Scam Letter(s) from Zoya Dashkova to Michael (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello David,

I am glad that you are interested in me. And thank you for your nice letter.

I'm really surprised with your eagerness for communication and though we speak different languages I am sure we could have understand each other without words. You know, my English is bad. I learnt it at school but remember only few words. That is why I use the translation company to help me with translating my letters to you and searching for my half. But nevertheless, I would like to communicate with you, because you seem to me the one, somebody very special in your thoughts.

As you know my name is Julia. I am thin, romantic, sensual girl with light brown hair and big green eyes. I was born 9 of December, 1981 and live on the east of Ukraine - the city is called Slavyanoserbsk. A few years ago I have finished the Teaching Training College. By profession I am a children's fitness trainer. Two years ago I have met a man with whom I thought I would live all my life. We lived together all this time. But we wasn't get married. But now I am along and we don't live together. It doesn't matter why it happened so. Maybe i will tell you later if you want it to know. Now I rent a single-room flat and live there alone. It is not cheap for me but I need to live somewhere. I have found a work by my speciality. I teach children now. And I am happy because love them very much. I think that everybody need go in for any sport: beginning for example from dances to...

What's about my family I have parents, a sister. I love animals very much so I have a cat. And you? Do you like them? My sister named is Anna for me is my best friend. With my parents I have very good relationships but I can't stay with them in the same flat any more. I very get used to live alone. When I go to the disco or some cafe I do it with my sister and with my childhood friends. I like these evenings very much. Also I have a friend from University. She is a very good friend too. Her name is Anna as well. We talk a lot with one another and have lot of themes for our conversations always. But we meet each other not very often.
My the most important wish and desire is to find my love, what do you think do you have the same wish?

I will be waiting impatiently for your answer and hope to hear from you soon. I also have attached more photos of me to the letter, hope you like them. Could you send me some of your photos, I would be very happy to have some of them for me?

My best regards to you, Julia.

Letter 2

Hello my dear David,

I was very pleased to receive your reply as I was impatiently waiting for it. Your letters help me get a better understanding of you and your life.

When I'm at home I like watching TV but not a lot)), especially horror films, mystical ones and of course romantic comedies. I like reading books and magazines, I like cooking and experimenting with a food. What kind of dishes do you like? Also I like to go to the disco some in a while (once in 3-4 months) and dancing there, yes I like to dance very much when I am in a good mood I do dance at home. I want to study Arabian belly dance. Maybe I will dance for you some day.)) And what do you do in your free time? Tell me please about your hobbies.

I am looking for a man - my second half who isn't afraid to make serious steps in life. He would love me and be a little crazy to do something unusual and unbelievable in whole life. He is for me a loyal and affectionate friend, a passionate lover and a good father for our future children. Are you this man?

Oh, I forgot to write you that I am also romantic and passionate lady. In my future I see myself and my special one together spending romantic evenings full of good relaxing music, candle lights, probably a glass of wine, enjoying being together, holding hands, looking into our eyes, counting the stars in the sky, thinking about our future children...Are you romantic? What do you consider the most romantic did you are ready for your special lady?

It is a big pity you are so far from me. I would like to know more about you feel free to write me all you have in your heart and mind. I'm hear for you, you can be open with me. I'm waiting for your letters with a tender thrilling of my heart.

Truthfully yours, Julia.

Letter 3

Hello my darling David,

It was the wonderful letter you wrote. It touched my soul! You are very interesting man and I am very glad that I have met you.
I want you to know that appearance of a man doesn't play a big role, hew has to have big opened loving heart, never beat his woman only because he wants to do this, by the way many men here do my dream man hasn't to do this.

I want to write you my thoughts about everything I am surrounded and I can't take it easy. I don't know how it is in your country but here are many pairs who break up. They stay together without registration their relation and then...barely break up . The same story with married pairs. Often there are pairs with children. And it is very very bad. It makes me sad. A men and a women don't understand one another. I can't catch why? Maybe some people have lost or have never had family values. I treat the marriage very seriously. It is a very important step in a life of everybody.

As for me I want not only get married I also want to have a wedding ceremony in the church. And what do you think about it? I think it is very romantic. I wasn't married with my ex and I am very glad about it now. Because I want to do it once and for ever. And thanks God - I have no a child with him. I want to have my children with my beloved and loving man. How many? Well, maybe 2 or 3.

Of course it is hard to build some relations on the distance. But I am sure it is not a barrier between two loving hearts. I am ready to travel across any sea to find true love. I need to belong to one man in order to roll in the deep sea of love I am loving and caring. Somebody said, that an ideal woman should be liked "a chef in the kitchen, a lady in the society, and hot in bed". I agree with that on 100%. I am trying to be that kind of Ideal woman: my glamor and femininity should reflect around my home, in the street, in the society.

Tell me please are you reliable, serious and attentive man?I ask you about it because I want to have the strong and robust family and hope that you want the same. I am afraid to make the same mistake twice. So I want to be more confident in you.

Waiting impatiently for your letters counting each hour until I get it.

Your "lily of passion".



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