Scam letter(s) from Valentina Sidorova to Gary (USA)

Letter 1
Ciao+Privet+Hi=Nice to hear from you,
My dear! How I can find the right words to pick up your attention? I don't think that only beauty is important for men, of course it is very good when the lady is beautiful but more important in my opinion her attitude towards her man and husband. I firmly believe that I'm able to make such conditions to my husband when all he would think about is his coming back home to me... I love my home and always make it cozy and pleasant keep it in order but what is more important I am able to be a good listener, friend and lover (I'm not afraid to state that as I know what I am talking about). If your goal is to find the right woman for own family I know you wouldn't have any regrets paying your attention to me. If I touched you I'd be happy to know that you are going on to read about myself. I write you more about myself, as you know my name is Anna, I am 27 y.o. my measurements are 100-62-89 cm I am 165 cm high. My birthday is on the 19th of January 1980. I was born in Gorskoe in Donbass region in Ukrainian a family of a miner (my father Vyacheslav) he died 2 years ago and my mom was a cook in a children garden she died 1,5 year ago. I was born when they almost lost their hope to have a baby and were a little bit old for having a baby but I was very lucky being brought up in my family as they loved me very much and spoiled me a little bit. I was suffering a lot when my father died in the mine and my mom was very ill and couldn't walk she stayed in bed I was looking after her but one night we had no electricity during the night they switched on and it was an inflammation of wires in our house and as Gorskoe is a small town neighbors helped only me: they took me out of the house full of fire where stayed my mom and all we had I have lost all my family and other things in that fire... But it was 1,5 year ago now I live in the same town and have my work as I have graduated from the University of Donetsk and my speciality is an economist. I couldn't find a good work by my speciality but I have found a work as an accountant in the library as you can't get books free of charge so i am dealing with all paper work and figures who and how much paid for using our library service. I like my job it is quite calm and i have a bonus to take books at home and to read them and bring back free of charge. I can't tell you that i am rich girl but I am earning my living, unfortunately I don't speak English and I do hope that this is not a reason to stop to write each other as in my plans I am going to study it. So well you know quite enough about me and now I would like to tell you what I am doing here in the Internet. I live in a small town almost all our young men went to Russia or abroad to earn money so all my neighbors are women so you can realize that I have nobody near me to meet as my future husband as i have no relatives here any more I don't care if I will live in my native town or go abroad, there is nothing to keep me here and all I dream about is to meet a nice, smart, caring man who likes simple things in this life and who is so lonely as I am. I am very affectionate person I am well hearted and my friends say that I am very good friend, future wife and future mother because I can do a lot of things and I am living on my own. Well honey I don't want to keep you sleeping while you reach the end of my letter so I will put three points and will wait for your soon reply. Feel free to ask me any questions and wait for some of mine the next time. Please don't forget to add to your letter some pictures I would be happy to have them for myself, ok? Looking forwards to get your soon reply.
Sincerely yours,
Letter 2
Hello my dear Swazzie, I am so glad and happy to get your letter as I was awaiting for it so much! I would like to start my this letter with my favorite phrase: "Dreams are coming to be a reality if you really want it to be". Do you agree honey? I am dreaming a lot of meeting a good man who can become my husband in a while. And I do hope it can be my dear. I am not very ambitious girl and all I am searching for is a nice man with a sense of humor, who is not lazy and who is interested to have nice happy family life but to stay active as I adore all kind of activities. And I am sure my dreams have to become a reality which I would like to live in. Maybe we will dream on together and so we will have double power upon our dreams and they will be realized faster, what do you think? I am sure you will tell me this, right? It is so good that you are not scared that i can't speak English I am sure we will sort it out and maybe you will wish to study Russian who knows. But I consider that we have to be honest with each other from the beginning so I am informing you that I am using Translation firm who helps me with computer as I am not good at it and translations as well. Yes, I am paying for their service but I am not going to ask you to help me even if it is hard to do myself. I consider that man always offers his help to a lady he care about and no one lady will beg for anything, right? And now it is time to tell you how I lived for last 1 year and half I suppose you are very interested to know this, right? I am working only 6 months at my new work and the last year I was in Kiev because I have had a relation with a man who seemed serious but only at the beginning he asked me to make some pictures and he paid them and then he asked me if I would like to go abroad with him I became worried why to go abroad and moreover to live there? And once I awoke during the night and went to the kitchen and found that man sleeping on some papers I looked in it and was terrified as they were contracts by which he was going to sell me like a thing!!!!! All I have got from these "relations" good quality of pictures as the next day I took my things and pictures and I had enough money to be back home and while he was on some meeting even maybe about signing that contract as for me i was coming back home. So now i am not so easy to believe in man I am sorry. If you would like to know more just ask me I will answer you but I prefer to stop here. So, after I have such experience i hate all kind of games and plays and now I am dreaming to meet a sincere man who hate lie and who is serious in his decision to find his wife. My ideal one is in this way he smiles very often like to laugh, go in for sport (I like gym very much and will make him a company), can work and take care of his wife and family, doesn't mind if I work while we have no kids as then I am going to dedicate my life to bringing up our kids, can do some work around house (all what man can do I am sure you know what I mean) and as a person he has to be responsible and kind, tender and strong and to be gentleman and MAN in this life for his woman. I am ready to dedicate myself to family life and to take care of our house, to cook our food and to keep all in order and clean. But I would expect my man to take care of me as well so I can visit salon of beauty to be good looking for him, I am not very fond of cloths but when it is necessary I prefer to have it, and hope we can go outside at least once a week. I am kind of person who loves to make good pleasant surprises and to make your mood high, and what about you? I have some questions to you and they are important for me please answer them all ok? * Are you that man I am talking about?
* Are you able to take care of your woman and wife, your family?
* How do you see a good family for you?
* How do you feel to have an active life together?
* Do you like my personality? So I am finishing my letter to you and anxiously waiting for your soon letter with answers my questions as I don't want to make mistake in my life and want to have a serious relations with you. Yours
Letter 3
Hello my dearest Swazzie, You have made my day with sending me your letter and you can't imagine how happy I am and how fast my heart is beating now! All is because of you dear! Thank you very much for answering my last letter I am so pleased of it! You understand me so well dear i couldn't expect this really... You know I like you writing style I feel that we have a lot of common and maybe we will have a good chance to build our relations up to such level when we will get married, how do you feel about it? I feel that i would like to tell you that i am attentive, caring, romantic person but I know reality of life and can take care of myself. For me first come the family I was brought up in this way and then my belief in God (I am Christian and visit church each Sunday and big church holidays). The family is one thing that I am going to stand for and I am seeing my husband to be my protector and provider and to think about family and then about his work and the other things. I firmly believe that happy family life gives to men and women force to fight any troubles and love is saving such couples and help to over live even tough times, do you agree with me honey? For the moment I have no possibility to enjoy happy family life all my days are alike and empty without my relative and my man but if the first case i can't change I am sure that in this kind big world there is a good man like you for me and we will make our own family. I can tell you what my days look like now, I am waking up and go to heat the water because I have no hot water and take a shower then I am preparing to go to work, the library opens at 9 am and by that time I am already at my working place, then we have a break between 1 pm and 2 pm and we work until 7 pm. I am coming back home and prepare something to eat and sometimes I watch TV sometimes i read book if I have few work around house. Usually I met my few friends on week-ends. And how is your ordinary day goes? Tell me more about it? How do you like to spend your week-ends? What will be changed if we are together? I am finishing my letter and waiting for your soon dear reply with my open heart! Thinking of you! Missing you!
Letter 4

Hello my darling Swazzi, Wow, thank you for your wonderful letter and you are surprising me with each your letter I love to get them and i love to answer you and I feel you so close to me and I hope that you are really serious to me. I have to confess that I like you and I do hope that one day we will be together. Tell me please if you feel the same with me and you also would like to be with me? Thank you so much for sending me so wonderful pictures i also like dogs but prefer cats and i do like the way you dress yourself!!! There are many men here in Ukraine who are interested in having *** and that's all. I am not that kind of woman who needs it badly, I prefer to make love with my one and only one, my dear man whom i take care and who cares of me, because there is nothing more beautiful than clean and sincere relations when you feel love towards your man and when you know he feels the same to you! Do you agree with me? Are you the same? There are a lot of couples here who stay together only for bring up their children, they cheat each other and it is not possible to call their relations even warm ones. I don't want such story in my life, I am dreaming about getting married once and to live with my one man the whole my life and i hope you also don't like cheating and you can't accept it in your life. I consider when you really care of your second half you think always about his/her feelings and never want to hurt them, is it the same for you? Hope our children will be alike with you and we will bring them up in love and harmony! You know maybe I will surprise you right now but I like football and I would be happy if we can go to watch matches together, I like bikes and hope to ride on it one day. I like mountains and dream one day to go there. As for my life I have never smoked and not going to do that i don't like alcohol I can drink a little bit of light wine on holiday or meeting friends by occasion but I don't think it is good to drink every day. And what is your opinion as for subject? I hate drugs as they take away many of lives of people and especially young people. I like gardening and animals and dream to have a cat as I have no animals at all right now. I love nature and going out of town and to make BBQ it is so nice. My friends consider me as communicative, friendly, helpful when it needs, joyful and attractive but they are women so I don't believe them too much;))) As we have nice and good relations honey I also would like to discuss the following theme with you... You know that I am using translation firm and that I am paying for their service I would like to suggest you to take care of your letters as it is a little bit difficult for me and in this way we both will know that each one pays for himself/herself and it is fair, I am not insisting but if I will go on in this way I will not manage to hold for a long so please consider this option and tell me in your next letter ok? I really miss you my darling, so I hope to hear from you soon.
Love and kisses from yours Anna
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