Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Skripwitsowa to Thierry (Belgium)

Letter 1
hi!!!!! thanks for your compliments.
how are you doing there?
Letter 2
Thanks for your e-mail!!!!
of course i want to know you!!!!
i agree with you - i think that people need to respect and trust each other!
How is your day there?mine here is ok!It is really cold here now and i am drinking coffee now and typing you this e-mail!
People here are in a hurry- everyone wants to buy presents for New Year.
i will need also to buy some for my family and friends.
you know, now i am thinking about changing my job. i really like it but my salary here is really low.
i want to find another salon.
it is so sad cos i really like people at my work but i can do nothing as i have to pay all my bills here myself.
living in Ukraine is not really easy, especially if you live alone..
anyway now i have to go to my work.....
i miss you.....
Letter 3
hi!!!! Thanks for your e-mail!!!!
yes, i speak english but i dont know spanish.
yes, and i live in Ukraine, in Krasnodon.
how are you there?
i am doing fine here! the weather here is a bit ****- it is cold and wet.
but anyway my mood is ok as i write a letter to you now!
i am thinking here about presents as i really want to buy something to my mother.
i saw today a very nice dress and i think she will like it.
i will try to borrow some money and buy it as it is a bit expensive.
it is so sad that i cant buy anything for you as i really want that.
and i even know what i will buy for you...:)
i am sure that you will like it!
anyway i think i will buy it and give to you when we will see each other,ok?
what do you think about that?
anyway,my dear, i have to go now....
have a nice day!!!!
Letter 4

hi!!!! Thanks for your e-mail!!!
yes, i think my mom will like it!
wish you could be here and we could buy some things togther!!!! how are you there?
i am doing fine here!you know a bit busy here as always but that is ok!
today i will visit my granny here. you know, i adore her!!!
may be one day you will see her too!
she is a very nice woman!
i will bake some cakes for her as she adore them a lot!!!
and one day i will cook them for you...:)
the weather here is very grey and dull but what makes my day is that i write you e-mail and i receive yours.
that is so great you know!
i think that you understand what i mean....
well, have to go now.
have a nice day!!!!!
Letter 5
hi!!!!! Thanks for your e-mail!!!!
i will say hi to my granny from you!
Krasnodon situates in the east of Ukraine, near border with Russia. how are you doing there?
my day here is a bit hectic and i feel that i miss you....
i think you understand what i mean.....
you know, yesterday i was visiting my granny and we had a nice time together!
i told her about you... and she told me that i look happy...:)
i cooked some tasty cakes for her which she likes!
one day i will cook them for you!
my dear i hope that you are having a nice day there and that you think about me as i think about you here a lot....
write me soon,ok?
Letter 6
hello, my dear!!!! Thanks for your e-mail!!!
my dear thanks for your pic- i really like it!!!!!
hope you will like mine too..:)
i think that we need to meet with you soon.
what do you think about that?
How are you doing there?
the weather here is very nice- it is a snow here!
very beautiful.
People are hurrying to buy some presents to each other and they look so happy here!
you know, i really like this time of a year- before New Year.
It is my favorite holiday!!!
you know, when i look at families i imagine how one day i will have my own....
It is to nice to buy New Year tree, to decorate it...
i think that i am a bit a kid....:)hope you are not against....
my dear, i really want to be with you now......
we would do so many things together.....
my dear, write me soon,ok? Irene.
Letter 7
Hello,my dear Thierry!!!
I am so glad to receive your new letter!!!
I miss you very much!!!!
How are you doing there???
Are you serious with that???
It will be the biggest day for us -our meeting!!!!!
I have already checked the price because i wanted to pay myself and come to you but it is a bit expansive for me:passport 110 EURO,visa 150 EURO I do not know what about the ticket yet but i will know it!!!I still can't believe that it will happen soon i mean i will come to you and we cad spend the whole week together!!!!I am so happy!!!! And what about payment terms if the documents are making about 2-3 weeks i should to pay a half of the sum right now and the rest when i will get the papers. But next letter i will send you the exact info,OK???
I am waiting for your letter impatiently
Kiss you
Your Irene.
Letter 8
Hello,my dear Thierry!!!!!
I checked the information in the travel agency what my friend use for travelling if you want you can know it yourself:delta_travel/1@ And you know my friend's husband works in Poland and he use Western Union to send her money and it works very good she get them very quickly!!! i think that it is the best way!!!
Shevchenko Irene,birthday-the 18 of May,
Krasnodon,The street Levchenko 10/20
I do not have a driver's license.
I agree with you according to the stay!!!!
And when i make all papers i will know about reservation and tell you,ok???
Dear you told about another direction and i didn't know the price because i haven't checked yet.
But i am so happy to see Paris with you,my love!!!!!
Honey,i miss you!!!!
Kiss you
Your Irene.
Letter 9
Honey,Sorry i gave wrong address of travel agency:
my birth year is 1980.
I can not send you my identity because it is the Internet and it is very dangerous to send such papers and for Western Union it doesn't need!!!
I feel that we are closer now and soon we can make our dreams come true!!!
Kiss you
Letter 10
Of course I i would like to hear your voice my dear Thierry.
It is a pity that my phone is broken,Honey,but maybe if you have the possibility to call me at 13:00 Ukrainian time to the number of my friend,I would be more than happy to speak with you. But,my dear,call me this time!OK?
Because I will meet her in this time. This is the number:+380968932863
I will be waiting,my darling!
We have a lot of branches of the banks here,Thierry and I think you can use any of it.That one you speak about is not far from me at all!
Honey I didn't understand what do you mean about the question by security?
I have never used such services I don't know what is this?
I will go to Kiev on 3d of February by train,dear. Because it will take me 16 hours to get there.
I am afraid to be late so I will go the day before and will be waiting for my plane here.
I think it is good idea! What do you think?
I miss you,my dear Thierry and am counting days to our meeting. Kiss you. Your Irene

Letter 11
Hello,my Thierry!!!
I have got the money and i will go to the travel agency and start to do all necessary documents!!And then i will be the happiest woman in the world because i will see you and can be with you together!!!
I miss you!!!
I need your words i need feel you more I am thinking of you all the time You drive me crazy really!!!!!!!
Of course it would be better if i had a mobile to talk to you and hear your voice!!
I didn't understand why my words failed you???
have a nice day,my darling!!
Kiss kiss kiss
Your Irene.
Letter 12
Hello,my love!!!!!!!!!
Today i was so happy to find you letter in my box!!
i also so miss you,my honey!!!You are so funny!!We can recognize each other everywhere, your face is always in my mind and i am so happy to think about you all the time!!!i am so tired to wait i want that you hug me and give me your sweet kisses!!!!! I went to the travel agency and they told me that the Embassy connected with them and told that i should have a certain sum of money with me that they were sure that i would go abroad to work!!! They said it is about 500-600 USD!!What to do,my dear??? I dream about you!!!!I told you about housing in Paris that it doesn't matter for me because i will be with you,my honey!!!!you can choose yourself!!!i will be glad to be anywhere only with you!!!!!!my hugs and kisses for you, my Prince!!!!
have a nice day!!!
I send you my photo from the Black Sea 2005!!
Hope that you like it!!!!!
Your Irene.
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