Letter(s) from Sharly to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

how are u doing..am sharly from usa right there in alaska....am very Glad and sincere whe i got ur mail..."I am a 27 year old single white female that has never been married, I was born and raised in usa , right here in alaska. I'm a native of america and 100 % cherokee tribe, I am in Turkey currently, I lost my Dad when i was 2 years old and my Mom have always been taking care of me but i can do that on my own now..my Mom took me to Turkey when she was transfer to Turkey in her missionary work to Turkey, that's what lead me to Turkey and i use the influence to get my BA in Accounting in Turkey, I have finished my college now thought i just concluded the BA but my Mom had move to belgium due to another re-transfer but i am still in Turkey , I am currently working as a Clerk in a Auditin firm ,I love my Job so much because it's base on Monthly payment and it's gives me time for other thing,though i don't earn much but i always've alot of free time.I do come to the state more often and the last time i come to the state was January and i spend 3 weeks in cypress motel , right there in alaska..that was my last trip out of Turkey and place i have visited in my like are:auburn in NY.bedford in Texas.mocksville in NC,ganiesville in Geogia and alaska is my birth place I love kids but do not currently have any of my own, but actively hoping that will change in the future. Most people would describe me as being a honest, trust- worthy and very dedicated person. I am very easy going, open-minded, and liberal person. I am a true romantic at heart and have a very sensitive and gentle disposition. Definitely not in to head games and always believe that honesty is the best policy. I am also a animal and nature lover.
As far as interests mine are many and varied. I am comfortable doing or trying anything at least once.
I really love the outdoors, sports, health and fitness, reading, computers,etc. I am not much into the night club or bar scene. I am slightly more introverted than extroverted but am good at communicating one on one or in small groups. I have been told that I am an excellent listener and problem solver, which I think is a plus. If any of these characteristcs sound like what you are loooking for in a friend or mate, then feel free to get back intouch with me. Also do not be shy about asking any questions you have of me, that I may not have answered, because that is the only way we learn about one another. This're what I am looking for in a relationship, I am looking for honest,good looking,sexy,respectful,easy going, open-minded and trust-worthy person and beside I'm not looking for someone to live with, I'm looking for someone I can't live without and i'm also looking for someone, who can take as much as I give, give back...
glad to read from u soon... Sharly
stay safe and cool