Scam letter(s) from Natalia Vinogradova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello I am very glad to receive your letter, it was pleasant for me. I am very glad that you have paid to me the attention. I think that we can well will make friends. You agree with me???? Tell to me not much about itself. Than you are engaged??? I think that further ours attitudes can go far. So it not seems to you???? I want to tell not much to you about myself. My name Natalia. I was born in Russia. In city under the name Volzhsk. It is very beautiful city. There very much it is pleasant to me. This city not big. And at him a small population. This city is not far from the river Volga. It is very big river. I think that you heard about it. Concerning my formation. Now at me higher education. I studied as the lawyer. But now I working with all not by the trade. I working as the manager. On not big the enterprise. Which is engaged in sale of building materials. I like it work. Let at it even not big earnings. I very much like during free time from work to listen to music. I like music in style of classics. My favourite color yellow. I very much love the sun. And this color to me on remembers the sun. It warms my heart. Than you are engaged at leisure??? Each time I come in the Internet of cafe. As I at home have no computer. This very expensive entertainment. But I think that shortly I can have houses a computer. But not now and in the near future. Also I have no phone. But already soon to me should connect it. Tell to me not much about itself. I think that the Internet gives the big chance to meet the favourite person. To find second half. You agree with me???? Tell to me that you think of me??? You feel to me???? I want that you have sent me the photo. It for me is necessary. You understand me??? Make as I ask you. Well???? I wait for your answer. Sincerely Natalia.
Letter 2
Greetings my dear . How are you doing? Whether all at you is good? How passes your day? At me all is simply wonderful. I am glad to receive your letter, it was pleasant for me to read it. Today very fine day at me very good moods that you have written to me the letter. I think that I have interested you, I very much am glad to this, I think that our acquaintance will proceed also well. I want to tell to you about the parents I think that it will be interesting to you. To my mum 43 years, she at me the teacher of English, and the French language. She works as the private tutor. Therefore I cannot write to you letters. As to my French language that it to me was very hardly given, and consequently I use services of the translator not much. But I think that it not a problem. My father works as the trucker it goes across all Russia and carries any different goods. It very seldom happens at home as it is work borrows a lot of time, I practically do not see it. My parents want that I have met the worthy person. Which could contain and protect family. I want that our children were well off. I search for the person to which I trusted also it trusted me. Because without trust and understanding cannot be what attitudes. Trust and understanding this most important in a life of two people. you agree with me as to me that now I live separately from the parents. I have decided to begin the life without them it the help. I am very grateful to them that they of me so have well brought up and have put me on legs. Now I remove an apartment with the girlfriend. We live with it in one to room apartment, but quite it suffices us. Soon to us should install a telephone and we could talk to you but now while it is not possible. Concerning my brothers and sisters that I unfortunately have whom I one was born. But I very much would like the brother or the sister. At me when there were no children, and I not when was not for the husband. I cannot become happy in my country, and find the worthy person with which would like to create family. My friends have prompted me. They have advised to try to the Internet to find second half. I am very glad to this that now I have met you. You are very interesting to me also I very much would want to continue with you dialogue. I shall soon look forward to hearing from you.
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