Scam Letter(s) from Elena Ryabinin to Forrest (USA)

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Letter 1

My name is Elena Zykova, I from Russia the city of Cheboksary. I think that the age has no value. I think that if the novel, this business not one day, and several months because it is necessary for people to learn each other develops. I now do not have a lot of time and I will write to you tomorrow.

Letter 2


Thank for the letter. I was very pleased, when have received it.
We are shared with huge distances, we live in the various countries.
For example, it was always interesting to me to study, as people live in the other The countries. It is very interesting to me. How in you business? How your relatives? All is good!. I the sociable person.
It is pleasant to me when the interlocutor can support conversation. About me it is impossible To inform, thatI speaks much. I do not speak about empty, it is probable - a little. I am capable to Listen and sympathize. I not legible, for me have no any special value, whether will be In me the strong house or a small apartment. To me all the same, you see a main thing, That the favourite person was near. In me a gentle accommodation, I can go On concession. It is very difficult for me to refuse to the person he will ask to give to its service. I dream to find to me directly a present person which I shall love very urgently. If not it nobody will be necessary for me. Whether there will be he insignificant for me Rich or poor, beautiful or not so, For me it has no any value. The main thing it it in The person in soul. The main thing, that he was beautiful soul. As for me emotional The beauty stands on the first place. I know, that such person will be very difficult for Detection. But I shall try to make it.
I shall be, is happy with a favorite though in territor of the ground. The main thing, that a favorite The person was close to me, and then I shall be happy. You see, that it - such great pleasure, when a favorite near. When he in all supports you, all to you the help, and the main thing loves you. I can give the favourite person all. You see, when you like, it means, it Nobody is necessary for you, if not that person whom you love. I think to you Close such condition. One more important thing which should be in people which build serious Relations this trust. You see people which will live, together should completely to entrust each other.
Without it anything it will not gather.
Inform me, please, more, about me it is direct, that you see, that I should know the person with that whom I correspond.
You can will, which that unique thing I shall bring up liking.
It is very interesting to me, what mark in you? You see mark of the person which it is very much Important. To me do not like, people, in which very much spoiled mark and overestimated Self-estimation. Such people do not notice those who on true estimates them. You love your work?
Work of the person also has the big importance in life. What you like to do(make) in leisure? What hobby In you resembles? Whether you to engage in sports meets? Whether there were you in other countries? Why you search I with impatience shall wait your remarkable letter and your answer..
I think that I cannot make to you such photos because I do not have camera. I did a photo for a long time and any more I have no possibility. I think that would be silly to stop correspondence not having learnt the person because of that that it has not made a photo.

with the best regards Elena.

Letter 3

I shall tell the truth, very much was afraid. To go and accept your message... On a workplace of me did not abandon idea... And ideas was much. Each idea tried to overtake each other In mad race. Or "YES" or "IS NOT PRESENT" you have written to me the answer. In such race Ideas simply sometimes you do not understand that you make. Today on work I have reflected... Has reflected for one minute.. And what result has left from this, has incorrectly handed over delivery to the buyer. And to beat in bells already late. Likely, I think, that it is necessary to get used to this To sensation... That to you write and for ocean, and that two persons have found between them friendship and can be and are not present.... How you consider Forres I not when not to whom did not write, and me too not who not Wrote letters especially on Internet. Can be and for it I can not supervise the Ideas. And you did not have such feeling which was at me There can be you sent Letters by e-mail and this sensation was for a long time I am glad that you have written to me. Now I sit in library, and I write you the letter.. So it is a lot of ideas, words, histories which I want to splash out on this white leaflet, But time will not suffice. I shall tell, that was now transferred my hands. If only other idea has not outstripped, and that to turn out whom of ideas which will be difficult for disassembling. From the birth I have lived in remarkable city. Which has located very much for a long time. And he very ancient. He had to go through much, but he has stood, and in it a merit Inhabitants of this beautiful city. Names, which Cheboksary. I shall tell a little about him. " Red city " not who does not know second its name, why him so have named. One people speak: When the sun for horizon falls, all city is immersed in an easy veil Red color. If to look and look at roofs of houses it is possible to notice as for Red veil evening twilight fall. It so is beautiful. Other people speak, that the great fire was, everything has burned down, but a flame which immersed all under itself Has not touched people which have gathered on the area great it is red the soldier. Such two histories Keeps this ancient city. In him it is a lot of parks.. Where inhabitants enjoy a nature. Where it is possible to remain with the Ideas, and noise of foliage on whispers to you if you of what that doubt... Will prompt... Will hint... The main Thing to understand, that you want... In our city is churches which help people to find the way much. Which crown people. And everyone wishes the visitor of the world and goods. In our city there is well-known lock Sheremet'eva... Very much involved sight of our city. Our city has made its museum. Will present, there come, Also get in other measurement... As ??? you are not in the century and were transferred for many years Back... You are met at an entrance by footmen, All exhibits of this museum are dressed in ancient a dress... In air flies Ancient romanticism... And when that here were cheerful a point. When the gentleman suited to lady of the heart and Invited it to a waltz... And they were turned.... Were turned in a love waltz... As it is romantic.
You agree with me Forrest.
I shall not object, if you tell to me about the city. I am sure, that your city, it is not worse than mine. He also is fine. In him also it is a lot of romanticism. Describe him. It is very interesting to me.
It is very a pity to say goodbye to you but my time has left. I shall be here tomorrow. And on work I shall struggle with the Ideas.
My dear in the last letter you have set to me some questions and here answers to them. My full name Ekaterina Zaharova. I never went abroad, but very much would like to visit any country. The my dear friend if I will be assured of that that I am ready to go to the to the soul mate I necessarily will go. Even if I will not have money for a trip, I will try to find money and to move to it. I which girl 29 years. My dear I think that you understand that to me except children and the husband already it is necessary nothing. I search only for it. My dear I yet do not know as I would name children and I think that we will solve it together. My dear in ours the Internet of cafe is not present the messenger yahoo. I think that a lot of time for this purpose is required. I hope that you will like my answers to your questions.
Up to appointment Elena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 4

Hello My Dearest,

I decided to go to to look to my mail to see your letter!
And I was so pleasant when I saw your letter. I'm glad that we are love each other.It is a great joy for me to talk with you!
It becomes warmer and warmer with each day. It is so romantic.
Yesterday I saw a marriage.
Oh, it was so beautiful. I thought that I wanted the same on my wedding.
The bride was so wonderful woman. Looking to her I began to dream about my wedding, it was so romantic.
I imagined me being a bride! It was so beautiful dreams. I imagined myself in the long white dress and you - my future husband in black tuxedo.
Flowers, wedding cars, a lot of people, church - oh, my God, how it is wonderful! I know that I will be married only on love and it will be only one time in my life and this love it's you my lovely!
I want to meet the main love in my life and I meet it! And wedding will be so that I will never forget about it!
Dreams, dreams, dreams..
I don't know is it good or bad for me!
But I like to dream! I want to believe that very soon our dreams to be executed. I really believe in it!
Now I am in and I think what are you doing right now?
May be you are sleeping......
or working, watching T.V., reading a book, magazine, newspaper or may be thinking of me. I don't know.
But it would be very interesting for me to get to know about it.
If you want to know all this days I think of you Forrest.
I every day i miss on you and your letters more and more.
Maybe it only my fantasy or not. You are very interesting and tender and sincerely man,which I trust very much.
My love, I must finish.
I was born on November, 4th, 1978. Here my address
Republics Chuvashiya
The city of Cheboksary
Post office
User's Box 236
Ryabinin Elena
You can send there anything you like and do not doubt that I will receive your gift.
I will wait your reply very much!
Sincerely yours Elena!!!!!!!!!!!!



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