Letter(s) from Alicia Rasi to Bill (USA)

Letter 1

I hope you like my pic and i will be looking for yours as well soon.

Letter 2

Hello Dear,
Thanks for the compliment and you are not looking bad as well,i will like to chat more with you soon...Alicia

Letter 3

Hello Bill,
Is nice to hear back from you and hope you are doing fine and good,I want you to know that i am not a fake person and i am not here as well to make people cry or decieeve them,So i want you to try and believe and let work something out for good,And i will like to knw what you think or your suggetion on what you think we should do,but i want you to know that i need the connection money i maybe disconnect by tomorrow being monday and that will not allow me to chat you or email you or hear what is happening from yourside,so try and email me the MTCN for us not to lose connection or contact..Love from Alicia