Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Vlasenko to Russ (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi, my new friend!!!

Hm... Where to start? It is always so hard to begin first. I Don't know what you are interested in, so I will try to tell You just what will be on my mind. I hope that we will have a Lot of time to answer all our questions and to know interests. Frankly speaking, I don't like long relationship through the Internet, but we have to start with something... Right?
So, it is time to become acquainted. My name is Jane, and I Live in very picturesque place in Ukraine, in Slovyanoserbsk. It is Western part of the country, and it is Very famous for factories and different productions. I am 29 Years old. I still live with my parents, but it is not Because I afraid to stay self-confident, but because I don't Want to stay alone... May be when I will find my soulmate, I Will leave my parents' home, and I will be happy with my ****. You know, every person is like an angel, who have only One wing... So these angels can fly to the heavens and be Happy only if two of them hold each other very tight... May Be you are my angel? Write me back, and we'll see :)
I hope you'll write me soon, and you'll show me how Wonderful this world can be... Remember, every good friend Was once a stranger.... And a good friend will be the best Gift that you can give to yourself. Only those who risk Going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go. If You want to see how far we can go together, just write me on

Hope to hear from you soon,
Your new friend from, Jane.
Letter 2
Thank you for your message. Now we have already made the First step towards each other and I am sure that it is a Beginning of a new wonderful adventure for us.
So, you have been to Ukraine, wow!!! So, you know my country And the people who live here :) Slovyanoserbsk is not very Far from Kharkov, I think about 200-300 km. I hope that when You will come to Ukraine the next time, it will be my city You will come to :)
So, let's start the first day - now I will tell you about Myself and hope to get something from you next time, OK? My Name is Jane, Jeugeniya as a full name. I was born on the 29th of March and I am a Aries - the most sensitive, caring And loving from all the Zodiac signs:-)) I still live with My parents and my younger sister - this is my family. My Sister has an ancient Russian name Alyona and she is almost 16. She is still a pupil, and she goes to school. We are Very close with her, and I can say that she is my best Friend :) She knows all the secrets of mine, and I know Hers. I think that it is very important to have a close Person, who understands you :) But one day my sister will Create her own family, and I am looking for one who will be The best partner for me :)
At the moment I work as a shop assistant at the lingerie Shop. We have a lot of production from the best world Brands, but all I can do is to look at them, but not buy... They are too expensive for me :( It is a pity, but I don't Know any foreign language and everything we have written on The production I have to ask anyone to explain me. I Also Use the help of the one translation firm to write to you as I can't do it myself as I don't trust marriage agencies Which can use my pictures for their own profit without Giving me a result that I wait for.
What about my interests, I like to read, I like animals so Much and I have a cat (her name is Alisa) at home.
I am calm and romantic person, I have a dream to create a Family where both my soulmate and I will love and respect Each other, a relationship, where prevails tenderness and Peace of mind. This is my the biggest dream - to be happy as A woman, to be beloved and loving...
Who knows, maybe you are my second half and together we will Be happy. I really hope so, and I will wait for your next Letter with impatience.
Hope to hear from you soon.

With lots of hope.
Letter 3
I was so happy to receive your letter today. Thank you for Writing me. It's a really pleasure for me to receive and Read your letters. I liked everything you told me about Yourself and I will appreciate more info about you in Future. You are very wise and clever person and it's very Interesting for me to communicate with you. You are very Experienced and because of this feature of character I like To communicate with such man as you more then with some Young boys.
Thank you very much for your photos :) They are really Great! And I am so happy to get them :)
You know, I just received your first letter and somebody Inside of me told me that I have to try and not to loose my Chance. I don't know, but I liked you at the first moment. I'm so interested in everything concerning you. I think that Such kind of information will help me to understand you Better, to get to know your habits, your taste, likes and Dislikes. What do you think about life and love? I think That it'll be enough questions for you. You know my dear I Really think that this information will be very useful I Don't want you to think that you are passing any kind of Interview to get a new job or anything like this. With all The information I'll better understand what kind of person You are.
Here are two photos for you, on is me :) And another one is
With my sister, Alyona. We went to Azov sea last year, and This picture are from there... I hope you like them :) By The way, do you like to go to the seaside?
Maybe it is time for me to stop here, but I will wait for Your reply and all the rest of the day I will think if you Will write me tomorrow or not. Hope you will. I am thinking Of you.

With lots of kisses,
Letter 4

Thank you a lot for your letter. I'm always very happy when You write me, my dear. A smile usually appears on my face When I see your letter.
Thank you very much for your great photos :) You are Wonderful!!!! I was so surprised to know about your habit to Watch the sunset... Must be really cool :) And can you Imagine that you will watch it with your beloved one day? Sounds really romantic ^) I would like to be that beloved :) I'm dreaming about the time we are together and we'll be Able to live together with you, to share every moment. To Look out the window together and enjoy the beauty of the White snowing or bright sunshine.
I'm thinking of how we'll spend long evenings with you. Near The fireplace. We'll drink something and just chat about Nothing. Then we'll have some intimate moments with you, I Hope. I'm so lonely here, my dear. I want to be with you Very soon for so much. It's very important for me. It's a Pity that I am not with you now. Would you like for us to Travel? It would be great if you could give me this great World :) I think that it's one of the most interesting Things to travel. I like to see different places, to meet Different people. I have never been to another country, but I've been to several other cities in my country. And it Always was very exciting and unusual. Every new place seems To be so romantic and magnificent so you begin to feel Unusual and you have some changes inside. But if you were Beside me this places would seem to me more beautiful.
You know, our today's weather is not very good. The sky is Very grey and it seams to me that it'll be raining soon. Anyway today I'm very happy cause of your letter. It made my Day. I am waiting for your next letter with impatience. Hope

To hear from you soon.

Take care.

Thinking of you,
Letter 5
------------------------------------------- We have to inform you that lady Jane you were corresponding
With was the client of our firm and she used our services -
Internet access, translation of your correspondence (as she
Doesn't know English), printing/typing the letters.
At the moment she can't reply your letter, because of some
Financial difficulties in her family she can't pay for our
Service. If you are interested in the quick continuation of
Your correspondence and becoming our client by yourself, we
Can send you all the needed information about our firm with
All the necessary details.

We are opened for future cooperation.


Yours Faithfully,
Translation department
Of "New Age Corporation"
As for the information you requested, we offer you the
Following services:
- Translate your letters and the answers for you and this
Service includes:

*Receiving your letter.
*Translating your letter.
*Printing your letter (including translation)
*Delivering your letter to the person of your choice.
*Translating woman's letter.
*Typing woman's letter.
*Sending woman's letter to you.

Phone call Service. When translation assistance is required,
We can provide an experienced translator cost - 10$ (10min)

- You can make a pleasant surprise for your lady with a help
Of out company, for example: sending flowers or a greeting
Card. We can deliver it personally to your lady!
Our prises are:

- translation and printing/typing of one letter - $5
- printing/scanning of one picture - $3
- phone call translation - $10/10 min.
- unlimited package per month
(it includes all the services described above) - $250

The ways of making payment:

- Western Union,
- Unistream,
- Anelik,
To the name of your Lady using the following information:

ADDRESS Sovetskaya street, 45
CITY Lugansk

When everything is ready, please, inform us with all the
Necessary information for receiver about the transfer:
* name of the sender,
* country from which was made a payment,
* the sum you sent
* the number of the transfer operation (MTCN).
As soon as your lady will get the transfer, and your account
Will be reopened, you'll have the possibility to continue
Your correspondence.

We are looking for your cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,
Administration of
"New Age"
Translation service
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