Romance scam letter(s) from Alexandra Michaylovisch to Gustavo (Argentina)
Letter 1
Hello my new friend Gustavo!
It is very pleasant to me to see your letter in my mail! It has presented me for today good mood and a smile! I am grateful to you for your attention and for the warm letter to me. I think, that at us with you the remarkable correspondence can turn out.You are ready to check up, whether so it is valid? It would be very pleasant to me to see every day the letter from you.
Dear Gustavo, for the beginning our acquaintance I would like to tell about myself. As you know, my name Aleksandra. To me of 28 years, I was born on March, 16th. And on a sign on the zodiac I fishes. I was born in Russian city Nizhnii Novgorod where and now I live. There I live with my mum. Its name Svetlana Georgievna. But I name it simply mum :)) to It on December, 11th 56 years were executed. It works as the teacher of mathematics at school. However for me this subject was the most difficult when I went to school. Though it to me has not prevented to leave school with distinction. When I went to school, teachers spoke about me, that I very hardworking girl. And then at university this quality as has helped me to finish this educational institution with distinction. I have finished the Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical University. There I have received a speciality the manager on advertising.
As to my father, it the militarian. Colonel Aleksey Michaylovisch. It serves far from us on border with China. And consequently we with mum seldom see it. I always very much miss on it. Also it is madly glad, when it sometimes comes to visit us with mum! I as have a senior sister. Its name Anna, to it 32 years. But it lives abroad. It approximately 6 years ago has got acquainted on the Internet with the man. And now about five and a half of years lives there with the husband. And they have son Nikolay. Sometimes they arrive to visit us with mum in the summer. To my nephew Nikolay four years. It is very pleasant to me to spend time with it when my sister arrives to us in Novgorod. Nikolay very nice amusing and clever child. In the four years it already is able to read in English. Certainly while it at it not so well turns out. But this summer I have learned it to it more. I finished rates on studying English and French of languages. Also I can freely speak and write in these languages.
As to my work. I work not on the speciality. As well as many people in our country. Having received higher education, they cannot find work on twist specialities. I work as the waitress at Nizhniy Novgorod restaurant " Onar " It is very prestigious restaurant in our city. And sometimes the chapter of city administration there has dinner. The first person in city. However I still never managed to see it personally. But I hope, that I have some chances of it :))
Dear Gustavo if to speak about my qualities I think, that about it it is visible from is better. My friends speak about me, thatI the decent, responsible and careful girl. But if it so I think, that you as will feel it during dialogue with me.
Actually acquaintance in the Internet for me employment new. And I even worry now a little. I am afraid, that I can write to you something not so. And you will simply pass my letter. Therefore please, excuse me at once if I have written something superfluous, that it was not pleasant to you. Simply I already long time search the present for the man for serious attitudes. Which will love me which will be loved by me and which it is not terrible to marry. However while I have not found such the man in which this would be combined all three qualities.
By the way, at my place there is a pet: a hamstedanieledanieler. Its name Mikki. And in this animal this are combined all three qualities :)) It loves me, I love it and consequently I am not terrible for marrying it :))
And if it is serious, I very much would like to construct the happy future with you. And for this reason I write to you this letter. I very much hope, that we can continue our correspondence. And I hope, that I as am interesting to you, as well as you for me. I wish to know about you more. Tell to me please more about itself. As whom do you work? Tell please about the family? And the most important, write to me please for what you have placed your structure on a site of acquaintances? You search for what attitudes? What do you wait from our correspondence?
My friend Gustavo, thus I shall finish my letter. I shall not tire Any more you with my letter. I think, that on first time of all of it it is enough. If you have questions to me I with pleasure shall answer them. But also you please do not ignore my questions to you. Now I shall wait for your answer.
Tender kiss!
Yours faithfully Aleksandra
Letter 2
Hello my friend Gustavo!
I am very glad to see your letter on my mail! Today it me has very much pleased also my mood now magnificent! And it mainly owing to you!
By the way, I have forgotten to tell to you, that I can write to you only from the Internet of cafe. At my place there is no Internet. Therefore now I every day shall come into the Internet of cafe to see your letters. I can do it before work - in the morning, or after work - in the evening. But also in the morning and in the evening my time is limited. Because in the morning I hasten for work, and in the evening the Internet of cafe is closed at 21:00. Therefore I can write to you only till this time if I shall not be late on work. By the way, I heard about such programs for on line dialogue, as MSN or yahoo messenger. I was interested about these programs at employees the Internet of cafe. But they have categorically forbidden to me to use these programs. They explain it to that for them use of such programs will dearly cost and consequently it it is not favourable to them. It would be very interesting to me to communicate with you thus but as you understand it now not probably.
My dear Gustavo, our correspondence so means for me much. I am afraid to think beforehand, but I want, that you knew - for me it very seriously. Now every day I shall hasten in the Internet to see your letter.
Now I wish to tell to you still something about myself. Recently I have again read through my favourite book. It refers to " the Master and Margarita " Bulgakov. You heard about such product? Actually I have not time to read much. But I like to be well informed about the events occuring in our country and in the world. But as I like to read and fiction. And you like to read? And you prefer what literature? Now as to my favourite book. It is the book about all. But mainly I think, that this book about love. There as there are such lines " Who has told to you, what are not present on light of the present true eternally love?.. Yes will cut off to the liar its mean language!!! " And I as trust, that there is on light a present true eternal love. But it is very difficult to find it. In the life I still did not meet such the man about which I could tell at once: " It is my love! " I very much hope, that we not vainly write each other letters. I very much hope for remarkable continuation of our correspondence.
Today I wish to send you one of my favourite photos. I have made it in park in the past to a year in the autumn. Once we walked with the girlfriend on park. Also have met there the elderly woman who walked the dog. We were in delight from its dog. It it is valid very lovely and nice! Is not that so? Its name Milka. By the way, this dog as does not have friend... Also it is a pity, that mine Mikki not a dog, and a hamster :))
I think, that you are already tired to read my letter. And consequently it is time to me to finish my letter. I wish to wish your of good luck and successes in your affairs! Now it is time to me to go. And tomorrow I very much hope to see your letter on my mail.
Letter 3
Hello dear Gustavo!
It is really pleasant to me to receive your letters! They cheer up me, and I hearts starts to fight more quickly when I come to the Internet of cafe! And I already start to get used to that to me is necessary to come into the Internet of cafe.
Today in the morning, when I have left on a stop to go for work, 3 buses have again passed by, and any has stopped. In everyone to people - as in a flank it is a lot of herring. Naturally, for work was late. And here the chief: What, again buses did not stop? It was necessary to tell, that neighbours from above have flooded. I am afraid, at such work of public transport of my imagination for a long time will not suffice :))
My native language really Russian. And I can freely speak and write in English and French. But I as do not wish to stop on it. I am ready to start to study the Spanish language. And I have solved, that I shall study up to perfection if between us something can be constructed more correspondence. But time can answer this question and circumstances only. What do you think of it?
And if it is serious, I do not like to deceive people. Also I do not love, when me I deceive. I understand, if it is a cheerful joke and it does not bear behind herself any heavy consequences. But when it is mean lie certainly it induces bad emotions. And what you think in this occasion?
Gustavo, I am possible shall set for you one very important question? Though what for I ask it, in fact I shall not hear now your voice. And it is a pity... But as speak at us in Russia " is not present bad without good! " Therefore, if you would tell to me, that it is impossible for you to ask a question, I to you to its backs in any case :))
I want, that you have told to me seriously. That for you it is more important: career or family? I asked to myself this question. And I have well thought of it. And thus I have chosen the priorities. For me the family and love is more important! I think, that if in family all will be good, there will be a stimulus that also career was good. What do you think of it? I have drawn for myself such conclusion from the life. At me on work as a whole all is good. And in my family too all is good. But I have tried to present, that at my place there will be a scandal in my family (that I never wish) it will directly be reflected and in my work. Unless not so?
My friend Gustavo, I do not want, that we did each other painfully and forced to suffer. And I do not want, that our attitudes with you now came to an end, I wish all this to continue and messages to really to know each other well, as to understand and respect. The main thing that was trust and understanding. You agree with me?
The man and the woman are created to be together, but not always we can be with those who to us like or who causes in us sympathies. I can be the good wife, but I met only men which did not wish to have serious attitudes. Them my soul did not interest. They did not think of love. There was in my destiny a meek love. I would not meet men which cared of me, as for many my girlfriends. My girlfriends for a long time already married. But not many of them are happy in marriage. And I have solved, that I wish to learn all over again the future husband in dialogue, its attitude to me as to the person, as to the friend..?
Our life is very complex, I do not know that will leave our acquaintance, but I think that our acquaintance becomes friendship on long if you will want it. I can promise only that I shall not cease to answer your letters. I shall be very glad to it. I shall always wait for your letters, I
On it I say goodbye to you today.
I wish successful day!
About respect Aleksandra
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend Gustavo!
It is really pleasant to me to see your letters in my mail. You know, some people speak, that it is pleasant to them to communicate with the interlocutor only to seem polite. But I not such. I have got used to speak with the person openly. And if I speak, that it is pleasant to me to communicate with you it is really pleasant to me to receive and read your letters. Otherwise you would not read now my letters.
Today I was not late for work because has left on a bus stop little bit earlier. And consequently I had not to think out what to tell to the chief :))
By the way, last night I have decided to let out hamster Mikki from a cell to take a walk. I already for a long time did not let out it and consequently it was glad to it. First it crept at me on hands, and then ran around of a cell. But then I have distracted for some minutes. And when has returned to plant Mikki back in a cell I have not found out it about a cell. I very much was frightened also of the beginning it to search. And you will not believe, where I have found it. It has appeared, that it has climbed in a box with a forage for hamsters. It had already full cheeks of this forage. And it has looked at me such innocent eyes as though it nothing has made :))
Now after work I hasten in the Internet to read through your letter and to write the answer. It is complex to communicate on the Internet a little. For me it is still unusual also I do not know, about what it is necessary to speak with you how to conduct conversation. I try. I think, I knowingly try.
My dear freuend Gustavo I appreciate you, and I try to think now only about good, that can occur between us. It seems to me, that we with you not should stop now simply to learn, each other while it will be necessary for us. You agree with me? And I would like to ask you that you really each time spoke and warned me if you will not write to me from that you will be borrowed or where that will leave. Well? I shall simply think that you do not wish to speak more with me or have simply forgotten about me. I hope for you. For us with you the main thing now to construct trust as that we with you could understand completely each other, respect and appreciate. You agree with me?
Simply at me is a few fear because I know, that on the Internet much occurs, and a lot of what men deceive. And I would not like to collide with it to be then simple one. And I hope, on you that you will not make so. You should know me because I really exist, and I really wish to create ours with you attitudes. I hope, that you too to it go in our attitudes. I am interested in you Gustavo, it is very interesting to me.
I wish to tell to you, that I would like to speak by with you to phone. It would be pleasant to me to hear your voice! But unfortunately now I do not have opportunity to call you or to leave my number. Simply we with mum rent the apartment and less to pay a rent, we have decided to not use a telephone line. Therefore I do not have opportunity to contact you now. But I think, that I can find an opportunity to call you sometime. But that it was not vain, I would like to know all over again about you more. Because it is difficult to me to communicate with the person by phone if I know about it a little. And when I shall feel, that well I know you it will be more pleasant and easier to me to communicate with you. I shall feel more easy at conversation. I hope, that you understand me. Also you do not take offence that now I cannot call to you or give you my number.
I think, that on it I shall finish the today's letter. Now I shall wait for tomorrow and your letter. I as hope, that you will send me your new photos. It would be very interesting to me to see your new photos.
Kiss and embraces
Yours faithfully Aleksandra
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