Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Fedorova to S. H. (USA)

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Letter 1

sunny "hello" from russia. I am glad to receive your letter. How are you?
Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Aleksandra Fedorova.
I hope you have not problem to tell me your full name because many people use assumed names.
I am 28 years old 170 cm height 52kg weight and I live alone in my one-room apartment.
My family is small which consists of daddy, mum and me. I have not any sisters and brothers.
I was born on July,4 1979. This makes me a cancer. I can say I am not living in fresh water though:)
I have lived here in Russia all my life in Zelenodolsk city.
I have not traveled much just to other city near by because I do not fly because of not having of friends in far places:)
I think it will be interesting for you to learn more about my character.
I do not know how will be better to start. Ok! I shall try.
I am easy going, kind, gentle, giving. I am not a jealous person.
I think that I am very romantic woman. I like to communicate with people, I like good humor.
I very much appreciate such qualities in the people as a fidelity and honesty.
I believe in real love and I think that it is very important in live.
I like when I am presented for compliments and I am ready to listen it indefinitely:)
I like when there is around of me cleanliness. I often do cleaning at my home.
Also I like cooking, especially some tasty dishes.
I like romantic relations between man and woman but probably all womens' dream are about it.
I have not intention to waste time on such acquaintances which are not serious and play with human destinies.
I do not meet man yet. But I want to find him. I think that is my dream number one now.
Till now I am single and now I am in such age that I am full potentially for the start of true relations.
You see we are not familiar very well because this beginning of our acquaintance.
But it is very interesting and important for me.
I shortly have written the sights on life. If you want to know something else.
It will be free for asking.
You can see my photo in the appendix and I would like to receive your photo too so that to look at your photo each time when I want. Ok?
I have some questions which will not cause any difficulties.
Really do you seek for serious relations?
How do you represent ideal relations?
Do you have relatives or friends which are dear for you?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care, Aleksandra!

Letter 2

My sincere hello for you,
I am very charmed to receive your answer and all the pleasure is for me to have your news.
I spoke you that I spend little time near computer because earlier I had not needs to have a computer. I have bought my computer recently and it seem that the computer is an irreplaceable thing.
I perform some work by means of it and by means of internet I learn news for updating my knowledge in my professional work. But nevertheless I admire that I can write you the letter though I am very far from you.
It is very convenient. Thus I am glad to receive your answer. Thanks a lot my dear!
You asked me questions which I should answer. I think that it is important for us to support good contact because we have the identical purposes. Do you agree with me?
Oh sorry because of my carelessness. I have been excited by your message and have not answered your questions to the full. I hope that you are not angry!
I really have the correspondence only with you and anybody except for you does not write me!
My full adress is Russia, city is Zelenodolsk, Komsomolskaya st., 10-01, 422540.
Of course we should speak by phone. I think that we need phone talking.
Write me your cell and home phone numbers. Ok?
Here many people prefer cell phones for communication and therefore many people refuse home phones.
In nearest time I plan to buy cell phone.
I'll inform you the number later. Ok? Do not forget to write all your numbers and I'll think what is possible to do.
I did not measure a long time my own sizes. Now I specially for you have done it.
103-65-95. I am sorry that my sizes do not look like the standard but I think that it is excellent too!
I am sure that you are not constraining but I would not do it till I shall not see the man in reality.
But you can send naked photos if you want! I do not object!
Thanks you for your compliments about my photos.
I am really so happy to hear such divine words from someone who is in other country.
Today day is very remarkable. How is your mood?
You look like very kind and understanding man. Today I would like to tell you about my city.
I already told to you that my city has name Zelenodolsk! My city is situated in republic Tatarstan.
It is located on left bank of the river Volga. There is train station (Green Dol).
In our city the population makes approximately 78 thousand people. There is furniture combine, some factories for release of wood, sewing and furniture factory.
Also there are educational institutions: Mechanic-technical college, medical college.
I did not study in my city. I studied in city Kazan at university at historical faculty and I am successful because I work according to my received education.
I have put some photos of our city. And certainly you can see my photo here.
In that photo I am with the small visitor on the second floor of our museum.
This girl is the daughter of my girlfriend! It's Vika on that photo! It's Lara's daughter!
I am really glad to our new acquaintance. I think that we should be frank.
I think in order to have beautiful, loving, long term relationship we have to work on good communication together.
I hope you agree. I am an easy to get along with person, and I am good listener.
I hope we will be able to speak about anything and everything when you wish to discuss, as I believe this is the best way to get to know someone.
I do not judge anyone and I always learned to not judge and except for the good and the bad.
As long as you are being treated with respect and honesty and it show that matters are correct. I am new to this and I am not a computer person in general.
I hope you will give me the trust to let me know you better, so we can speak like adults and to be open. We have to take the risks and chances or someone beautiful can not come into your life.
I think so!
Now I am going to take a shower and to have a rest little.
Tell me about your usual day? What do you do when you are free.
How do you like to spend time? What dreams do you have ? ok? I an interested.
I shall be glad to see your next letter.
Yours faithfully Aleksandra.



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