Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Javier (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello! So let's start to talk. I hope we will come to something good to the end of our conversation. It's always hard to introduced myself. I feel like strange talking about myself, because I don’t want to sound egoistic.
Let’s talk just about the facts, which, probably, you would like to know. First of all my appearance. My height is 167 cm, my weight is 50 kg. I have grey eyes and light brown long hair. I'm 32 years old, I was born in 1976, on October, the 28th. I have looked at the Internet and I see that you are so famous, but I don't understand Spanish so I can't understand what is written. I live in a small town. It is called Ternopol, it is situated on the Western part of Ukraine, near Lviv. I live with my parents now. I was married (you may not like it, but I just say true facts) I think it’s normal when woman Of my age has something in her past, at list it’s my opinion. I hope I don’t sound like a teacher now. I work as a teacher of physical training, that’s why I may sound boring like a teacher. Actually, it’s also the reason why I’m keen on healthy life style. I don’t drink and don’t smoke. I also have a elder brother, his name is Nikolay(Nicholas). He is 36 years old now. I love him very much. He is a reserved man, but he's very kind. He always tries to protect me. I feel loved and protected in my family circle, I may seem strange but I just want to find a man with whom I feel the same. You know, I'm tired of my loneliness. I don't want to be alone. I want to find my only one. I guess you have a question, why I'm alone. Two years ago I got my divorce and I became more cautious with men around me. And the Internet seems a more safe place, than bar. I’m not talking about cinemas and theatres, because we don’t have them here. I'm sure that I need a sensitive partner, and he also should be loving and caring. I don't say that Slavonic guys are bad or don't know how to treat a woman. But they are not used to show their feelings. And I need to see what my man feels for me. I guess that's all for this time. Please, feel free to ask me anything you want. And wanted to ask you what do you think about the Internet as a way of meeting people. Bye!
Letter 2
Hello, my new friend! First I want to thank you for your answer and your interest to me. And thank you to accept me in your world... I really like talking to you and I hope you like me. Let's see what else I could tell you about myself. I have never had Children, because my ex didn’t want children. But you know I would like to have children, though I guess it's a mutual decision, two people should both decide whether to have children or not. I guess I haven't told you yet, that I don't know English. I would like to learn it, but I haven't such a chance till now. You may ask why I write to you if I don't know English, I mean it would be right for a woman to learn English if she is looking for a man abroad. I want to tell you that I'm going to learn it, because I'm sure that it would be useful for me and another reason is my desire to understand my man. As I already told you, I feel that the love I seek I could find only with a gentle and sensitive man. Russian and Ukrainian men are not bears, but one could never call them sensitive. I miss tender love, tender hands hugging me, kisses in public, whispering secret gentle names, which man and woman use to call each other. That's why I decided to start correspondence through the Internet. I went to a firm. This is a translation firm which make translations in written form and it also deals with the Internet correspondence. And I was very surprised to know that some women in my country make money from foreign guys writing to them through the Internet. Manager of the firm asked me whether I'm going to earn money. At first I didn't understand anything, then he explained to me everything about those women, who earn money using foreign men. And then he said that if I would do something like this, he will report to the police. Actually, the manager was the first who told me about those people. Now I understand that it might be difficult for you to trust me. I believe in being truthful all through my life, because if you don't lie you never get in trouble with anyone. I truly don't believe in arguing, I think it's just pointless and negative, much better to talk something through and agree on a conclusion or a compromise to a certain situation! I mean, why waste time arguing when you can enjoy each others company? Sure life isn't perfect, but why not try to make it perfect? Being with someone means being there for them through the good and the bad, to support them, love them and help them through any situation, whether it's their fault or not! I guess I give so much of my thoughts and emotions to my friends, sometimes I feel I'm not getting anything in return, that's when you realize that you're alone in the world sometimes, seeking that special someone that you could , I don't know how to say it, look after, care about and be interested in but then get that in return! Don't know what else I could add. If you still read this letter, it means you like me or you’re a polite man. I like both variants, but the first is more pleasant for me personally. It would be great to meet you in real someday, really... I wish you a good day! And don't forget to write me a letter, because I'll be waiting! Take care,
Letter 3
My darling, Again I have a happy smile on my face, because again I read your words. I'm very glad to get your answer. How was your day? Today I had a lot of work to do, so I'm a little bit tired. I like my job, and I love my children. I give them my love, which I could give to my man, to my own future family… Step by step your letters become an important part of my life. Tell me, do you see any future in our communication? Be honest with me, because I'm absolutely serious about you. I liked your idea about tasting something special made by you. and when I read your thoughts i felt like I listen a lecture, don't worry it's was interesting, and more sad it was the truth. I want you to know about my last relations. As I have already told you at the very beginning of our conversation, I’m divorce. Since I promised you to be frank, I should tell you there were two reasons. First, I found that he was cheating on me. He promised he would never do that again, but the trust between us was ruined and there is no love relations without trust. Second, but not less important, he didn't satisfied me as man. Please, don’t think that I’m obsessed with love making, but it’s so important to keep the fire of love burning. When I love I want to kiss my other half, to discover his body with my warm lips, gentle hands, to play with him naughty games, to learn him as my book of love and passion. I want him to do the same, so we could not just have ***, but swim in the ocean of pleasure to the point of no return. My ex thought only about his work, he took it in our bad if I could say so. We had been together for seven years, but I couldn't stand it any more. I tell you this, because I don’ t want to make the same mistake, I don’t want to be burnt again. Will you be ready to give all your love to me, if we become a couple? I understand that it's not that simple. I'm far away from you and I don't speak English. You might think why you should complicate everything. It's better to find somebody who speaks English, somebody, who is closer to you. I should admit that this kind of thoughts comes to my head sometimes, but then I ask myself and what if it's my chance. What if this is a chance to find my happiness, my love? What if you are my happiness, my man. I'm not going to tell you that I love you, because I don't want to tell a lie. I like you very much and I don't want to make you feel hurt. But I ask you, I beg you, please, think what if we have got a chance from heavens. Will you let it pass, or will you take it? I ask you this, and as to me I have already thought over my answer. I would regret for the rest of my life, if I let you go... Of course, you wonder why I'm telling you this, but I simply need to know your thoughts. I'm making a first step towards you, because I want to raise our relations on higher stage. Now I'm absolutely sure, that I don't want to have you in my life as friend. I see you as my man in all senses of this words. I will wait what you could answer on the things that I wrote you in this letter. Sincerely,
Letter 4

Hello, my darling! Frankly speaking I thought I won't get any answer from you. I thought I frightened you with my words. I told myself that I shouldn't write you that letter. But now I'm glad that everything has brighten up. I decided to learn English, so we could be closer to each other. It will helps us to communicate when we meet. I thought about you, lately I thought a lot about you. I thought about how our life together could look... At first I saw myself waiting for you to come home. Different city, different language and only you , my darling, will be the same. The same as in your letters. With every new letter from you I felt you better and better. As I already told you came to my world, first your letters, then you. And now I understand that it is you whom I need. I need your love and support. I thought so much, that I had even found some pluses in our situation. We could develop our feelings and we could get to know the mind, heart and soul first. It could be a great base for our relations. Don't you think so? Let's get to know each other, slowly, step by step. We are grown-up people, so I guess both of us understand that first love is a miracle, chemistry and then we have to work on it, if we want to be together and live a happy life. Do you want to work with me, to raise up our feelings? Do you ,actually, understand that we could start a new life together? It's like to take a breath of fresh air. I need it and I see that you too. I have that special feeling inside me, that something great, something important is going to happen with me. I was waiting for it. I was waiting for you. Let's try to make each other happy, though I'm already happy, because I have found you. Lots of love,
Your Tatyana.
Letter 5
Dear Sir, We are sorry for interrupting Your correspondence with Tatyana, but it is necessary to inform You that Tatyana will not have opportunity to answer You now. We are translation firm that has provided Tatyana with Internet and translation services. Today we have informed our client Tatyana, that she has zero on her balance. When a clients come to our firm, we open an account for him/her. The client puts a definite sum of money on his/her account. Tatyana's money were used for the translation of her letters and sending them to You using the Internet and translation of Your letters as well as printing them on the paper. When we have informed Tatyana about the zero reminder on her account, we asked whether she wants to continue the correspondence with You. Tatyana said she would like to continue the correspondence but she is not sure she can afford this. Tomorrow Tatyana will come to our office on more time. We will keep You informed. Please, accept our regrets about the situation. Respectfully,
Top manager of the
Translation Firm "Kalina"
Doronin Nikolay.
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