Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lopacheva to Gary (USA)

Letter 1
hello,my dear friend Swazzie !
I'm very glad to get a letter from you.
I am single now and I really want to find my second half in this life on this planet.
May be it will be you, let us see...
But at first I want to tell you something about myself.
my name is Yulia,I'm 27 y.o. I live in beautiful Ukrainian town Lutugino.
I am very romantic and tender person. I was born in a big family with a lot of traditions.
I was surrounded by care of all the members of my family. So, now I want to find man , whom I can present all my love and care too. my family,is the most important part of my life. It's not big,but very strong. We always help and support each other. there are three of us:me,my mom and dad. I have no any brothers or sisters.
I live along in a rent flat... study at the medical university of our town. It's rater interesting for me to study medicine,and I'd like to be a doctor after graduating it.I'll graduate in some days! If you ask me about my hobbies, I like music, so when I have free time I usually play piano. I like to play different kinds of music,especially jass and classical one. music always helps me to relax and to forget about all troubles and problems. what kind of music do you like?
also I like to learn different languages. I have been learning English for 5 years. now I can speak and write rater fluently with out using any dictionary.

I'm very romantic feminine, sensual and passionate person,I like to fall in my dreams and to imagine, that I live with person who do I love, and who I can share my love with...
It's rather difficult to find a good man in my country, because they all are selfish, and rude. I'd like to find romantic and kind person,who will appreciate me...
tell me please more about yourself!
Hope to hear from you soon.
P.S. I speak English rather fluently with out using any translations...
sincerely yours Yulia.
Letter 2
Hello,thank you for so lovely letter! I hope that this our correspondence will turn from friendship to love, but now I can not know this exactly. Anyway, it is very pleasant to see your letter now and I feel a little involved and at the same time happy, because you may be the one, whom I searched for for a long time. I think it is time to tell something about myself. I will not tell you much about me, because I don't know exactly what to tell about, what will be interesting for you, so I'll wait for your questions in your next letter, OK? It was pleasant for me to receive it from you.
I decided to tell you about my family,because it's the most important part in my life. actually I live along in a rent flat, my mom and dad lives in another town. I have no brothers or sisters. our family is not big but very friendly,and strong. we always help each other and give different advices. we also like to pass free time together. sometimes we go to our granny,who lives far from both of us. my granny had much to tell,her knowledge and the sharpness of her memory always shocked me. she can speaks with me during a lot of hours. granny always has lots of stories to tell,stories, which usually comes from generation to generation. Everybody says, that she is the best. But in common,I like to spend a lot of time at home,i like cooking,and always cook smth special and delicious for my family. especially I like to cook meat and different salads.
my Mom is house keeper, she doesn't work but always take care of me and my dad.
my father works as a teacher in the college,so he has rather little free time,which sometimes he spends with his friends in a friend's meeting clubs. what about your family?Do you spent a lot of time with them? as about my hobby,the best way to relax and to do smth. interesting is to listen to the music,you know i like every kind of music,from classical one to r&b. sometimes it inspire me for writing poems. also i like dreaming about my future and far away countries. I have never been abroad,so i hope that one day my dreams will come true!what is your favorite music?and in what countries have ever been?
I'm waiting for your answer impatiently, buy for now.
yours Yulia
Letter 3
hello Swazzie!
you can't even imaging how I was glad to find your letter today. I don't know why but i always think about you!I hope that our friendship, will soon turn into the love!
do you want to know about my usual day?
I'll write a little...
Usually I wake up at 8 O'clock and at 9 I go to the university.
now I have exams,so I should pay much attention and time for learning.
but usually, after it, I go in for aerobics.
Also once a week I should visit model agency. I'm very communicative, so I have a lot of friends to spend much time with them. During our weekends, in my free time, we are with my girlfriends, go for a walk to the city, we like to sit in cafe too for a cup of tea.
but really I'm tired of different clubs and cafes!
I'd like to have a family and my love person, who can share my free time, and my love with! sometimes I visit my granny, she lives in a country. she is very wisdom person, so it's always very interesting to listen the stories about her life, and adventures. there is a forest near her house, I like nature a lot, so sometimes I go there just to walk, and listen to the sound of it...
for me the best place, for passing free time is nature, you can really relax and don't think about living in cosmopolitan, and can easily forget about all problems...
what about you? do you like nature?and what is the best place for you to pass your free time? Also, I like traveling a lot, but I have never been abroad. I've been only in Ukraine...but I have a dream to see the ocean...can you imagine the sound of the ocean...light wind...sunset, and your lovely person near? I think it's wonderful! I'll wait for a new letter from you!
I'd like to know you better!
lots of kisses!!! Yulia
Letter 4

hello my dear Swazzie!
nice to talk to you again!:) Thanks a lot for your letter.
I appreciate your sincere interest in me.
I guess,we both want to know each other better, and our interest grows more and more with every letter!
yesterday I went for a walk with my friends, and (maybe I'll sound a little strange)all evening I tell them about you!
My best friend, Lena, last year married a foreigner!(he is from USA) they also found each other in the Internet!
Now, she lives with him abroad, and yesterday she came to visit her relatives and friends!
so, she tell us lot of different stories, and advised us, also try to find our happiness in the Internet!
So I told them about you...
Have you got any friends, who has wives from abroad? In this my letter I would like to tell you my thoughts about life and people.
I believe in kindness, despite of I've met a lot of cruel people, everybody met cruelty and lie our time. May be I'm too optimistic sometimes, but I'm trying to make life better, I don't feel like in pink glasses, just trying to smile, be sure that if you'll be with me I'll try to make also your life better and you'll feel good near me, I'm kind and polite, I'll do anything for my sweetheart!
what about you?
what people features are you appreciate more? P.S. I have finished University!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hurray!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll wait for the next letter from you!
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