Scam letter(s) from Elena to Kjetil (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend!!!
Gratitude, that you have decided to answer my letter, it pleasant for me. I very much hope, that we with you shall be for long time correspond. I live in Russia, you know already it. I know the English language well, but it is not perfect. I hope you you can understand that I write. It is very new to me to write letters to the person on other party of the world.
Let's start with that my name is Elena and I 27 y/o. I live in city Kirov. You know something about this city? It is small city, here lives almost 500000. Approximately 900 kilometers from capital of Russia. You know the city of Moscow?
Tell to me what your full name? Where you were born and in what city live?
I was born in 1980, it was on January, 30. When your birthday? Who you on a mark of the zodiac?
I of 169 centimeters of growth, and my weight of 58 kgs.
You can see my photo, it is pleasant to you?
I have no man now, and I am completely lonely and free for relations.
In searches in the Internet of me has resulted that I was disappointed in men of our city. Here poorly good people, all of them rigid also are not able to love.
I like to read books and to look films. I read book basically romantic, sometimes detectives. From films I certainly most of all from all like comedies but as I look various adventure and historical films. As I like to be on character, we frequently with relatives to go, to have rest. I have grandmother who there lives not far from me and in it separate house. I basically spend I summer in her. And in general in us friendly family. I want to create with favourite person same.
I shall not occupy you now, I shall send this letter and I hope to you it will be interesting to write to me again. I shall wait your letters with your photos. Necessarily send me some the photos, I want to have a little that it is better to present you.
I shall wait for the letter from you
Elena from Russia.
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