Letter(s) from Lilia Agryzkova to Mohamed (France)

Letter 1

My dear,

I belive that life is made to enjoy every single day of it and meet every new day with a smile on your face. I am very optimistic lady and I consider all people around me to be my friends and i am always willing to help the others. Nature created us to spend life in couple, isn't it so?:) Therefore i do not want to be single, I am looking for my true love and happiness. I am not the one who gives up easily, I will fight for my beloved one and our common happiness. I am willing to do a lot for my man and joining the dating site was the first step for me to find him.

So, if you are excited to rush with me for wealth of being in love and love yourself, you are always welcome to my e-mail address: lilechka@bestdominique.com

Sincerely, Liliya.

Letter 2

The best day to you my dear friend!
Honestly I have already taken a look at your picture and carefully read your lovely letters, and now I am one of the happiest that you have replied my message, and the happier I become that my ideas caught your attention! Well, I think we have the future. And then the time will tell, will not it? ;)
Anyway, I am sure that each friendship starts with the good understanding of one another, am I right? So, you are dying to know more about me? Let us dive deep the stories about one another!.. I am just a girl from Novyi Ajdar, that is good nice city at the edge Eastern Part of the Ukraine. I love my native city and by the way my parents and sister still live there so that is the pleasure for me to visit them on holidays from time to time when I get the minute free from university and job. I am twenty-five (18.04.1982) and I am on the forth year of studies Financial Department at Local University. I am used to reach the aims and be persistent in proving my position. I am confident and easy going, fair and generous. Never boasting and always smiling! Are you the one to be smiling all the time too?
My soul is open to everyone who is honest and looking for the positive message in this life, I can be the best understanding supporting friend or the craziest clubber with creative ideas and never ending funny fervor. I am sure that you will like me in my different moods. Partially, that is why I work as a waitress for the forth year already. You may consider my photographers to be rather professionally done and you will not be mistaken in this as from time to time I model for fun and in order to earn some money, you know that the job of the waitress in not one of the most profitable. Nevertheless, I like my job, as it allows me to meet different exciting people and be always well-informed about everything, so in fact I even do not need the mobile phone to keep in touch with all of my friends. And the most important, I am searching though the worldwide Internet to find my soul mate, the best caring and reliable partner in life, together we will move the mountains and smiles will never leave our cheerful faces. Do you have any doubts? That was nice to meet you for the first time and I do hope that was mutually pleasant ? So, share your impressions about ‘our first time’ in your next letter, agreed? Also I will. Be looking forward to hear more about your family, job and whatever you like.

My blowing kisses, from your new curios friend Liliya.

Letter 3

My cheerful smiles and best wishes to you, my dear!

The new day shows me that you are still interested in me and moreover that your interest is growing. You know the same as you I do not know exactly why but your letters make me really happy too.

How was your day? Anything exciting? I am rather in philosophical mood today, I should say. There were two pairs of philosophy studies this afternoon that is why lots of the thoughts are running in my head. As far as I understood from you previous letter all in all I succeeded to win your attention, and I hope that will lead us to the fantastically exciting world of knowing more and more about one another, right? So, let me remind you what I have already told you that friends are very important to me, but what is friendship? You may ask.

To my personal opinion friendship is like love when you have the unity of your hearts beating in unison and the common understanding. That is very important and is equal in its importance to honesty and reliability! Only the one who trusts you and is open with you can be called your real friend, whom you can ask for a helping hand is really worthy of being called your friend. I am quite sure that you are such for me as I feel something hinting to me inside, that is correct, I always trust it, my intuition ? Can you call me to be your friend or do you need more time for that?

Thank you for telling me more about your biography, you have travelled much in your life and you seem to be the All Cultures in One Man, Morocco, France and Ireland... was it difficult for you to absorb the power of three religions and traditions? I wish I could travel the same getting the knowledge and experience of the world.

By the way, I want to tell you what I absolutely forgotten to tell you the last time but what is very serious and urgent, that is the matter that I do not speak English. I keep to the idea that everyone does what he has the abilities to, I am a good waitress and I know almost everything in this profession. Someone speaks foreign languages so they become translators, that is simple. So I decided to address the specialized translator agency which helps me with Internet resources (I am not a computer’s best friend) and in passing you the information and ideas. Frankly speaking, I do realize at the moment that it was my drawback to loose the time to master the language. But I will if my ignorance about the matter troubles you. Just let me know, ok?

I think that we have already moved one mountain back by todays talking, now we feel more open and trustworthy of one another. I wish you the best brightest day, my friend Mohamed! As usually that was nice to talk to you, stay safe and sound! Hope to hear from you soon. My tender waving kisses and friendly hugs, philosophically oriented lady Liliya.

Letter 4

Hello my darling friend!

Thank you a lot for the reasonable reply and a very nice picture, I enjoyed the lines you devoted to expressing your outlook on the issues we raised the last time. I agree with you on all the points and I need to confess you that your advice to write you in Russian is very exciting still, it is a pity,and I appreciate all your assistance in this sphere, but that is not acceptable for me to follow it, simply because I do not have the computer at home and all in all that will take me time and money to find another source of suing the Internet connection and find those programs you stated, when I am not the computer's best friend!

At the moment, the light intuition hints I have got the last time (I told you about it) have grown into something more serious. All my friends noticed the changes in me, and the majority of them know me for the whole life from the very moment I first arrived here... I was nineteen when I left my parents’ home, I wanted the new big city life, with its advantages and perspectives… I am sure you understand what I mean. Unfortunately, the first time to enter the university turned to be unlucky for me, but I decided never to give up and wait a year in hard studies with lots of the books around myself, I knew I could do it, and I did, the following year. As you can guess I am not the one of the rich family and my confidence in my forces for the next year to enter the university was not confirmed with steady position, I had neither a place to live (a hostel is acceptable only for the students) nor financial opportunities to hire a flat.

“You will think about it the day after”, I told to myself as my favorite movie character used to tell in the difficult situations. I chose the lucky chance to find the well-paid job the next day when decided to spend the last money on breakfast. There was the lack of the waitresses at the cafe and a manager proposed me the position, of course, I agreed! This way I became the waitress which I have been waiting for the fifth year already. I am the bright student though, I am 25 and happy in life, the only thing I lack is the firm strong male shoulder in the life... Maybe you are exactly what I have been looking for, maybe all these changes are not for nothing? Can you be my fate?
Please, let me know, it is only you who can help me to clarify!

I will be waiting to hear back from you with impatience, I hope I did not scare out you with my words. Let my charming kisses and burning heart help you to choose the way to move forth. Sincerely, yours, Liliya.

Letter 5

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If you are interested in further correspondence with the lady you can assist her in purchasing translation service. But this decision is up to you and we do not involve with it. If you are interested in further correspondence with the lady inform us about this and we will provide you with our service options and price list as well as instructions how to fill in account for the lady on your request.

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