Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Pavljuk to Gary (USA)
Letter 1
Hi dear friend, You put your little nose into my profile ...
I am so flattered it, so nice and accomplished man would choose to write to me. I would like to enter your world and start to communicate with you. Please let me introduce myself to you before i write about my dreams. I hope we will find the key to fall in love. My name is Irina, I am 24. I was born on December, 22, in 1982.
I am living in Gorohov, Volynskaya oblast, the west of Ukraine. I am a journalist and work in a local newspaper, study at the pedagogical University for Psychology. My future profession is psychologist. I like to explorer of personalities, to learn characters, tests, writing poems and articles, reading, visiting cultural places (library, cinema, concerts), walking, shopping, meetings with friends. My favorite hobby is arabic dances.
What's your favorite pastime? What are you keen on? I am charming, easy-going personality, caressing and passionate woman, serious and intelligent girl, kind-hearted, careful, soulful person. I dream to marry and start a family with a man. I am looking for reliable, smart, serious man, close and wily friend, sensitive lover.
I want to feel his care, respect, trust and support to me.
By first meeting, I want to visit a country where is living my man.
It's very important for me, to see own eyes, to know more about, his habits, family and friends. Alive communication, first impressions from each other, it gives positive for the start of relations. The ukrainian men are less serious in relationships with a woman, less family-oriented. It's difficult to marry somebody, if many men are drinking, smoking and taking the drugs.
So the one way is to try my fortune with a foreigner for me.
What's type of the women do you like and why?
Why do you seek a woman in Ukraine, not your native place? Look forward My warm affection
your Irina
Letter 2
Hi my dear Swazzie!
thank you for your nice introduction. I am so happy to discover you. I hope we find a lot of similarities and interests from each other. Further attraction depends on understanding, characteristics of the person inside. Agree? I use the services of the Internet caffee because I have no home computer, but I have never paid for the translators or the bride agencies for their services. I dislike it and don't trust them. I want to tell you about my hobbies and interests more details. Telling about something, people will become to close to another person, giving a part of himself. I take a great interest in belly dance. It is very feminity and it gives the beauty to me, energy, health. The belly dance is aesthetic very beautiful and erotic especially under Eastern melodies. In general, the arabic dances are so sensible and bewitching beautiful. I adore to listen to signers such as Tarkan, Arash, Mustafa Sandal. I dance I express myself vie body language. Another interest what I have is a poetry. I like reading the poems, lyric and love. I am writing the poems myself sometimes the evenings. It's so relaxing and to be deep in thought. These things, I love in my life. Here's my leisure routine. What are you keen on? What's your pastime? I dream to show my dance for a loving man or to read my poem for him one day. I want to cover with love, caress,to pamper. I should to be assured what I`m looking for. Life is unbelievable, it get`s even more beautiful together with a person you feel very close. What relationships are more successful for you?
What do you expect from our connection in near future?
Waiting for new letter impatiently! your dancing Ira
Letter 3
Hi my nice Swazzie!
Thank you for exciting answering to me, how are you? It's pleasant to know you are serious, nice and honest man. I am smiling for you each time by writing letters to you. The virtual love have her advantage. You can tell someone who understands you. There are romantic mood, frank conversation, nice chatting about love, that it is the giving of each other fantasy for thinking. I tell you about my family this letter. My family is not large, me, my father Sergey, my mother Anna. They are ordinary people. My mother is 46, she works as a high school teacher of Russian literature. She is nice-looking, wise, kind person, intelligent woman and a good cooker. My mother is the closest friend for me, I ask an advice her in a hard minute. It's very important to native person who supports, helps, forgives, understands. My father is an engineer at a factory, he is 49. My dad is willing, brave, hardworking, family-oriented man. He loves my mother unconditional love which it doesn't fire about 24 years later. You know, darling, I dream to have the same family in future. I can imagine a comfortable and nice house, a warm love nest, where I shall live with my loving man, to take care for him, with confidingness that we can work together with love, trust and respect. The smart kids who we shall cover by love, cares,tenderness. A playful dog or a fluffy cat who will lay on the coach and the children will play on the soft carpet with him. For me it's important what both sides of a relation work together, plan life, enjoy the daily routine, have brightful love nights. Do you want to have a family and children in future? Do you dream of passionate love? Do you like romantic surprises? Do you look forward some day to romantic evenings at home, candlelight dinners prepared by the woman you love? Do you want lots of togetherness and attention, nights spent together? Hearing you soon!
with family dreams, your tender Ira
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