Scam letter(s) from Elena Laskovaya to Rob (Norway)

Letter 1
Hi . Thanks for your letter, really is very pleasant for me dialogue with you.
It is difficult to present that we live on such huge distance, but are capable to speak about all.
Now I'm on the work and I can write letter for you.
I very much, very much liked your letter!! Thanks you huge. You so well respond about the work. Probably it very much is pleasant to you.
I am glad, that you so is remarkable live!!!
I work on the 12th floor of building with 20 levels. I work in design section.
We are four in one room. Do you remember I tell you that I really like my job?
Our company is very good. Everybody has a computer. I know computer sufficiently good. I use photo shop, compas, corel draw programs for my work Many of my projects are made on computer. Unfortunately my computer is not connected to Internet. And for me is some problem to write to you letters.
I need to write letters and copy them on floppy drive.
Then I need to go in other room, where I can send letters for you.
My English is not very ideal.. I think you'll laugh on me. =) I would like to know your opinion about my English. Now I'm engaged in the interior of flat with 78 meters square. Some day I'll send you the photos of flats, which was put into shape by me. I think you'll like them. My life is very interesting and happy. But unfortunately I have not loving man And I can tell that I never feel sorry.
Why I need to feel sorry about things which I already done? I'm optimist. And I want to take from life everything what I need and want . Of course I cannot
permit me everything what I want. But I exactly know that money is not the most important thing in the life. I live in the beautiful city Cheboksary.
There is very expensive immovable.
I even have no possibility to have my own flat. I have to rent apartment.
Every month I pay for rent of an apartment of 70 % from mine ?????????? payments.
But in others our city is the same with Russian cities. I tell you that I've been in many Russian cities. Yes. But I've been there only by passage.
Here is everything flies, makes a noise and turns up in drive. Cheboksary is really Mega polis, what can you tell me about your life? Is your life happy and interesting?
I have been finishing my letter.
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