Scam letter(s) from Elena Deyneka to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Site I have made my web for my relatives and girlfriends which I understand Russian. Russian - our basic language. And English I learned in college.
I have given you the address of my site as I consider you as my close person. I am not I am not disappointed, that you think of ***. It is very good. Probably you not correctly have understood me. I had in view of what the man should think of ***, but still sometimes it is possible to think and of feelings...
I do not know how much Azerbaijan is dangerous to you. Many foreigners here work and live.
I not the swindler and I unfortunately would not have money what to arrive to you. But also I shall not ask money from you, that you would not think of me badly. I can learn about travel agencies. If you want it? I very much would wish to arrive to you.
Letter 2

At us today very much hot. I was today in embassy of England. They would tell that has collected all documents and a photo and has brought to them. And iiinea that as I shall mourn over 250 dollars. The visa will be ready in 4 days. What to me to do?
Letter 3

If you want I can learn a name and a surname of the worker from embassy. But I can make it only then when I shall go there next time.
And if you solve ia?aaanoe money for mine name. That it can be made through the Western Union.
My data.
Eiy - Yelena
Surname Deyneka
City - Baku.
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