Scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Platunova to Dick (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, my dear Richard!
My honey Richard,you say we will meet each other in summer,but it is too long to wait,
i do not want to wait for our meeting for so long time.
I do not believe in waiting long for things to happen, because if you wait to long, things will never happen, because I think there are two types of people in life, there are Cosmonauts, (People that go to the stars).
And there are Astronomers, (People who just look at the Stars).
I like to think of myself as a Cosmonaut, because I always try to make things happen.
We just have so many miles between us , I believe that if two people who really want to be with each other there should not be any obstacles.
I never plan anything for the faraway future.
If one plans something for future, these plans never come true.
If you want to meet me, to know me better,
so we have to meet each other now - in this month.
Do you agree with me?
Honey, i can take my time off at work and i will come to you in the early April and we will not wait for our meeting for so long time.
What do you think?
I kiss you
And wait for your response
Letter 2

Hi, my honey Richard!
Dear you say you are not sure whether we will meet each other in April or no, and you say you cannot promise me.
Dear , i will be able to take my time off at work and i will be able to come to you by the 1st of April.
What do you think if i come to you?
i kiss you and wait for your answer
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