Scam letter(s) from Elena to Gary (USA)

Letter 1
Hi! First of all I want to tell you that I am extremely glad to write to you and hope that my letter will be the beginning of good relationships between us which will be built on trust and honesty. And that they will grow in real friendship and LOVE, I hope! I am in search of the love.
Many people are very surprised to get to know that I (a rather pretty?)) girl don't have a love. But I don't have it and really want to find it!
I can't find it in my country cause Ukrainian men are selfish, rude and not reliable so I decided to try to find my love from another country and hope that YOU will prove me that not all men are like Ukrainian!!!!
Unfortunately, I don't know foreign language so I use a translating agency to help me it my search!!
So, let me introduce myself! I am a Ukrainian girl of 26( was born on on the 22nd of March 1981).
My name is Elena and I live in a small Ukrainian town Brodi, which is in Lvov region.
I have a family - I have a mother, a father and an older brother.
I am a nurse at the hospital and also I study in correspondence at the medical university! My dream is to become a good doctor. I want to help people in future and to make them healthy.
It is such a pleasure to help people - to se how they recover with your help:-))
I like my job much though it is not well paid:-(( Hope I have got you interested in my self and I am really waiting for your reply!!!
Tell me please, about yourself: your family, work, home town, hobbies and interests etc. I will tell you about mine also, if you are interested?
Also you can send me your photo and I will send mine to you!!! So wish you to have a nice day with great mood!
Really waiting forward to get your reply!!!!! Hugs
Letter 2
HELLO,Swazzie!:-) I am soooooo happy to receive you reply!
It was really interesting to read a little about you!
You are a nice man, I am SURE !!!! In my previous letter I promised you that I'll tell you about my interests and hobbies. So, I keep my promise. As for my interests, I like to spend my time on nature. For example, if it's summer, I like to go to forest and spend a lot of time there, but not alone, of course. I like to spend my time there with my friends. You see, I like flowers, trees, animals and birds. And most of all, I adore to sit late in the evening near the fire and listen to the songs to the accompaniment of guitar. You know, I also like very much when people play guitar. I'm just crazy about this musical instrument. Unfortunately, I can't play guitar by myself. But I adore to listen when other people play the it. But I also like to listen to other music. For example, I think that Madonna is very good singer. And what about you? What kind of music do you prefer? And, I hope, you are not bored with my letter, because I want to tell you about my hobby. As you could understand, I like nature very much. That is why there are a lot flowers in my flat. I grow them by myself. And I'm very proud, because everyone, who has ever seen all my flowers, are astonished, because there is really a variety of them in my flat. So, I hope to hear soon from you. You see, I will be waiting for your letter with great impatience. Elena
Letter 3
Hi, DEAR Swazzie!!!!! I I have to tell you that each letter from you I wait with a great impatience and when I get it, it is like a small holiday for me!
Your letters are like a waiting for a birthday in childhood - you can't wait when this marvelous moment will come ! I want to tell you about the biggest dream of my life!
The biggest dream for me is to great a happy family with my beloved!
I think that a person can' be truly happy if he/she doesn't have own family!
Think it is such happiness, I think, when you are going home from work and you know someone is waiting for you there!
I live alone ( I rent a flat and live separately from family and my brother already has his own family).I want to have a beloved man and to rush home from work in order to prepare something tasty for him and spend a lovely, calm evening together - just two of us and our GREAT FEELING of LOVE!!!!! You know more I communicate with you more I feel warmer and warmer towards you! I feel that you really a nice person and I think I would be glad to rush to you from work to spend a romantic evening together! It seems that I am in love with you already a little!!! What about you? ? I am a little bit shy to tell you about my feelings first because you may not have the same feeling towards me but I really hope that you feel the same and REALLY waiting for your next letter!!! Hugs to you!
Till the next time Elena
Letter 4

Dear Sir! We are writing to you in order to report that your Lady can't answer you. As you know, Elena doesn't know English, that's why she was using the services of our agency. Our agency "EASY SPEECH" suggests services of translating and Internet. With our help people can solve their language barrier. But we want you not to mix us with the marriage agency, because it is not so. Elena was our client till this moment. Your Lady is very interested in you and in your further correspondence, but she has some financial problems. And now she can't pay any more for translating of your correspondence. Elena asked us to report you about this, as she is worried about you. Our agency is not a marriage agency and here are all the services we provide to our clients: 1 translation the letters from Russian into English;
2 translation the letters from English into Russian;
3 scanning and printing the photos;
4 printing the letters;
5 sending and receiving the letters;
6 giving access to Internet to our clients. If you are interested in Elena and want to help her, you can contact us any time and we'll give you our price list. We'll answer all interesting you questions. Sincerely Yours,
Administration of the "EASY SPEECH" agency.
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