Scam letter(s) from Yanina Smorok to Dave (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear Dave!!!!
Sorry for not writting you so long, Dave.
I told you in my previous letter about my Mom , she is not good, she din't have her operation yet, because we didn't save the nessesary sum yet, we needed 2000$ for this operation, not grivnias, and now we borrowed almost 1200$, so I hope so much... I just pray be honest, that's why I couldn't spend money on the Internet, darling, not because i don't miss you, because i miss you very much, just we need to safe any cent we can, hope you understand me my honey.
Of course i wish to meet you, my darling because you are always in my thoughts, and I dream about you,Dave, I dream about you every day and every night!!!!
I was very happy to read your letter today, I couldn't read it earlier. I can't tell you what a breath of fresh air you are to me. I am very happy that you recieved my email and I think that it could be divine providence that you still are interested. I have to say that I am a Hopeful romantic . at times in the past i have wondered if i will ever find love. I think i can safely say that i have found new hope even in your first letter to me. Now ahead of us if you remain interested is a road that may seem to be long at times.
My darling Dave, it's a pity, but as you understand I can't spend now money on the Internet, and if you could only help me somehow, I'll be thankful to you till the end of time, my love, I pray about my Mom, and I wish you meet her, honey!!!!!!!
But I wish you know that i'm thinking about you and miss you so much!
from all my heart,
with love,
Your only Yanochka.
Letter 2
Hello, my honey Dave, I also confused with this problem.
Yes honey you are right, I wrote you my right address and name and surname, as you know I have received your cards by post, and I have received money you have sent me earlier on MoneyGram, and I really can't understand why there is a problem now, as you know I don't how to write correctly in English and I wrote you everything how I was told spelled in English from my passport, and as you know earlier i didn't have problems with the receiving it, honey, remember I have told you when I went to the MoneyGram office for the first time, everything was ok, I gave the number you wrote me and your name and surname and my Passport, the same I have done this time as well, you have sent me funds and I went to the office of Moneygram and just gave the information you have sent me and my passport , that's all, and I can't understand what problem is now, the lady said to me that in my surname in English should be written a and not o, I didn't change my surname as you guessed, honey, if I change it one day, it will be only if I take your surname, honey.
Please honey say to Jacquelyne, that I also can't understand why it's so, because I'm confused by myself, and can't understand why it should be so, maybe it's me who understood something wrong, but the lady in the office said to me that yes there is a transfer with the information I have given to her, but I can't receive it because of wrong spelling of my name, I told her that it's not the first time you have sent me funds, and it was ok, I remember the previous time, it was wrong spelled and now she said it's spelled again wrong.
It's a pity you didn't sleep all the night honey, but it's really not my fault, Dave, I didn't change my surname, honey, and please say this to Jacquelyne, I don't want her to think about me the wrong way, honey.
I was really sad and hurted to read you second letter, Dave, I believe you have written me all those things because you are also confused, but everything I was writing to you is true, Dave, and I really wish us to be together, I really hope you didn't tell about this misunderstandings to Jacquelyne, because i could swear you it's not my fault, honey and I didn't change my name!
I'm here with the full of tears eyes,from the one hand my Mom needs an operation and the doctor said to me that killer cells are still continue to wide, my Mom scared, I'm scared, Dasha is scared, from the other hand, my beloved person, my future husband decided that I have changed my surname, do you think it's possible in this time when my Mom in a trouble, think by yourself, honey, I'm just lost, and weak now, we can't gather the necessary sum for my Mom, and if you will not support me in this trouble, I even don't know what to do, Dave. I'm just lost, I don't know what to do. I have done nothing bad, and you think I have done something, you are so not right honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you wrote me not your real thoughts and have written everything because of confusing, but I'm also confused with all this situation, honey.
I wish you were here to explain everything to you personally, looking into your eyes, but I have described you the situation I got today.
I have told you , Dave, that I'm also serious about our marriage, and I wish us meet faster not to have any misunderstandings between us!
I believe you didn't want to hurt me, but you have done this :-(((((((((((((((((((
I want to repeat you again, honey: do you think that when my Mom is in the hospital and I ask all our friends to borrow us money, because as you know we needed to find 800$ else, I have found 120$ and till Saturday I need to find 680$ and nobody else wish to borrow already because they don't have as well such money, do you think in this situation, when I need to think about life of my Mom I went to change my surname???
Please answer yourself please!
What can I do now to pray God to give me power!
Because I'm just lost honey.
I'm finishing my letter now and hope you will answer me soon.
Your only Yanochka.
in spite of everything I love you , because you are my only man, I wish to be with and I know your heart will tell you everything , listen to it, honey.
PS. I forget to tell about the hospital my Mom is. We don't have the names of the hospitals they have numbers, she is in the regional hospital, it's the only hospital here where there is a good oncological department with good professional doctors.
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