Letter(s) from Svetlana Stetocheck to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Thank you so much for the interest in me, my dear! I have to tell you that I find you a very handsome man but I am sure you have heard it a lot from other women;)

As for my personal information, but I can't give it to you yet, as I don't know you so well, I was warned by the International Office of the Women Rights that it might be very dangerous for a young girl to give her personal information in the Internet, so I have to know you better at first!

I am sorry, I do not have a phone, but if you give me yours, I will try to find a way how I can call you some day, oK?

My dress size is 44.

My measurents are 92-63-94.

The Bra size is 3D, i do not know. I think it is M.

I like white and pink colors.

Oh, darling, how can I assure you that the difference in our age is not the most important thing? We are all programmed by society to think the gaps are wrong, and you'll suffer only at the beginning, torturing yourself with the question "is this right?" But our great love and understanding will over-rode those worries. You must understand that there's always prejudice against anything out of the norm. And your views are typical in such a situation, but I hope very-very much that we will take our years together. Will you share them with me? I know, I'm still young, but you'll be always young in your heart with me. I promise. We won't feel it's hanging over us. We'll just enjoy looking after each other, and when the time passes, we will sail off into the sunset for another chapter of our life together. So, AGE is irrelevant in a relationship.

About myself I can say to be a simple, optimist, generous and romantic woman. Usually I'm cheerful and with sense of humor. I'm 23 Years old. My birthday is December, the 1st, 1983. Nationalities I'm Ukrainian, my religion: the Christian. I live in Kirovsk.
My growth is 170 cm, my weight 48 kg. About my job. I work as a school nurse in our local school. In future I will tell you exactly and with more details about it. I'm always busy with my job. So I have a very active life and I like it. Usually, I have a quiet life and I like to stay with friends in some restaurant or bar or club. In Summer time I like to go to the sea, just to see the nature.
I like sports very much. 3 times a week I go to the gym. I like my body to be in good shape, but it is really a hard work :(( I like gymnastics as well, but I do not have much time for that, as I come back from work at 18.00.
As you can see I am a pretty active person and I like being outdoors very much... Of course I like the coziness and warmth of being inside, but I didn't met the right person to share that feelings with...
I am the only child in the family and I have a good relationship with my parents.

Your dera Sveta.

Letter 2

Thank you so much for the letter and for the photos, my dear! I loved all of them! i am so lucky to meet such an interesting person in the Internet!

I do not know what you need my surname for?

As for the scams, I absolutely understand your feelings and you have all rights to have such thoughts. I heard some stories about this and what can I say... Starting searching your second half through the Internet you had to guess that you may pass into such a problem- I mean a problem of being not sure whether the person exists. Dear, I don't know how to prove you that I am like you- I live, I breathe, I move my arms and legs, but all this I do on the opposite part of the Earth. I am not a girl with some butter instead of brains in my head (this is purely Russian saying) and I am not playing any games. Here it is almost impossible to find a decent man as everybody doesn't know what they want...they either suggest to become a lover or don't want any serious relations. That was the reason of the thought why not try to set my own life? When I saw my friend-collegue writing letters to Amsterdam I thought why not to try... Ok I won't continue all this as you are a clever man who understands everything:) Both of us are adults, and I think that no letters will substitute life alive communication. I think I am good in psychology and dear, believe me I see among the lines that you are the man whom I was searching...I hope just to be a woman whom you were searching for:) I know for sure my intuition won't let me down.

Letter 3

Thank you so much for the letter, my dear! I loved it! I am so lucky to meet such an interesting person in the Internet!
The matter is that I want to visit you first.
Why do I want to come to you first? I have thought a lot over this and came to the conclusion that in such case We will have some advantages. First off all from the pictures and your letters I see that you are a good man and you won't hurt me, that's why I am almost not afraid! Secondly, if I come to you I will see the style of your life, the place of your living, your environment, your habits and so on. This I need in the case we decide to stay together...in this case I will have to leave my country and to come to live with you, am I right? And just imagine if you come to visit me first. That would be nice as well and be sure I will be happy to meet you here and to have you as my guest, but...But if we decide to stay together, just imagine my state...I will have to leave for the unknown!!! That frightens me a little bit. And the last reason, again in the case we decide to stay together, the visa in my passport for your country will prove that we have already met, that I have been to your country, at your place.... it seems to me that in this case it would be much more easier for us to arrange documents for me. What do you think? Does it make sense?