want to wake up in the morning and start new day with smile, because you know that there is someone in the world who like you. Its very pleasant to receive some presents not because you have a birthday but just because you are. And to see how your half always thinks of you and tell you that you are the most beautiful and loved woman in the world. I want to know what kind of future you draw in your mind? what do you expect from woman next to you? what do you like to do and don't? What does love mean to you?
I hope to have a letter from you soon. I'm happy that you are in my life.

Letter 5

Hello my dearest Swazzie!!!!
Thank you for your letter. I am pleased to know that you want to help me. I didn't want to hide anything and i really need your financial help to continue our communication. I don't want to lose connection! Frankly speaking each time when i receive your letter, my heart is beating very fast! I like you very much and your letter are full of energy and good positive emotions! I like you , that's why i asked you about help, because i can't pay any more for our correspondence. My dear i will write you today all information and you will decide how you can help me and how much money to send, because it depends on you!! I really hope that we will continue!! I will come to the firm every day to find your letter. Please don't go away, please stay with me.
You know i use the service of the translator firm.
They provide different kinds of service.
If you want to help me with the payment for the correspondence, we can use the service per each letter. One letter costs $5.
They also provide unlimited service of the correspondence :
One month unlimited correspondence costs -$200
Two month unlimited correspondence costs -$350
It means that we can write unlimited number of the letters every day, 10 or even 100 letters.
But at the same time , i understand that unlimited correspondence can be expensive for us, but i think that we can use the service per each letter for the first time in order to see how our relations will develop!! I think that it is good idea. For example, if you send me $50 for the first time, it will equal 5 translated letter from you , and 5 translated letter from me.
My dear , you can send money on my name. I will receive them and pay for our correspondence.
My full name is Jenya Avdeeva.
Country :Ukraine
bank Aval.
My address: Vatytina block 24/40.
You can send the money by the system "Western Union" or "Moneygram".
Frankly speaking i have great desire to continue , because i feel that you are very interesting person and we can build long strong relations.
With love and care!
Your Jenya



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