Scam letter(s) from Oksana to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear!!!! My name is Oksana.
I was born 28 of December, 1980.
I am charming blond girl.
My height is 170 centimeters and height is 56 kg.
i work in the spa salon like as a massagers.
I like my job.My job is wonderful and it helps me of being charming.
I am a charming young girl. I am very active. I am full of energy. I lead a healthy way of life.
I neither smoke nor drink. I am very communicable and decisive.
If I make up my mind to do something I will surely do it. I am clever and intellectual.
I can also say that I am ambitious. I take from life everything I can. I have a good sense of humor.
I can tell interesting stories and jokes. It is easy to find the common language with me.
I always tell the truth.I was never married and I have no children. But very much I want to have happy family.
I am looking for my second half and my soulmate. I hope to meet serious and family-oriented man, because i would like to marry and to give a birth to our children.
I hope we will understand each other, care about each other and i believe in love till last day of life.
Take care...Oksana.
Letter 2
Hello my dear,Well... I don't know from what should i start... It is my first time when i try to find my next half through the Internet. understand one thing, My Intentions are very serious, and I am not looking for dates or just to talk to pretty man. sometimes it is really difficult to speak about myself, but i try... I live in a small town, it is called Rovenki, I was born here and live there from my childhood... I like my town very much but the problem is that here really difficult to find serious man, who will love, respect and understand you. Our man don't value our women, they have such bad habit like alcohol, frankly speaking i am tied of it and don't want to have such husband. Than's why i am here...
I have big family, it consists of 7 members, I have 3 younger sisters and brother. Our family is really united and friendly. You know people are so cunning and do everything that they want in order to achieve their goals sometimes you can only trust your family. I have a lot of friends, but my best friend is my Mum with whom i can share everything. If i have some problems i know that my family understand and support me in any case...
I work as a massager at the spa salon, i can say that i like my job very much, I think that every woman should care about her skin, do all possible that be in good form and look attractive and eye-catching.
I lead healthy way of live, neither smock no drink alcohol, it is really harmful for skin and for health in general, I like sport very much especially swimming and yoga.
As for my preferences I like music of all kind and always my choice depend on my mood, sometimes i prefer calm and classical music, sometimes i like energetic...
I like reading very much but now i don't have enough time, I like to sit in a cozy arm-chair , drink hot tea and reading novel...
I live my life by the Golden Rule "I treat others the way in which I would like to be treated"
I don't know what i can say more about myself... if you have any question you can ask and i will gladly answer them. Oh, dear I must go, my time is up, i write to you from the Internet cafe... I am waiting for your reply! Yours Oxana
Letter 3
Why are you think that i am not serious woman. Honey i was really busy and that's why i didn't have an opportunity. I am waiting for your reply!
Kiss you!
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