Scam Letter(s) from Andrea Chiranus to Pedro (France)

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Letter 1

hello dear pedro..i'm in the internet caffe now,and thanks for the email,i'm very happy that you wrote me..first of all..i would be very excited to visit paris...i have never been there,only in my would be great to meet also like you,i can take my days off when i want,is no problem...and now i ask you...can we meet this week??i'm very excited and i want to meet you,,,to spend a great time together..but..there is a little problem..i can't afford to buy a plane can u make a plane ticket or if u want u can send me the money and i 'll buy the ticket faster...please don't say no,because i want to meet you my phone number is 0040753140849..i also like to hear your voice..have to go now....i kiss u very very sweeet.........


Letter 2

Your choice so far:
From Bucharest (Otopeni International Airport) to Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport)
Departure/Arrival 14:30 Fri 18 Jan 2008 19:05 Fri 18 Jan 2008
Via Amsterdam (Schiphol)

From Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport) to Bucharest (Otopeni International Airport)
Departure/Arrival 17:30 Mon 21 Jan 2008 00:10 Tue 22 Jan 2008
Via Amsterdam (Schiphol)

Recalculate Price
Price ticket(s) including
tax(es) and surcharges
488 EUR

Price ticket(s) including
tax(es),surcharges and reservation fee
498 EUR
Price based on: 1x adult(s)

Your choice so far: Departure Miles earned Changes possible? Cancellations possible? Upgrade with miles

Take Off
(Flexible) 100% Changes permitted at EUR 50.
Return Miles earned Changes possible? Cancellations possible? Upgrade with miles

Take Off
(Flexible) 100% Changes permitted at EUR 50.

hello my dear pedro..i went to see the flight details and the people from the travel agency the gave me this copy of the plane ticket...first of all,i'm very happy that finaly we are gonna meet..i'm very hapy..but listen to me,friday is the departure but if i want to leave than i have to pay the ticket first so they can make the reservation,if not.i can't my darling..please send me the money today,to make the reservation!!i really want to see beside the plane ticket,i have to be in bucharest very earlier so i want to spent the night to an hotel,everything to be perfect..and that's why i need another money for the accomodation and train i think650 euros are fine(the ticket and the hotel room and the galati-bucharest train) my darling...please call me if you have problems in sending me the money....have to go now....lots of kisses all over,your girl andreea



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