Scam Letter(s) from Marina to Buddy (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello John!!!
I am very grateful to you for your letter and your pictures. In this letter I to send you my pictures. I am very glad that you have written to me!!! Huge to you thanks for your letter!!!
I wish to tell to you little bit more in detail about the character.
As you already know I the cheerful woman and very much I love children, but except for it I still very much like to cook different food, I like to create new dishes!!! As I love cleanliness around of myself. I often do cleaning the house, I love a cosiness in the house, sometimes I like to sit in the silent evenings with parents. I think I the romantic and good woman! I dream about serious attitudes, to create family to have the favourite person!!! Possibly all women dream of beautiful, romantic attitudes, but usually such attitudes quickly come to the end. I am not measured to spend my time for such attitudes. I dream about serious attitudes. Dear John, I dream to find the romantic, kind, sensual, loyal and loving person in my life!!!! I dream to create family. In fact in a life not career growth on service and other things, and the main family in a life and the loving person who all life will be a number and will preserve the main thing!!!
Inform me please that you want in a life??? I ask me to excuse John, that I ask you to discuss such frank a thing with me though we are familiar 2 days. But it is interesting to me, I wish to know your attitude to it.
I shall be very glad to receive from you the answer!!!!!
Yours Marina.

Letter 2

Hello John!!!
It is very pleasant to me to receive your letters again and again, in fact from them we learn each other better and it is interesting. Today I have usual day. I wish to thank you for your answers to my questions. Thanks you, I am very glad, that you write to me!! In this letter I send you other my picture. I hope you love me in pictures. My dear John, I too do not understand in what business. I did not send you the second same letter. I do not know in what business. There can be someone has sent you the letter from my name. I shall try to change the password. I hope that such any more does not happen. Dear John, you Write me what family have? Whether much you have the relatives, you with them spend what time together?
As you already know from my last letters, I live with mum and the daddy. They very much love me. We have an apartment with 3 rooms, I have my separate a room. At my parents I one daughter, but I always wished to have the younger brother or the sister. I would like to look after them, to care of them. My parents very kind and careful, they very much love me. They always understood me, helped me when I required their help. A name of my mum - Anna, it very kind and clever woman, to it 52 years. It as worked with children, but now it sits at home on an old age. I always spoke it my secrets because I trust it all my secrets. My daddy - Nick, to it of 55 years it strict, but fair. It the driver of the lorry, it carries cargoes on a long distance. It very much loves me. We often sit in the silent evenings together, we like to spend evenings together. I never was married. I have emptiness in my life. I had a guy, we met 2 years. I have thrown it because it deceived me. It spent greater time with friends, instead of with me. It spoke that loves me and I trusted it. But then I have learned, that it spent time with other girls. It deceived me, and spoke that loves. I trusted it, and it....... It said lies to me in the impudent image. After that I did not wish to begin with anybody the attitude. There can be therefore I wish to find my person through a local network. And I seem to me it have found. It you John!!!
My dear John, I finish on it.
With impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you!!!
Yours Marina.



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