Scam letter(s) from Olga to Gary (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Swazzie! My name is Olga. I am 22 and I live in small town Novoivanovka in Ukraine. I was born here on the fifteenth of October. My height is 168 and weight is 48. I have black hair and brown eyes as you can see on my photos. I live alone now in my flat. I have only a dog. I am looking for my future husband now. I’d like to tell you about my interests. I am fond of listening to the music best of all. I like many types of it. My favourite is pop, rock and romantic music. I listen to it all my free time and during working too. I am working in hairdressing salon. I like my job very much. It’s so interesting for me to make someone’s hair and of course my own too! I also enjoy reading and watching movies very much. I like adventuring films most of all and I read romantic books. In general I am very romantic woman and I’d like my future husband to be romantic like me! I think I am creative person. I like drawing and singing very much. And my friends are fond of my pictures and they often ask me to sing our favourite songs. It’s very pleasant for me to know someone like what I do. I like to do something new in my flat and in my life in general. I like all new things, places, people and any events in life. I am fond of traveling very much but unfortunately I have never been in other countries besides mine. But I hope I’ll be able to see the whole world with my future husband. And I hope it will be soon. I like black and red colors most of all. They are full of passionate like me. Now I’d like to tell a bit about my character. I am kind and tender but my heart is full of passionate as I wrote before. I am ready to love and want to be loved. I can do everything my best for my beloved man. My dream is to live with my only man and our children in a cosy house. I am eager to create my family and I just want to be happy! I think when two people are together they should understand each other and support in all happiness and troubles. I want my elect to be kind and tender, to understand and support me, to do all he can for our family, to be honest with me and don’t look for someone else. I like to spend my free time with my best friends and family. I don’t live with them last years so I miss them and we meet not very often. But we live not very far from each other and almost every weekend I go to see them or they come to my house. I am always very happy to see them. I didn’t tell about my family yet! There are four of us. My parents, my brother and me. My parents are workers. Father is journalist and mother is bookkeeper. So our family is not rich. My brother is four years older than me. He is a sportsman, he goes in for basketball. He is very fond of different competitions. I love my family so much! So that’s all for today’s letter! If you have any questions to me of course I’ll be glad to answer all of them! Tell me about your life, your family and your interests and hobbies. It will be interesting for me! I am waiting for your reply impatiently! Olga.
Letter 2
Hello, dear Swazzie! I was very glad to get your reply! It was very interesting to know something about you! I see you are very nice person and I hope we will continue our correspondence. I think you like me too. I hope we will communicate more and more with you! I like you very much and I want to know as much as possible about you! If you wrote me but not any other girl I'd like to tell you more about me. As you know I like to meet with my friends and go for a walk with them and to go to see them or them to go to see me. I like to go to the cinema with my friends or just walking along the street. I enjoy dancing and I go to discos but very seldom. I prefer more quiet places like home or small cafes. I like to watch movies at home. Sometimes it's much better than in the cinema I think. I am fond of reading very much as you know. My favourite book is "Master and Margarite" written by Bulgakov. Maybe you don't know him as he is Russian writer. But I can say I like him very much! He writes about love and real life. I am very interested in his creativity. He was very clever man in my opinion. I'd like to know if you like to read and what books. I like flowers very much too. And I'd like to have my own garden in future. There is a nice garden in my parent's house but as you know I don't live with them now. So I can't be there often unfortunately. I also like cooking. I prefer to cook different sweets like cakes. And dishes with vegetables too. I like to cook for my close people. They like my dishes very much! I'd like to cook for my future family, husband and children. Maybe you will try my dishes one day and you will like them too. I want you to be honest with me as I am really very serious in our relations. I want to be happy. I imagine my future life full of joy, smiles, love, real feelings, and I will have big friendly family. I want to have good relations with my beloved man, full of understanding and supporting, full of honest and care about each other. Hope you agree with my thoughts and plans. I'd like you to describe your wishes according to your future life. But I think we have the same dreams and maybe we will be happy together. Who knows, maybe we've already found our second halves and some day we will meet and live together to the end of our lives. I just want not to be deceived in my life! I know many sad stories when people told lies to each other. I don't want to have such kind of relations. Hope you too. And I want you to understand me! I understand and support you! You are very clever man and your future wife will be very happy woman I think. I want you to tell me more about your life as I am really interested in your person. I am waiting for your next letter! Unfortunately I have no my own computer so I can't write you more often. But I'll try to find time for you every day! Bye, my darling! With all my best wishes to you! Olga.
Letter 3
Hello, Swazzie! I was so impressed by your letter! It was very nice! And thanks a lot for your photos! I really enjoy them! You are so attractive man! I see you write me with all your heart and all your best feelings to me! It's pleasant for me to know someone think about me and write me every day! I like you more and more and I want to read your letters, to know what you think and what you need. I want to know what's inside you! It's very important for me to feel your good attitude to me! I understand we are alike with you! We have the same feelings and dreams, wishes and plans for future life. Don't you think so? Hope you agree with my mind. I know you only some days and I understand it's too early to write long letters about real love and feelings. We should to know each other better first. Don't you think so? I am eager to know all about you as I see you are very good man. Maybe we were made for loving each other? What do you think about it? It's the most important thing in our life to find a person who was made special for you to my mind! What is the most important in your life I wonder? But if you don't want to talk about it of course you can! I'll understand you! I want to tell you I was deceived once in my life. I was with one man for some years. We were going to get married with him. I was sure in our feelings and I was really in love with him. But in some time I understood he was not honest with me and he never wanted me to be his wife! I was so upset after knowing about it! I was in depression and I couldn't believe any man in the world for a long time! But then I knew a story of my friend. She found her husband in internet. He is from France and they have rather big age difference. But she is so happy now! She is living with him and they love each other so much! They wrote many letters to each other till they were sure in each other and their feelings. Then he invited her to visit him and they understood they couldn't live without each other. They wanted to be together forever. And then I understood it's really the best way to find real love! If I can't find my happiness here I must try to find it in other countries! It seems I was not mistaken in my choice! I am ready to leave my country and to go anywhere with my beloved man! I will be happy to live in any city and country but only with my love! Maybe I've already found it and you are my destiny? What do you think? Hope you are really the best man for me! I want to know everything about you! It seems I tell you all about me! I write every my letter to you with all my soul and I hope you too! I want to be sure in you! I want to be near you! Hope we will meet some day but it's too early to talk about it. I want us to fall in love with each other first and only then we will meet and maybe stay together forever! I want to know all your thoughts according to everything I write you! It's really very important for me! So I'll finish my letter. I am waiting for yours! Hope to get it in nearest time! I miss you and think about you more and more often! Darling, New Year will be very soon, we will celebrate it tomorrow! You know I like this holiday very much! It's so beautiful everywhere! I will spend it at home with my close people. And what about you? Hope you will celebrate it jolly! You know, unfortunately internet cafe will be closed till the second of January. It's a pity I'll not be able to write you for some days. But I'll write you as soon as I can! Miss you very much! Bye, my honey! Olga.
Letter 4

Hello, my sweet Swazzie! You know, I am in a very good mood now as I've just read your tender letter to me! Thank you very much, dear! And of course I like your new photos very much! You are so handsome man, honey! I like you more and more! With every your letter I understand we should be together! I think we must know each other better first and be sure in our feelings and our future. I don't want to be deceived once more in my life! I told you about one man who was not honest with me and I don't want to be mistaken once more in my life! I think I really deserve to be happy! I was disappointed in some people and I want to meet only really good, kind and clever people now. I am ready now for new happy life full of smiles, good mood, laughing, true, justice and real love. Only real feelings and nice emotions are the most important for me in my life! I can be with someone only if he has a good attitude to me. And of course I will be honest and open with him too! I want to know what's in your mind. You know, I always think about you! Every day I can't wait the moment when my working day finishes and I'll be able to go to internet cafe. Because there I can read your tender letter to me and write my answer with so many gentle words for you! I imagine how you will read them with a beautiful smile on your face and it makes me smile too! I am always in so good mood when I am sitting in internet cafe! And I am a bit sad during the (working) day. As I think about you and understand how far from you I am! I want to be near you, to hear your tender voice, to have a chance to hug you and kiss in your nice cheek. I understand it's too early to write long letters about love. I know you lately but you are already so dear for me! It seems we were met many years ago but now we are so far from each other! Hope we meet some day and then we will always be together! And nothing will separate us any more! Just imagine what a nice day it would be! We will be the happiest people in the whole world! Only two of us and nobody bother our happiness! Do you want it to be in reality? Hope yes. As I'll be very glad if all I write you and all my dreams come true one day! I miss you and I am waiting for your next letter impatiently! Bye for now, dear! Hope to hear from you soon! Thinking of you. Olga.
Letter 5
Hello, my darling Swazzie! I missed you very much! How are you? I am happy to read your letter again! You are so nice man! It seems I've already found the man who can understand me in everything! I am so glad you wrote me one day! I've already understood you are very clever man and I hope we will continue our communication! I want to develop our relations and make them stronger and warmer with every letter! Hope you too! Last evening I went to the theatre with my friend Lena. It's a pity our town is very small and we have only one little theatre. But I like it very much! Last time I began to think more about my future life. I am eager to create my own family with my beloved husband and I want to have children very much too! What about you? I am so tired to live alone! Sometimes I think nobody can support me! Of course I have my relatives and friends and I love all of them! But my life is not very happy without my only man! I am eager to find him and live with him! And just be happy as soon as possible! I am waiting for this day with impatience! I am ready to fall in love now! And maybe you even know with whom! :) But I want to know you better and be sure you are the man I was looking for during all my life! So I'd like to know all about you, your life, your feelings. It seems I know very little! Tell me more about what's in your heart and soul. I think it's the most important in relations between two people who are going to live together to the end of their life. I try to tell you everything what is in my mind and in my heart, all my feelings and emotions! If you want to know more about me you can just ask and I promise to answer you honestly! I think about you very often and I hope you remember about me too! I know you lately but you are already so dear for me! I think we will be happy together with you! I see we can understand each other perfectly! And it's very good! When we meet it will be very easy to communicate! I wish to know about you more and more! I hope you are always with me in your thoughts and in your heart! Cause I'd like you to know I am always with you! I often dream about us. I want to be near you and to have a chance to see you and touch, to talk with you and hug you, and kiss you in your nice cheek! Oh, it would be wonderful! Don't you think so? Now I must say you good bye, my dear! But I will be waiting for your next letter with thrilling! Hope it will be as tender as all your last letters! I want you to know I miss you very much and always think about you! Hope you will write me tomorrow and I will be able to answer you at once! With kiss to you, honey! Olga.
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