Scam letter(s) from Elena Batinowa to Ross (Australia)

Letter 1
You remember me, it Irina? We have started to talk to you, but you why have ceased to write that to me, I cannot understand why you more to me do not write, there can be at you what that problems with a computer and you have lost mine e-mail? I very much want to continue with you to communicate.
Write to me please the answer.
Letter 2
My name is Irina! I live in Russia, in the city of Cheboksary, it is very beautiful city, you were sometime in Cheboksary? I live in Russia but very much frequently I should go in other cities, one week ago I have returned from Moscow, I had business meeting with representatives of our company! I work as the manager on sale in large Cheboksary to firm and I should be frequently in other cities, I like to travel, I like to learn new traditions, to look as people live in other countries! To me the main thing very would would be desirable to get acquainted with the person who can understand and trust me, that it was interesting with the person and at him the rich private world was! I think that the main thing not appearance of the person and his private world, if at you a rich private world we can find the general themes for conversation! I shall tell a little about myself: To me of 28 years, I was born in Moscow, then we with parents have moved to Cheboksary because we had here relatives, therefore it is possible to tell that in Cheboksary I live since the birth, I have own apartment in Cheboksary! I love a healthy way of life, very exactingly I concern to meal, I like healthy I write, which does not contain any impurity! I live one, separately from parents, I already adult girl and work to support myself and to help parents! Parents this the most valuable that at me are in a life, I very quiveringly concern to them, I show respect, but frequently it happens that we argue different things, but in dispute I always adhere to the point of view:) I do not have young man, I have left the guy three months ago because of that that he started to drink much, I do not love alcohol, and I would not like that the person with which I meet used alcohol, if only in a small amount! So I have lost the young man, but I think that it is not necessary to be upset, in a still will be afflictions and disappointments more many. It is possible a question? You drink, smoke? Tell to me a little about itself, where do you live, than be engaged, whether you like to travel, what you involves in girls? I think for the beginning questions will suffice:)! With impatience I wait for your answer, I shall send you the photo that you even could present with whom talk, and I very much would like that you have sent me the photo!
Letter 3
Hello Ross!
It is very pleasant for me that you have answered me my letter, I can think that we have with you general interests and outlooks on life, I think that to us will be interesting to communicate with you! How has passed today your day? Tell to me than you in general are engaged, where you work, how passes your working day? As I also spoke you I work as the manager and for me very heavy schedule of work, I frequently should leave from a workplace and to go in other firms, I start to work with 8 o'clock in the morning and my working day comes to an end in 5 o'clock in the evening but when I was a lot of work remain hours till 8 evenings to legalize all papers and to make all work up to the end! I cannot begin work and then all throw, if I that shall begin that I complete it up to the end. I very responsibly concern to the work, I very much love the work, by the trade I the economist - the manager and just that sphere in which I most of all understand it how to be spoken this work for me! Now I write to you the letter from the cabinet, I have here computer and I can leave him in the Internet! As I have computer of a house, but behind it I sit very seldom because on work I frequently work behind a computer and when I come home I I can not look in the monitor any more, eyes so I think you of me very get tired understand!Ross Tell to me as you like to have a rest, carry out the free time, whether you love music? I like to dance, I in the childhood went to school of dances and to me now till now to like to dance! I shall be very glad if you will answer all my questions and will ask that interests you! Ross I have very much got hungry also to me it would be desirable to eat something so I finish the letter and I go to cafe to buy something tasty! I shall send you still the photo, I hope it to you to like, and send to me the photo! I wait for your answer! Yours faithfully Irina!
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