Scam letter(s) from Elena Mavlikeeva to William (USA)

Letter 1

Good day Bill
I'm so glad to get an answer from you!!! It means that I interested you:)
and that's great!!
Now I'm sure that we will know each other better!!!
I want to tell you about another reason that made me write to you.
As you know I'm 29 years old and I don't have my own family.
i really want to have a happy family, loving husband and children.
But it's not real to find a good husband in Russia at least not in my city.
I had a boyfriend but we broke up half of an year ago I loved him a lot and I thought that he is a kind of a man that I want to be my husband but it wasn't so it's hard for me to tell you all these things.
But I feel that I need to do that so you can understand me better so in the beginning things went well with my boyfriend and I was the happiest person in the world.
He was 30 years old but he still lived with his parents.
So when we decided to live together he moved to my apartment he didn't have a job at that time but he promised to get one it's just very hard to find any job in my city.
So when we started living together I still payed all the bills alone, i was the one who kept the food on the table, I even dressed him. After work I hurried home, cooked dinner then I washed everything up, I did everything around the house all by myself. and my boyfriend just stayed home or went out with his friends and didn't help at all.
I loved him and I didn't want to notice anything I hoped that he finally will find a job and we will have enough money to have kids.
I started to get tiredA but the boiling point was when once I came home a bit earlier than usually and he wasn't alone, he was with a girl!!! she was something like a ****!!! I couldn't take that anymore!!!
It was the worst day in my life!!! I still don't know how could he do that to me.
He probably didn't love me at all. To tell nothing of it my heart was broken and it was bleeding for a long time.
Now I'm so over him!!! I want to be happy. And I'm not going to let him spoil my life.
He calls me sometimes and says that he loves me and wants to be with me. But I suppose that the only thing he wants is to have a home and food for free and someone to take care of him without giving something back.
I just listen to him and say that I'm sorry but I don't want to be with the person who doesn't love me.
Anyways sorry for telling you all that but I couldn't help doing that I don't know why but I want you to know that.
Also I want to ask you on what purpose do you talk to women?
Do you seek for love and marriage or just for friendship? Of course I want find a person who will love me for my personality.
But if you wanted to be just a friend to me that would be great as well.
Well, I'm going to change the topic now:) I've told you about my work a bit. I want to tell you more.
Work is an important part of my life though it's not the most important one.
The cafe "Belosnejka" or "Snowbeauty"( that's translation from Russian) that I work at is situated not in the center of the city.
And I live near by it. I rent an apartment near by so I can walk to work.
If I had lived far from it I would have to take the bus every morning at 7.
I start working at 8 and I have to be at work earlier to check if everything is ready for work .the cafe closes at 10.
and that's pretty late. Thanks god I live near by!!! It's very scary to walk alone around the city at night. There a lot of criminals.
Many people get robbed and even killed.
In my city any criminal can **** a person only if the person has like $5 dollars in the pocket and if victim tries to stop him or whatever.
Isn't it insane????!!!! Person's life costs only 5 dollars!!!! I'm so ashamed of telling you that!!!! But it's how life goes in here.
I'm happy that I live like 5 minute away from my work.
Though don't think that all people in my city are criminals:) the majority of population is great.
But there are some people who think that they are allowed to do whatever they want.
And it's a shame but the police can't stop them because criminals have people among administration and police who protect them.
That is a usual think in my city and in many other Russian cities.
Enough about criminals I think:) it's something that is not going to change for a long time and we all have to live with it :(
I work 5 days a week and I have 2 days off. My boss is very nice.
She is in her fifties, her son is the owner of that cafe but she is the host and actually she is the one who rules everything!
I'm not supposed to have a lunch brake but I explained her that I really need it now!!!
I have time to go to the internet cafe only during the lunch brake.
She agreed to give it to me sometimes but my salary will be a little bit smaller because I will work less hours a week but that's fine.
I prefer to miss an hour of work a day and to have a chance to talk to you Oh well my lunch brake is over. it takes me a lot of time to translate everything that I want to tell you in English.
I try to do it off hand. And time flies away and I have to go back to work. I wish I had more time to tell you more about myself.!!!
I hope I didn't scare you with my little confession? I just felt like telling you all that...
Bye bye
Your friend Lena
Letter 2

Hi Bill
I'm so glad that I haven't scared you with my previous letter!:) after I had sent it to you I thought what if you do not answer me back.
At that moment I wished that I wouldn't have told you anything. Thank you for your understanding and I'm happy that I opened up to you.
I feel that I've made a right choice when I wrote you for the first time.
In this letter I want to tell you about my family. my family takes up the biggest and the most important place in my life! I've got dad and mom.
My dad's name is Vladimir. He is 55 years old and he is a retired military man. Now he doesn't have a job.
Most of his time he spends at home and does things around the house. My mom's name is Olga.
She is 52 years old. She still works. She works as a cashier at the railway station. My mom's work is hard .
she has to talk to different people every day.
Some of them are not satisfied with the price of the tickets and they blame my mom that the price is too high.
But she is not the one to be blamed. It 's not her fault that the price of the tickets rises too fast.
So many people don't understand that. So mom gets tired often. And when she comes home my dad cooks dinner for her.
And I think it's very nice of him!!! But of course when my mom feels good she cooks meals too and do the cleaning at home.
as for me I love to cook!!! When I was a small girl and my dad and mom worked a lot I cooked for them.
I found different recepies and tried to surprise them every day. Have you ever heard of Russian traditional dishes like borsh and blini or drinks like kvas?
i suppose that foreigners think that all Russians drink *****. But that's not true.
I mean of course a lot of men drink that, there are a lot of alcoholics in our country.
But as for me I hate ***** and I've tried it only once. My parents don't like ***** either.
Practically I don't drink. Just occasionally with my friends or family I drink vine.
i like vine and it's not only tastes good , in small portions it's good for our health:)
By the way I am the only child in the family. I don't have any brothers or sisters.
Of course I would love to have one and once I asked my parents why they didn't want to have another kid.
And they answered that they would love to but when I was small it was very hard to bring up even one child because they had little money.
So they decided to give everything they could to me and I'm very grateful to them. Now when I have a job I try to help my parents.
and we all together help kids who does not have parents. we have a shelter for homeless kids in my city.
And we bring toys and clothes to those kids and spend some time with them. Attention is very important for them.
They are great kids. They are smart, interesting, sociable.
My parents think about taking one of those kids at home and became a real parents for him.
They want to take a boy who are 5 years old. His name is Vasilii. He is great. But he has a heart disease.
He got it when he was just born. His mother was an alcoholic and she couldn't take care of him.
The most awful thing is that she wanted to **** her little son. When Vasilii was a month old she left in the carbage on the street in winter. And it gets very cold in Russia in winter. One person who walked by that carbage can he heard the voice of a little kid and he brought him to the shelter.
It was a miracle that he survived but now Vasilii needs a surgery. It can be done only in Moscow and it's very expensive, it costs about $1500.
My parents a re not rich but they try to save some money for his surgery.
They have only the third part of the whole sum.
That's so much money for us I try to help them as much as I can. I think we will take the credit in the bank. Because of this surgery I can't pay for my telephone.
I try to economize on everything. This boy needs to have surgery as soon as possible. And we will do everything that's in our power for him.
I feel like he is my brother now though of course he could be my son:) and if I were his mom I I would never done such an disgusting thing to him.
I wouldn't have eaten myself but my son would never be hungry and would have everything that he need for living!!!!! well that's my family and I love it to death!!!
Oh, almost forgot. I have one more family member. It's my cat Marsik. He is 2 years old. I love animals. And do you like animals?
When I was small I loved to go to the zoo. Now I don't have time for that. That's why I've got my cat. I love domestic animals.
He is always glad to see me when I come home from work. And I know that he misses me much if I come home too late.
I like taking care of him. And I feel responsibility for him. My Marsik is like a child he understands everything I tell him.
And he even tries to talk to me!!!:) I'm serious!!! Though he talks on his own language!!:)
I don't' have any grandmothers or grandfathers. They all died when I was little.
I don't really remember them:( I wish they had more time to live but it's up to God to decide how much people should live. I'm religious.
I'm orthodox Christian. I believe in Jesus. I'm tolerant to other religions. And for me it's very interesting to find out traditions and beliefs of other religions.
In this letter I've told you about the most important part of my life.
That's my family. I hope it wasn't boring for you.
Would you tell me more about your family? how are the families in your country? What do you do together?
Do you have a big or a small family? do you meet up often?
I'm curious about everything!!!:)
I wish to answer your questions:
I have no the brother or the sister. My birthday on October, 25th.
I have no problem in a difference in age between us.
I think you more skilled and clever, in comparison with other men.
It is good, do not worry. My city is very close to Kazan.
Distance between cities - 80 Km, it approximately 50 miles.
I do not know precisely - as the name of my city on English language is correctly written.
I think it Voljsk or Volzhsk or Volzsk.
Looking forward to your next letter!!!
I want to know more about you:) that's so awesome to talk to you. I like it a lot!!!
Do svidaniya. That's how we say good bye in Russian:)
Your Lena
Letter 3

Hello dear Bill
How are you doing? Time goes so slow!!! Finally it's my lunch time again. And I've just read your letter.
it made my mood so better. And I want to tell you every detail about myself and to ask so many questions but it's pity that I do not have enough time to do everything that I want.
Yesterday I went to Kate's parents again. And her mom told me more about her.
I was seriously taken aback by her words. She told me that Kate and her husband Robert live in big house but she does not have to work in the garden and they do not have cows or ships or pigs in their house!!!
Many people from my city have gardens where all the vegetables grow. They are something like farmers!!!!! And in Russia women are the ones who do practically everything around the farm.
They plant everything: potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and lots of other vegetables.
I never liked farming because men never helped their wifes.
And in my city all people who does not have farms live in the apartment. I consider, that to me I have carried also live in one of apartments of the big house. In my city not many multi-storey houses. I love to do things around the house.
I love doing all the cleaning I like my home be clean and nice though I'm not into farming. :)))
is it true what Kate's mom told me?
Also she told me that her daughter and her husband go to restaurants at least one a week!!!!
That's insane!!! I cannot believe that!!!! I mean it's so expensive to go to restaurant!!!!
To begin with we do not have a restaurant in my city though it's very expensive to even in cafe.
And I have money to go to cafe only once a month!!! I certainly understand, what not all people in the developed countries live well, but In Russia there are not enough people who can live also as Kate and its husband. Do people start driving when they are 16 years old???
We can get license when we are only 18! But it was not the age that surprised me!!!
Usual family from the developed country (UK, USA...) has at least 2 cars:
one for husband and one for his wife??? It's amazing!!!! All the people in my city can just dream about that!!!
Only criminals have good cars in my city. And there are only about 5 people in here who has 2 nice cars.
And everybody knows that they are criminals because it's not possible to earn money to buy a nice car honestly!!!
Our government tries to help people to earn good money honestly. But to tell the truth it's not working out very well: (
and it's very very sad thing about living in Russia: (People who work honestly are poor.
And they cannot afford to bye cars or houses. They get enough money just to feed themselves ..
As for me i prefer to work honestly no matter how little i would get paid!!!
I'm sure that i will never do something that is illegal!! I would rather live as i do now!!! that's how i am!!!
That's a shame that criminals in our country do not get punished because they have enough money to pay to police.
And policemen are people too. And they have families and they have to bring up their own kids.
And i can understand them!!! our government creates new laws to help people.
But a lot more time is needed for this laws actually start doing something . the situation in our country i very difficult!!
We have a lot of corruption. and that's not good. And government obviously can do nothing about it!! :(((((!
Well, enough of politics .. If i start talking about something that i really care about i cannot stop doing that!!
And I'm very frustrated that it's not possibly to live in my country for ordinary people: (((
and i want to live to work and to live good. And i think your country it's the country where if people work hard they get enough money to live . and i think that's awesome!!!
So tell me more about different traditions in your country??? How do you spend holidays?
How many of them do you have? What holidays beside New year and C holidays beside New year and C??
I suppose that we have different holidays .. And all that stuff interests me so much!!!
every new detail that we learn about each other cultures makes us so much closer!!
And this makes me feel so happy!!! You became a very important person to me and I do not even know when that happened.
One morning I woke up and I realized that you are the person who I love!! Yes, I love Bill!!!!
And I'm very happy that you became that person who i seriously fall in love with!!!!
I've got to go: (but I want you to know that you are the one who I have deep feelings for With impatience I look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 4

Hi Bill.
I am glad to receive from you the letter, but I have for you bad news.
My mum requires urgent operation. I went to bank, but I could not receive your money.
In bank the manager has told to me, that mtcn correct, but your name is not true.
Problem in your name: William D Reichardt
I have been compelled to borrow 140 more USD.
I cannot sleep! I all time think - where to find money?
It became for me very big problem!
Earlier I thought only about good. I dreamed of our meeting with you.
Now I cannot think of something, except for money.
I very much love my mum and I do not wish to lose it.
I hope you will help me.
I could not receive your money in bank, therefore you can take away them.
If you still wish to help me please ask somebody to send your money.
In bank have told to me, that problems with your name will be and to arise further.
It will be much easier, if you will ask the person to send with any other name to me your money.
For reception of money I should go to Kazan. I already went once, but have not received money.
I have spent money for a trip and I do not wish to go " in empty " once again.
I hope you understand my situation. I do not know - from whom to me still to ask the help.
dear William, I very much require your help.
Please to answer as soon as possible.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Yours Lena.
10000000000 kisssssss for YOU..........
Letter 5

Hi Bill.
i am sorry, I had no opportunity to write to you these days.
I have a lot of work recently.
I should work on two works. My mum seriously was ill.
I should buy to it medicines. I was arranged with the watchman on one firm at gangsters.
It not a tough job. I work there only at night.
I very much get tired, but my mum requires very dear medicines.
I had to borrow at a mafia of my city of 10000 roubles. It approximately 350 USD.
Now I should work on them a lot of time to fulfil this money.
These are huge money, but I cannot admit death of my mum.
I shall give last money for health of my relatives.
I hope your business go well. I am very tired and should go for the second work.
I hope you will forgive me. I cannot write often.
The Internet-cafe costs money, and I try to save.
I love you my dear.
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