Scam Letter(s) from Alena Krivonosova to Billy (USA)

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Letter 1

Dear Billy! Thank you for your letter! You can not even imagine how your letters are important for me and how I feel each time when I receive a letter from you!!! Thank you for your answers...
You know, my dear, Billy, as you did become very important to me, I do have the need to tell you everything about me, and so I will write you some more about my character, my thoughts and view of life.
I think that both man and woman should do everything possible to keep the fire of love and passion in their hearts!!! Men should support women in helping them to develop themselves, to realize their own goals and dreams. But instead of women love and care man should spoil her woman with kisses and care, tender touches. I think that it's the greatest mistake of Ukrainian men when they buy flowers only on the Valentines Day or the Women Day and give them to their women... I think that when people are in love they should show that they are in love every minute of their life!!!
I am a very unusual, wise, smile, intelligent and kind girl, but I think that you'll understand that I'm even more unusual than you think!!! I would love to be the best friend to my beloved, I am looking for lifelong mutual understanding, for a man who will be my best friend, for an interesting life to share, but also I am looking for a loving man, to believe in him, to support him, and to devote myself to him, to live with him a wonderful, exiting, sensual and passionate love life. I don't want boring relations where nobody is willing to work on it. I hate when a couple is loosing interest in each other. I am a very romantic, sensitive, sensual girl who needs to care about her Prince all the time, a girl who has to tell him every day how much she loves him, how much she needs him and how happy she is that he would be her one and only beloved husband. i want to bring a coffee to him every day in the bad, to make all his wishes come true, and it doesn't matter whether it is a preparation of his favourite dish or it is a wish about the evening spend together, where to go or something else, or may be his sexual wishes... and if the woman loves her man, if she takes care about his feelings, his wishes, she is always ready to do a lot for him... but in stead he should spoilt her with his hugs and kisses... and i do think that in such a family peace, quietness and love... and how do you imagine your future family???
As for me, I went to the travel agency yesterday and to the passport office and found out what is necessary if I would like to go for abroad. And so I was told that I need to have a police report, international passport and visa to go to your country. In the travel agency, I went to, they told me everything about these documents... as for police report it is needed to prove that i do not have any previous convictions... it is done in a day and costs 32$, as for the passport, it is done in a week time and costs 347$ and as for visa it is done in a month and costs 98$.
dear, frankly speaking i was disappointed in prices, 'cause i thought that it was cheaper to go to you... and unfortunately my poor family and poor parents who are working so hard to make the ends meet can't help me... do not think that i want money from you, no, that is not... I just want to be near you as soon as possible and I want to overcome all the difficulties and to come to you!!! without your help i am not able to come, but if you have such a chance to come to me, that would be wonderful... what do you think about it???
I wish you a wonderful day and sweet dreams about us!
I kiss and hug you tenderly
With sweet affection
Your romantic and sensual, Alena!!!



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