Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Galbravesi to Marc (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi my lovely Marc.
I am very glad that you have answered me.
I hope that our correspondence will proceed further.
For me for the first time therefore I at all do not know what to write it.
My name Nastya. I was born on March, 20, 1978. On a sign on a horoscope I am fishes.
I had earlier unsuccessful experiences of dialogue with men. Our men have gone any all cold.
*** is necessary for them only. I have no anything against ***! But I think, that without love *** it is very primitive.
And I would like to live with the man which loved me for my private world, for my soul.
And not just for my appearance.
Therefore I have decided to search for the man from other country.
And you had earlier experiences of dialogue through the Internet? There can be you communicated with someone from Russia?
I live in the city of Volzhsk. It not the big city on coast of the river Volga. I was born and have lived in it all life.
I was one in family. Mine the daddy now lives in 200 kms from me. My mum has died at sorts.
The daddy frequently told to me about it. I want to ask you to not speak any more about my mum.
As it touches me, and I have tears.
I do not have native brothers and sisters. I have relatives, but they
Live also very far from my city. I almost do not meet them.
I think to us it is necessary to change a theme.
I work in a beauty salon. I since the childhood loved this business.
I studied on a faculty of law, but unfortunately could not be arranged on a speciality.
The matter is that at us in Russia it is a lot of economists and lawyers.
Therefore it is very difficult to be arranged on these specialities.
You can have questions. Therefore ask me, that you interests.
And still I want to tell that I write to you in nonnative language for myself, therefore I can sometimes suppose mistakes.
In the future I think it would be quite good if we could speak by phone.
I have no house of the computer.
As it also was not necessary for me. And consequently I write to you from my girlfriend.
She works together with me, and she allows to use to me its computer. Her name is Mariya. She sends the regards to you.
She asked only about one that you did not send the big files as she has very slow Internet.
Because of it she will be compelled to pay many money for the Internet.
I hope that you will answer me.
With impatience I shall wait for your following letter.
Your girlfriend from Russia Nastya.
Letter 2
Hello Marc!
I am glad, that you have answered me again. Each letter is chance to learn you as it is possible better.
Thanks for your interest to me. It is pleasant for me.
You also seem to me the pleasant person! If you will send me still photos to me it is even more pleasant.
Some data on me which I have not written in the first letter.
To me of 28 years. My growth of 171 centimeter. My weight makes 54 kgs.
In this letter I want to tell to you about my work. As I
Has written in the first letter, I work in a beauty salon. My working day begins at 10.00 o'clock.
It allows me to have sometimes longer dream. But basically I rise earlier,
To have time to prepare itself for a breakfast and to execute exercises yoga. All this helps me to keep a charge of energy on all the day.
Then I go for work. My working day comes to an end at 20.00 o'clock. I very much love the work.
I think, that my work demands a creative deepening and wide imagination.
I like to change people and to do their beautiful. I try to do to people that they imagine,
Or that they want to see. I try to embody their imagination in the validity.
To you, whence I probably was interesting know foreign language?! The matter is that I have studied it in institute on additional rates.
To me spoke that at me the certain talent for studying foreign languages. But it seemed to me, that to me simply flatter.
I think that each person can achieve all that it wants. The main thing for this purpose to have strong desire.
I understood, that studying of foreign language will not be superfluous for me.
I am glad, that my training to foreign language has not passed for nothing.
If I also shall communicate further with you I think, that my mistakes in offers will disappear in due course.
What do you think of it?
I studied at the state university of city Yoshkar-Ola.
Tell to me about the work, about loved employment!
I shall wait from you for a prompt reply!!!
Your girlfriend Nastya.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Marc!
I have received your letter! How you feel? Whether all at you is good?
I hope that at you everything is all right. Because if at the friend all is good, also you also it becomes good!
I can tell about myself the following. I from those people which try to be in the center of events.
But thus to not involve in itself it is a lot of attention on the part of other people. I shall not tell that I very modest.
Sometimes in me the storm of emotions blows up! I like to dream of romanticism, about love. Whether you like to dream? Even it is a little?
I think, that people can express the feelings.
On it the mutual relation between the man and the woman is under construction.
Only with the help of feelings we understand we approach each other whether or not.
I not aggressive. If I am capable to assist, I try to help the friends.
And my friends too help me if have an opportunity.
I am glad that at me the new friend, that is you has appeared! Probably we the attitude become more serious?
I very much hope for it! One I can tell precisely.
My first impression about you very good! You have liked me. Whether I have liked you?
I think, that in attitudes between favourite people the most important is care, love and understanding each other.
Also the leaging role is played with trust.
If not will be trust there will be no love. What do you think of it?
Tell to me about the hobby!
I have no many hobby, but my favourite hobby is dances. I like to dance since the childhood!
I like to listen to music and to move under its rhythms.
Dances help me to contain my body in the good form. But I still also
I am engaged in run and I swim in pool.
My mood always becomes good when I dance. Dances help me to give will to the emotions.
Sometimes I with friends go to the days off in disco club.
And you like to dance?
I shall wait from you for the answer!
Yours Nastya!
Letter 4

Hello my friend from the distant country Marc!
You have written to me the letter and have made thus pleasantly!
It is interesting to me to correspond with you. With each new letter I understand, that you the pleasant person.
And not only in dialogue, but also on a kind! Whether you can tell more in detail about the parents or relatives?
I to you shall tell about the father.
I was brought up only by my father. I already wrote to you, that my mum has died, when gave birth to me.
I can see her only on a photo, where she together with the daddy still the in love students! My mum was very beautiful woman!
The daddy told to me, that as has seen my mum during the same moment has understood that is in love with her!
I have once tested such feeling with the boy at school. But you know, that love in youth
Evaporates very quickly. I had with this boy not love, and most likely love.
Anything such serious between us was not! And you sometime tested love at first sight?
I was a little cunning from a theme...
And so. At mine daddies were not love to my mum. He has fallen in love with her on the present.
And when they have finished institute have celebrated a wedding and lived together.
I the daddy, told to me, that to him it was very bad, when my mum has died. I understand it.
In fact there is nothing on light worse, than loss of the friends and relatives. When in one day you lose the friend,
With which you were together all life. I have learned, that I the daddy strongly abused alcohol when my mum did not begin.
But he was the strong person and has taken itself in hands. He spoke me, that I have remained with him one and he could not bring me.
He has given a word that will give me all that my childhood is necessary also will not be spoiled. I very much am proud of the the daddy!!!
I the daddy worked at a factory and had no many money. But he was very careful father!
Then at him the new woman has appeared. Her called Olga. She became me the stepmother.
I already have grown by then and have gone to institute. I shall not tell, that Olga was the bad woman and mother.
But we not always understood each other. In a result my father with the wife has left for other city.
They have remained to live there. And I have finished institute, was employed and has remained to live in Volzhsk.
I to you have told in detail about the family. About other relatives I cannot tell to you of anything.
They live far and we seldom see.
I shall wait from you the answer!
Yours Nastya!
Letter 5
Hi Marc!
Today bad weather. In such weather it is better to sit at home, to drink hot tea and to be engaged in any business.
But I have reached the girlfriend to learn that you to me have written! Our correspondence causes more and more in me interest.
I would like to learn about your city. In fact if our attitudes will proceed, most likely I shall leave to live to you.
Therefore it will be interesting to me to learn your city.
And I can tell to you about the city that to you it was not boring!
As you know my city refers to Volzhsk!
Ao?ia Volzhsk is located on a line Kazan - Ioshkar Ola.
Earlier this city was not big. It has appropriated a rank of city only in 1940.
And before it referred to Lopatino.
The population in my city also small. About 62000 person.
Volzhsk it is located on coast of the river Volga. Also it is railway station.
And still it seems has some factories.
My city is divided into some parts.
In the center, there are many shops, many working offices and shopping centers.
Near to the center there is a recreation park.
Well that's all that I can tell to you about the city. I hope to you it was interesting.
I shall wait for your letter.
Your girlfriend Nastya!
Letter 6
Greetings my friend Marc! You have again pleased me with the letter.
I very much hope for that that your health and your mood are good.
All is more interesting to read me your letters. In them there are sparks of sympathy and encouragement. I do not know why,
But your lines always positively affect my mood.
I want to tell to you thanks for words which always lift my mood.
It is interesting to me, how my letters influence your mood?
At me all is normal. The most part of my days is borrowed with work. And I all time reflect on the further life.
In fact I still do not have loved the man. I one. Similar ideas cause in me dreams. I present myself the future!
I present the man which I would love also which responded on my love reciprocity.
It loved me and such, what I accepted am. Was the satellite of my life. Are respectful to me and understanding.
If the similar person exists, and he can create fire of passion in my heart I shall completely be given him.
I do not search ideal for the man. I know that such people do not happen. Everyone has lacks.
For me it is necessary the man which simply could understand me. You know as it it happens?
You look in the face the favourite person and without words understand that he wants. You would like to be always near to him.
If you swear, then be sorry. On it all love is under construction.
I would like that any difficulty seem a trifle when I shall be together with it the man.
I once again speak, that I do not search for an ideal. People sometimes have lacks and the advantages.
Now my heart is free. My love is necessary for me. I understand, that I cannot be one.
Therefore I search the partner in life. In Russia I could not find such the man.
Therefore I have decided to try his to find in other countries.
I very much hope that was not boring to read you that that I have written to you.
Please tell to me the opinion. Write to me what type of the woman you you search?
I with impatience of your letter.
Yours Nastya!
Letter 7
Hi my friend Marc!
I hope that my letters bring to you the same pleasure as well as yours to me!
It is pleasant to me as you you write letters and as the man you to me become more and more nice!
Today I have received the letter from the the daddy! For me it is the big pleasure!
In a result I have received two pleasant news! One from you, another from mine the daddy.
Mine the daddy is interested as at me an affair, whether well I feel.
He speaks, that misses me and waits to itself on a visit.
But I think, that I not yet soon can arrive to it. As at me an affair on work and I very much borrowed.
Sometimes I call to him, but I should go in this case in item of telecommunication,
That is telegraph.
In fact I have no own phone. Sometimes I am surprised to this.
In fact presently many have phone.
And I always as that I am allocated among other people. And my friends speak me about it.
However phone is not so necessary for me.
I always can come on a visit to the friends. Or they come to me.
And so. I sometimes call to the father. But telephone conversation cannot replace a meeting.
Therefore he wants that I to him have arrived.
I yet did not speak the to the daddy about you. But I think, he will not be against ours with you of dialogue.
Because the daddy always trusts mine to me. And he never doubted of those people,
Which surround me.
That is he knows, that I get acquainted only with good people.
I see that you the good person. I understand it from your letters.
It is interesting to me as you will spend the days! If your mood is not good,
That I hope, that my good mood will be transferred you,
And your mood will improve!!
See you soon!
Yours Nastya!
Letter 8
Greetings my lovely Marc!
As is healthy to receive again your hot letter in all sincerity.
At me now such fine mood. Even complexities on work
Have faded into the background.
I today went on dances! I danced about two hours. I am surprised whence at me forces undertake!
Even after the working day I can go in a dance hall and be engaged in dances.
All this because to like me to dance. When I dance, I have simply a rest!
Also I am engaged fitness. It allows me to become more beautifully and to hold a body in the excellent form.
I think, each girl or the woman always should be looked attractively. That at her were beautiful both soul and a body.
I think, that the girl or the woman (the age here is not important) always should hold passion in the man,
Which loves her and lives for the sake of her.
But I do not think, if the person is not attractive, then, that he bad.
For me the most important are his sincere qualities. At many people a lot of INTERNAL BEAUTY.
That is beauty oppress. The body can be changed, and a private world of the person, his character to change it is practically impossible.
I so think. But how many people, are so much and opinions.
And what it is important for you in the person? Whether his sincere qualities are important to you?
You for me are the pleasant person. You are nice externally and your character is pleasant to me.
It seems to me between us appears more and more trust and an openness of feelings?
I shall wait from you the answer.
Yours Nastya!
Letter 9
Hello my dear Marc!
As it is excellent, that our correspondence proceeds! I like that you write to me.
It is very pleasant for me to receive each your letter. Because all your letters are written only for me!!
I hope, that also it is interesting to you to correspond with me.
I for a long time want to tell to you, that I sometimes dream of how there passed our meeting actually.
As though all this occured? As though we behaved in this situation? What words spoke each other?
Probably we simply stood silently and looked against each other. Because all will be and so without words clearly,
That we are glad to our meeting.
But while we should be content our opportunity to communicate by means of the Internet!
In it there are pluss and the minuses. From your letters I see, that you the interesting and pleasant person.
It is interesting to me to read your letters and to answer them. I hope, that I have not seemed to you the wrong girl:-):-):-)
Simply I very much would like to trust you. I do not know why, but I would like to tell to you about the feelings.
Probably it of that you understand me. And I am very tired to be one.
And I so would like to walk together with the beloved, to keep for hands and to speak about love.
It is very interesting to me, that you think of my representations! Probably you are surprised to that that I write.
But it is necessary for me to know, that you think of it! It will allow me to learn you even closer.
I ask you that you have answered my questions! Well?
On it I finish the letter and I wait for your answer!
With the warmest and light wishes for you!
Your lovely Nastya!
Letter 10
Hi my lovely Marc!
In the beginning of the letter I want to tell to you, that I corresponded up to you with one person. But he was such bad person!
He asked all time me that I have sent him ****** photos.
First it was similar to a joke. And I did not perceive seriously. Thought, that he simply plays.
But then after he started to write every day to me about it, I have explained to him, that it any more is not game.
I have many times written to him, that I do not have such photos and in any case I am not going to send him ****** photos.
But he was such obstinate. Eventually I am simple
Has stopped to write to him. The ambassador, he many times wrote to me that loves me! I simply did not pay to him attention.
He wrote to me, that will give me money that I have arrived to him. But for me are not necessary money! In fact I search for the present love.
You understand what I write to you? I heard about that that in Russia a plenty of people,
Which search money thus. The love - is not important for them. For them the main riches and desire to live in rich conditions.
For me the riches are not the important quality at the person. For me the main thing it his feelings to me.
You heard about it? Write to me, that you think of it.

Letter 11
Thanks for your letter. I was once again convinced, in that that for me it is pleasant to receive from you letters.
As I already spoke you, they positively influence my mood.
How your affairs? How you feel yourself?
I would like to tell to you that you watched over the health. In fact if you will be ill, it will be very bad.
We cannot continue our correspondence till that time while you will not begin to feel like healthy.
Therefore it is better to us to not be ill! I promise you, that I shall concern to myself with care.
I know that you the strong person, but you should care of yourself! Well? You are valid
The serious, clever, strong person. I see it from your letters. I ask myself, why so a few such men, how you?
I am grateful to destiny that I could meet such person as you.
I shall be always happy to divide mood with the person who can understand me and to which it is interesting with me.
Before acquaintance to you my life was monotonous! I worked and went home. At home I was one.
There was no favourite person. I thought, that all life I shall be lonely
Also will shall not find such person with which to me well. I any more do not speak, that a meeting of such person from other country.
But now I know you. You have recovered in me love and trust. I speak you about the feelings, and you understand me!
This most important quality of the favourite person!!!
I once again would like to remind you that you cared of yourself. For the sake of me!
Your lovely Nastya!
Letter 12
Hello Marc!!!
How your mood? If it bad I would like that my letter has lifted him!
And if it good I would like that it last all the day. For all life!!!
How your successes on work? I think that the person should work in any case.
Only if he certainly not the invalid and health allows to work to this person.
But all the same if for a long time to sit without an affair it is possible to go mad.
I think, that work and work develop in the person purposefulness, will to something and character.
But all time to work too harmful. So you will not notice all beauty of a life.
In fact we basically enjoy a life, only when we have a rest.
We devote a free time to hobby and it gives to us pleasure. Rest is certainly much more pleasant!!!
At us in Russia speak " Be able to work, be able to have a rest ". We want whether or not, but we are in dependence from our work.
And our rest directly depends on our work. You agree with me? If is not present, write to me the point of view.
It will be interesting to me! I know, that I am waited with many difficulties in the another's country.
I should teach German language very well. Though I know now German language, all the same I think
It is a lot of about him I do not know. All complex turns of speech. But I believe, that it is necessary to me to communicate more in German,
That I all the same shall learn him in perfection.
Also I should be employed. In fact I do not want to depend on your money. I also want to bring a prosperity in the house.
Understand me correctly! I have no in view of, that it will be only my money. It will be my and your money.
Simply I do not want, that it turned out so, that you work, and I spend your money. It very much will be not beautiful!!! I the fair person.
I have trade and I should work. You can not dissuade me! Only I think,
That it will be difficult for me to be employed by my trade. In fact I have stopped
Faculty of law. I have formation. But I think, that it will be difficult for me to become the lawyer in your country, as I from other country.
But I agree to any decent work.
I hope, what you will help me, if I will have any problems with search of work?
I think, that all time to think of problems too poorly. It prevents to have normal rest. I the optimist, and me was easier
To cope with difficulties. Today at me especial day. Today I dreamed all the day.
It would be very good if my dreams were carried out.
I would like to meet the person which not only loved me, but also trusted me.
I think trust should be present at the basis of attitudes. You agree with me?
We should be frank with each other. For that time that we write each other, I began to trust you.
Every day I understand that I more and more and I need in your letters more.
While I cannot define that yet I feel to you, but I know that it goes from my heart.
I would like that you did not overlook about me.
I shall look forward to the letter from you.
Your girlfriend Nastya!
Letter 13
Hello my loved Marc!
Has received and has read your letter.
Our correspondence has already gone further and we learn the friend about the friend more and more.
You probably will ask, why I want to live abroad. I to you already
A little wrote about our men.
And I would not like to remain in Russia at all,
As in this country I have not found the happiness.
Put at all in that that in Russia all men bad. Certainly is good and careful.
Only I did not meet such the man. But the world big and who searches, will necessarily find that.
After reflections I have decided to tell.
I have found the one for whom I searched. I am already exact
It was defined, it you, my loved and gentle the man. I can not itself in
It to believe, but it is valid so!!!
Feelings to you amplify every day, is simple with not represented
Speed, I have fallen in love with you as the child, all heart and soul.
You are necessary for me as air. I pray for us, I ask the god, that we
Were together.
All my colleagues and friends know that you are at me. For them it was unexpectedness.
In fact I so for a long time was one. I saw some surprise on their persons. They very much
Are glad for me, wish me of good luck with you. Every day without you it
Torture, I hope, that it will soon be terminated, I believe in it...
Your love Nastya!
Letter 14
Hi my lovely Marc.
My today's boring day was decorated with your letter! I every day think of that that you will write to me.
It is very difficult for me to refuse a recognition, that during our correspondence, you deeply have liked me.
And after each your letter in my heart there is a tenderness.
I yet did not have such feeling.
Though I have no opportunity to see you, but this recognition so has excited me.
Nevertheless I should reflect as we shall meet. I would like to arrive to you.
Because I never was outside Russia. And I very much would like to see your country.
I think, that all this is looked very romantically. In fact it will be my first appointment to you!!!
The first appointment which will occur in completely unknown person for me to the country.
All this for me new, interesting, impressing and even, is possible to tell, stimulating.
Certainly, I understand that to me will be necessary to be prepared well for trip for you.
In fact I do not have any documents for trip abroad. It is necessary to make out all.
But I think, that all this will be not yet fast. While I want to learn more about you.
Whether I want to know there is in your heart a place for me.
I want only the sincere answer.
I do not want to tell, that you are not fair with me,
Simply I want to know more about you and your private world.
I hope you have understood about what I wanted to tell.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer.
Your loved Nastya!
Letter 15
Hi my love Marc.
First I want to congratulate you on coming new year!
I wish you happiness and love and that all your desires in new year were executed!
I am very glad that I can to write to you today.
Today for me very difficult day was. Since morning, at me the head is very strongly sick.
I thought that at me the head will burst. But then more and more it was less normalized. Now I feel well.
But the only thing that now does not suffice me, it that with me was my favourite person.
And more and more I understand, that the favourite person you should be. Even now, when I write to you these words,
My cheeks have a colour. Probably, it because of that that I have fallen in love with you!
You that unique person of whom I dreamed all life.
I would be happy to divide with you my life.
Recently I at all do not feel weariness. It seems to me, that it of that I have got acquainted with you.
I love seems to me start to feel! Your words show me, that you the careful person.
They speak me about your love to me. I feel it, when I read your letters. It becomes very good me.
I always think, that love this not clearest on light feeling. The love can make you happy.
The love can make to you to mountain. From love suffer. But people take pleasure in love.
If the old person falls in love, he at once becomes young and to him inflow of forces comes back.
It is a pity to me of those people which never tested love! In fact on light it is difficult for that to live, who is not able
To like!
Today at me dream was. We sat in what that a premise. We were in an armchair which constantly shook.
Here and there, there - here and so constantly.
I sat on your legs, and embraced you. You whispered to me on an ear of a word of love from which I was confused a little.
I even have reddened from your recognitions to me.
We kissed gently and passionately, I was delighted with our embraces.
You have kissed me in a neck, and then you have covered my body with kisses, I was so excited, that could not hide it.
Further we have lead fine night. It was the best night in my life.
But unfortunately on it my dream has interrupted, I was very much afflicted.
It was the finest dream which I saw in the life.
Whether you saw dreams with my participation?
It will be interesting to me to learn it!
Your loved Nastya!
Letter 16
Hello my love Marc!
I congratulate you On New 2008! I wish happiness and love!
I want that all your desires were executed!!!!
Yes, I can tell, that I love you. I am not mistaken.
I have understood it for a today when I looked out of the window on street.
I have thought: " I have got acquainted with the person who is open in the feelings to me and would like to be near to me ".
Why I should refuse it. In fact I so for a long time waited for it. I have understood that I love you!
Because my head every day is full ideas only about you!
I present you, your movements, your sight. Sometimes I even present myself as I and you we sit on a bench on seacoast.
As we embrace and we look at a decline. During such moment we understand, that the world exists only for us.
Such sensation, that time has stopped looking on us.
I would like to be near to you. I shall try to learn on work about the holiday. I would like to meet you!
It will allow us to learn each other even better. I hope you not against my decision?
I should you tell one more thing. I have told about our attitudes to mine to the daddy.
He has been very much surprised!
He has asked me: " the Daughter, whether is sure you in that that you do? "
I have answered him: " That I am sure on 100 ".
He did not begin to condemn my acquaintance to you somehow.
On the contrary he even became glad to me, to that that I got acquainted with you. He speaks, that I adult and know that I do.
He completely trusts me. In general, he is glad that we have found each other my love!
How at you mood? Whether you are glad to my news? What do you think?
I shall wait for your answer!
Your loved Nastya!
Letter 17
Big greetings my love Marc!!!
I am again pleased to that that you have written to me.
At me today fine day. Fine it of that I on work have taken holiday.
I cannot already be without you. I every day understand it more and more.
I dream from that day when we at last shall meet for the first time.
I present this day when we shall go together holding each other for hands.
I present our walks, kisses and hot nights. Hot from our passion!!
It - the idea, does not give me rest. She does not let alone my head.
I think, that our romantic attitudes will proceed for ever!
I have specially taken holiday on work. I would like to arrive to you and to learn what you actually.
I think you will be not against gets acquainted with me?
My holiday will begin in 10 days.
That is my holiday begins on January, 13. I have taken holiday approximately for a month.
I think to us this time for first time will suffice.
I with pleasure inform you these magnificent news!
If it is possible, we could carry out these days together, enjoying the friend the friend.
How you look at it?
I shall wait your answer.
Your loved Nastya.
Letter 18
Hello my loved Marc! Today fine day. At me fine mood.
Idea on that we soon shall meet does not give me rest. I all time think of it.
Today I badly slept! I all the night long thought of us. But all the same dream of me has overcome.
And I have fallen asleep.
But for the morning I have risen marvellously vigorous. And today for me was very good.
I very much would like to have a rest together with you. I know, that our time will pass wonderfully!
And me will not want at all to come back back to Russia.
I would like to arrive to you and to remain to you for ever.
But at me in Russia affairs still will stay. Agree with me. I cannot throw and remain at once all with you.
Certainly, this sweet desire. But it seems to me is not necessary to hurry up.
It seems to me, that I all the same cannot remain with you for long time. In fact validity of my visa will expire
And I shall begin to be illegally in your country.
I think, that small time will suffice on learning each other.
We can understand what we is actually.
Suddenly I shall not like you, and you will not want, that I lived with you. These bad ideas too disturb my head.
Tell to me, as far as strong our feelings? I do not want, that our happiness has deteriorated during the latest moment.
I know, that you love me. I too very strongly love you!!!!!
We should remain up to the end true in our love!
Yours Nastya.
Letter 19
Hello my love Marc!
I for a long time thought above your offer. Not so simply to dare to leave for the unfamiliar country.
But my feelings are stronger, than fear. I very much want to be near to you.
To concern your body, a ******. To caress it.
I know, that you can trust. You spoke me, that trust in the attitude of loving people very important.
You that person with whom I would like to live all stayed life. You would like it?
If it is possible, I would not like to postpone my trip to you. I very much am afraid to lose you.
Today, in a lunch break, I went in travel agency. And all has learned about my possible trip to you, and what package
Documents it is required to me. On the one hand I am madly glad, that all
Appeared, not so it is difficult, as I assumed. On the other hand I am a little upset.
On all my charges it is required to me 800 euro. I have counted it at the rate of a currency exchange of the Central Bank of Russia.
Also has transferred in euro.
This sum includes cost for tickets, registration of the visa for 90 days, cost of the passport, service of agency.
As to me have told, I will need to issue the visa. Also it will be the best way to make the tourist visa.
It is the fastest and convenient variant.
In that case I will not need the invitation from you.
The invitation is made out for a long time, and in that case the best variant it to issue the tourist visa.
I, certainly, assumed, that all costs dearly, but what so it is expensive! And I even was upset a little.
For us in Russia it is simply huge money.
And I cannot take them anywhere. I very much regret that I can not pay for it.
It is very inconvenient for me to speak you it.
But I should ask you there can be you can send this money.
I very much want to see you but as you see at me there is no money. And unique hope only on you.
This meeting is necessary for both of us.
If my charges for you will be dear, I, certainly, all I shall understand, do not doubt.
In fact sometimes it is necessary to refuse itself in many respects.
Tomorrow I shall read your answer to my request.
And at all I do not know, that I would like more, that tomorrow has more soon come or on the contrary did not come.
I wait for your answer.
Your loved Nastya.
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