Scam letter(s) from Alina Kolommeytseva to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Hello, Charles!
THank you very much your letter!
sorry for my silence!I have not possibility to visit my agent to answer you. and now my mother doesnt want to help me to pay for my agent.she thinks that it is not serios to find a man via internet.
I have removed my profile from internet,but I dont want to lose you but I dont know what to do.can you help me to pay for our correspondence?
as for english lessons costs 50 euro in a month,if you want me realy to begin to learn english,it is possibile to begin next week .
My full name is Kolomeytseva Alina
Russia Volgograd. my agent has told me that it is possible to send via western union.of course if you really want to help. now I can pay for service of translation myself only one time in 2 week .
it's a pity that I have not computer at home and this terrible problem with language.but if I have computer I could use a programm for translator for thr first time.
I have any *** life now because I have not a boyfriend.if I have a man here I never look for another, Being alone - it's really difficult. But I prefer to be along because I want to meet my man and my soul mate and I dont want to have *** with a man that I dont love.
I like may kinds of movies.
for example fantasy."Lord of the rings."
if we are in restaurant together,I am not going to desagree with you.I dont understand youir question,why I need to be disagree with you?of course we need to discuss everything at home and to find compromis. I dont want to argue ,I need peacefull relations.
of course I can make a cup of coffea for you at home.why not?-:)
What kind of career would I choose for yourself?
I really dont know. I'd like to care of my family.
I dont want to compete with a man to earn money.
but of course I can work if it needs for my family.
if I love a man I want to have *** with him and I 'd like to have *** every day.
I am 160 cm height and 50 kg
I think a lot may be possible between us too.
I am looking forward for your letter!
Kisses! Lena
Letter 2

Hello, Charles!
Thank you very much for your letter!
of course I want to be submissive with a man. I dont want to dominate .I am a real woman and I am looking for a good reliable man who can solve problems.
now I have not photos without clothes as you want.I have not camera digital and I need to ask my friend ,she has a camera and she can do this for me, If you are afraid to risk your money,dont send me anything,I will solve my problems along.for me although 30-50 euro in a month will be good help to pay for correspondence. and I could write you everyday!
I will try to write you in a week.
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