Scam letter(s) from Nabal Salifu to Gary (USA)

Letter 1
I am really glad to hear from you!!!
I want to find only my men , my love!!!
And you?
What are you looking in this life?
I tell you of me:
I love my life VERY MUCH!!!
I am very feminine and sensual.
Like to be very helpful to others.
Sociable and cheerful.
Mild, but never let any of my close people down.
I am a girl who is gentle, in heart and mind,
who is passionate about life, honest about yourself
and with others, very romantic and
devoted in relations and who will
love you in all your strengths and in all your weakness.
Please write me about of your country, your life!
I love association and it is always very interesting with me!
I am like an unforgettable book, which you want to read a lot of times!
If you want to make your life as a fairy tale, write me and all your
dreams will come true!
I wait you, my Dear!!! Your Nina.......
Letter 2
Good afternoon Swazzie!
thank you for writing to me, I really pleased!
My name is Nina, it's my full name, it's a special and rare name here, so I'm proud of it!
I'm 27, but everybody say that I look much younger, is it so???
We don't know each other yet, but we could learn, right????
I think yes,I'd like to find out your inner world, dreams, desires, thoughts, plans, goals, I wanna know your qualities, lifestyle, job, family, place where you live.............everything!!!
So lets start our communication???!!!
By the way I wanna you to share with me all your thoughts about me and I wanna know your opinion as for me and as for lots of things, promise Swazzie?
You'll probably ask why I'm looking for love here in Internet, yes? I should explain you-it's simple, I've been always interested in older man, I love English, it's my favourite language, I've been learning it for years since school, and the most important that I can't find careful, responsible and attentive man here. I heard that men abroad are like I need and wanna, so I was thinking a lot about it and decide 'Why not? I wanna be happy, love and be loved!' and come to Internet cafe....and you know!
I'm writing a letter for you!
So I'm new here and I choose you from all, you captured my attention, why???
Are you special? Could you give me all I wanna? I wanna long relations, love, happiness with beloved and...........let's try!!!!!
I live in a small town of Ukraine - Antratsit, it's usual city, not very developed, but I like it, I know there are a lot wonderful cities over the whole world and my dream to see couple of them!
Do you like travel? I like, I adore! I've been to Russia before, but I wanna go far away abroad, meet new people, new culture, places, monuments, seas, lakes, nature, mountains!
I hope once my dream will come true! Would you join me?????
What else?....I work as choreographer at children group in our culture center here, and I study English also, I'll be an interpreter!!!! I learn English so there won't be language problems between us!Great, isn't it?!
I'm very sincere person, with sense of humor, I like companies, I'm the soul of company, I have friends, I mean true friends! I like dance and I can, as it's my job.
So I enjoy my job and my study, I'm almost happy, but I miss my second half.
I'll tell you more if you answer me.....
I really wanna you to answer!
write to me soon
Letter 3
Hi! Happy Holidays!!!!!
are you well and happy? celebrate well and joyful!
I hope so! My holiday will start only tomorrow!!!
I'll rest for 3 days only, and then work again!
And next holiday after New Year it will be Christmas!
I'll celebrate New Year with family at home!
We'd have supper, watch "Blue Light" it's our national New Year show with stars!
I wish you nice celebration also!!!!
I'll think about you! It has been a great year,
but an even better one is ahead,
because the new year can be anything
we want it to be.
So as we bid farewell to the old year
and welcome in the new,
let's dare to dream
of all we can accomplish
with a little hard work and dedication. Happy New Year!
May the New Year
bring you and yours much
happiness and success. a kiss for you
Letter 4

Good morning, lovely! Happy New Year! I'm sending you my best wishes and regards, warm hugs and kisses, I hope 2008 will be next wonderful year of your life, you'd have health, success in everything, you'd reach your goals and will manage even more, dreams will come to reality straight from your dreams and you'd become to happiest man in the world! I hope you're doing very good, and you're smiling and shining like sunrise there! And I hope you're sunrise for me, because I made a wish of sunrise on the New Year night! I had nice New Year party, I want us to meet next New Year together, do you? I've met New Year with my parents and sister parents home, they put a wonderful New Year tree, decorated the house, there a lot of the lights and tinsels! When I came to their house I felt that holiday is here, because I didn't have holiday mood, but home sweet parents home made me smell the New Year!!! We made tasty dinner, with chicken and different salads, snacks, fruits and sweet desert, we eat a lot, so I felt like I have huge belly!:))) We had fun, laugh, great family time!I hope New Year will be as good as we have met it! I was observing my parents sometimes, how they are close to each other, how they care and appreciate each other, understand just by glances and talk with eyes and gestures, how they look! It's so wonderful that they saved their feelings, their love and fascination is still burning! I also wish to find it in my life, and only them life will be complete and real, absolutely full with sense and just wonderful! So I felt myself like in the childhood, warm and cosy, loving family, holiday, it was so great, I even can't describe how I felt and how it was just great to feel that, we told a lot of wishes to each other, I told that I'm so thanksful to my parents that they are and that they are so nice and loving, they wished us to become happy and fill our life with what we miss, they know that I miss my own happiness of two loving people, my own family, but I know that everything will come to my life sooner or later, just when it meant to come, right?! Around 1.30 in the morning we went to city square, parents live not far from it, we met a lot of people, there were a lot of fireworks, huge New Year Tree with big lights, people were smiling and very friendly, we danced of course, it was like concert with DJ and MC! We had fun of course, but it was cold in the street, how's is the weather in your country by the way? Here it's real winter, frost, pity that it's not much snow, just covered ground, but I was happy even if there's not much snow, because I adore snow on Christmas holidays! So we danced there and when we were rather cold, decided to have more fun, my parents went to some friends, me with sister went to the club to dance in the warm! We came to my place around 7 in the morning because the club closed, and fall asleep after saturated night! We slept for the whole day almost, we woke up in early evening, around 17.30 and watched some "Home alone", it's funny Christmas film, I saw it for many times but I still like it and find it funny! We eat a little, because it's not easy to eat so much like on holidays, and watched some more TV, but I decided to sleep around 11 o'clock again because I had to work yesterday, sorry for didn't write yesterday, I was so busy and left work late, I didn't manage to get to Internet cafe in time, it was already closed, I wanted to write because I felt like lonely I wanted to visit somebody to spend some time talking, I went to visit my friend, we drank some tea, talked about celebration and holidays, I came back home about 9, took a shower and went to sleep! Today I feel good, I'm going at work, I can't wait to write to you so got up earlier to have some time before work to write to you and wish you Happy New Year!
i wish you nice day and I'm looking for your letter
P.S. forgot the picture :)
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