Scam letter(s) from Larisa Chercashina to Gary (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear:)! How are you doing today? I hope you are ok and in a good mood:) As for me I am all right but it would be much better if I had my soul mate by my side... You understand, I am lonely and all my efforts to find the man of my life here in Ukraine were in vain:( I am so frustrated about it:( And I wonder if you are lonely or not?? If yes and your heart aches of being alone please please write me!!! May be we have a chance to be together and may be God has plans for us who knows... I am a common girl whose mind is busy with dreaming about her only precious man... May be it is you?:) I want to know it and the only thing I pray you now to do is just to write me a letter and tell me more about your life... Will it be ok for you?:) I hope for it... I am 25 years old and I am so lonely if you could know... There was a man here in Ukraine who broke my heart into millions of pieces and I need my hero who will help me to pick them back up in one whole... In spite of this bad experience I still believe in love and ready to trust a man again... I was told that Internet is a perfect place to meet your second half so I have a great expectations about it! Please write me... Here is my e-mail: I am waiting for your answer... Larisa.
Letter 2
My dear Swazzie, hello!!! Thank you so so much for your letter! I really appreciate your attention to my person:) You sound like a very intelligent person and I respect it a lot. Your photos are so nice,I can see that you are a very interesting and attractive man and I really want to get to know you much better! Please tell me more about you and send me some photos of yours in your next letters,ok? I will be waiting impatiently and may be one day we will be good friends and even more... You have a very nice dog:) I am so sorry for your father,it was really horrible to lose him...But life has to go on... Darling, if we will be serious with each other surely I will come to you and will stay with you for the rest of my life! I will go anywhere for my love, I will leave Ukraine for it, it is my own decision and I am completely ready for this step... First of all I want you to know that I'm not here to find someone to live with, I'm here to find the one I can't live without... It is very important for you to realize that I am not one of those girls who are just to play with somebody's emotion and feelings, who are just looking for fun and ***. I am not here for that, *** is easy to be find anywhere but I need something more than it, I need my only man to be close to me. He will be the one I will love and the one I will want to make love with... If you are as much serious as I am please you are welcome to write me a lot of letters:) I will gladly read them and answer you immediately! So I guess it is time to tell you something about myself:) I want to be honest with you and I want to tell you in the beginning of our correspondence that I don't speak English unfortunately:( I know it is a big loss for me but I promise you to do my best to learn it!!! And now I have to use the translational firm , I hope it is not a problem for you?:) So my full name is Larisa Cherkashina, I was born on the 23rd of April 1982. I am 25 years old and I am full of life and energy!!! I live in Perevalsk town Lugansk region, it i in the east of Ukraine, can you take a look at the map?:) My native languages are Russian and Ukrainian. I am future manager, I am an external student of the management faculty on the last course of studying:) And now I work as a cook at the cafe:) May be this fact will make you happy:) I know that most of men like to have a good meal and also I know that not all the women can prepare a nice dinner for their families:) But it is not my case!!! My husband will always eat his favorite dishes! By the way what are your favorite dishes:)? If we will be serious I will do my best to cook them as better as possible for you!!! In my free time I like to spend with my friends and have a lot of fun, but not to drink or smoke, also I have never used drugs. My dear Swazzie, I want you to write me in your next letter as more about yourself as possible! As you know I use the translation service and every letter costs me money so please be talkative in your next letter, ok?:) I am waiting impatiently for your answer... Kisses!
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