Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Gorohova to Vassilis (Greece)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear friend!!!
It - the letter from Aleksandra, to you from Russia. I am very pleased to
The message to which you have answered my message.
First of all, please let me to apologize for a delay of my answer to you, I have been very much borrowed then.
I am very happy, that you have answered my letter and did not ignore me. I Alive in Russia, and I hope, that it does not frighten you.
I think, that you are an interesting person so I have decided to use chance
And to learn you it is better.
Probably my letter looks banal and usual, but I ask you, that you have not made
Think, that it is an ambassador identical letters from the Russian Women.
Therefore, I want, that you have considered my letter with all gravity as I
Have serious intentions, and I want, in which acquaintance has advanced ours
The best party!
To me of 30 years, I live in Saint Petersburg, but I know this life from many parties,
And I already enough matured to know, which is necessary for making, was people
Close to me were happy. Our life is too short to use its unique for dreams.
I am pleased, what you have written to me, it is probable - our chance? That you
Think of it? I probably liked too far, simply I worry, now that it is necessary
For us to study the friend about the friend, you agree?
I want to inform you a little about me directly:
Me the usual Russian woman, actually I do not distinguish anything from
Others. To me of 30 years as I have written to you before.
My Birthday - on July, 26. I have been given birth, and I live in the city of Saint Petersburg. I - a
The Christian. My growth 5,7 and weight of 130 pounds. I do not smoke, and I do
Do not drink alcohol, never accepted drugs.
I live with my mum and my father. I have been never married, and it is natural
Have no any children.
I have many interests: music, reading, books, cinema, sports meets meet, take is not present
Last place. Other things which do a life of more remarkable.
I the creative and curious person. I very cheerful, kind, vigorous and modest
To some extent. I easily find the general language with strangers, and I am simple
Like to speak on interesting themes!.
Please established on me any questions, I shall answer all your questions.
I sincerely hope, that you will answer this letter, and will send to me yours
I really want to continue our acquaintance.
With the best regards Aleksandra

Letter 2

Hello my friend Vassilis.
Unfortunately I have no messenger.. But I shall do and invite you.
I am happy to receive your letter. And I am pleased, that we can continue our acquaintance. Should tell, that you very much interested me. I search for serious relations, and I hope, it - acquaintance, friendship can develop in something more than simply.
Dear friend Vassilis, I want to tell to you. I very much love a life in all its displays. I like to observe a case around, sometimes it can be very interesting.
I like to laugh and common sense of humour to speak it, the laughter prolongs a life. I very much like to travel, though was not farther than my country.
I dream to find love and to be happy.
I heard histories very much, about which as people deceive other people, And game on feelings of people. Because of such many girls cannot find existing love.
Well, I hope, that our acquaintance will not be stopped because of people which deceive each other.
Unfortunately in our world really it - is set of a deceit.
Also that our world had less deceit, it is necessary to be fair.
And we should bear the responsibility before the friend the friend. And any relations should be truthful.
Well. Now it is a little direct about me.
As I spoke, I have been given birth in Saint Petersburg.
I started to go from school in 1985. I have studied there 10 years.
Then I have gone to study in Saint Petersburg University of Journalism. I studied there 6 years.
Now I work as the journalist for local magazine. I do various reportings, I search for sensations, I collect hearings. Many people very much do not love us journalists and name us paparaci. But in fact if not will be us journalists, nobody will know the latest news and events. You agree?
My work very strongly is pleasant to me also I the most part of time I give the work.
Dear, I today shall finish my letter. Simply I have come in the Internet - cafe during my dinner.
And now I again should go for work.
I with impatience wait your letter.
Kiss in a cheek
Your friend, Aleksandra (Aleksa So I am named by my friends)

Letter 3

Hi Vassilis.
It seems to me which with each letter all from us study more,
About each other and we become closer.
Yes I have imaginations. But I am not ready to divide yet them with you as we know each other a little.
I hope you do not become angry about me!
If I speed up events, you to me write. Simply it is very pleasant
For me to inform with you and you to me so you understand.
You would know, how I tasty I prepare. You eat sometime the Russian dishes?
I today shall prepare to okroshka it as though cold soup
With meat, a potato and green and all it is filled kvass. Kvass - such drink on which insist with yeast on rye
Bread. All this move to a cold kind. You know, it is very good
It - with it in hot weather, but we prepare for this in anyone
Year of time. However I like to bakee to pies and to found pel'menis.
In all of us from us is, usually prepare, and something is very rare we
The order. Probably in all from you on the friend or how in us? I think, when
It will be ready, all appears, is more tasty, and when for a favorite
And close people it is even better. And you, love, what kitchen?
Certainly, we also not only prepare for our dishes,
Many various tasty dishes. But for some reasons on each holiday
Almost all on tables have salad "olive" it in us most of all
Widely widely widespread. Write to this to you widely widely widespread or to them in
You the majority of a favorite. I very much about the foodstuffs you, was probable, which
Something at once required.
You excuse, which has a little written to me
It is necessary to go to be ready, but I then shall write all
You. Write, I shall wait with not patience. Now it is necessary for me to run for work.

P.S. On my other photo my dog. Her name is Tutsy.

Letter 4

Hello Vassilis.
Vassilis as it is good, that you have written, I already start to miss, when from you I wait for the letter. You all for me become closer and more native, I very much do not have your dialogue. To me so pleasantly with you to communicate to me it seems, that I know you many years, you so understand me. You know,
I not at once began to search for the man abroad, I had men but why - that all this last not for a long time.
At us why - that men are less ready to creation of family or serious relations. Even if he will be ready to create family it does not mean yet, that you completely can rely on him.
I already wrote to you, that for me is necessary the man which will be the chapter in family, and at us have got used, that the woman should carry out all itself.
I have girlfriends who are already married and at the some people husbands well drink. Having looked on their life, I such would not want. You likely, know, how our men use alcohol at you with it on much strict I so I think. Therefore I cannot such meet. I do not want to tell, that all men at us bad, simply such which like me of them a little or simply I did not meet them. You know, I met different men, but either I then was not ready or they did not arrange me. Now I want to find the reliable, loving and understanding person.
Communicating with you, I understand, that you are very similar to such person. I understand, that still communicate more few, but from the first letters to me all is more interesting and more interesting to correspond with you. I hope also to you too I like. I do not want itself to impose, it is pleasant to me, when me look after, when I am interesting to the person.
When to me there came girlfriends on a visit, I him have told that I communicate with the man from abroad, and they have supported me. They too consider, that your men concern to women better.
For me very important your relation to me while with you is very easy for me also I think, that further it will be even better. My parents of me very much support and it is very important for me. Ah yes, I to you not the story about the parents.
My the daddy the doctor, and mum the tutor in a kindergarten.
I one child in family and consequently at me always was attention of parents.
I think, that my parents gave me everything, but now I have grown and should build the life itself.
I also try, but it is difficult for one and consequently the good person who would help me with it is necessary for me, together at us it would turn out better.
You agree with me? Write, that you it think of all. It is very interesting to me to find out your opinion.

Letter 5

Hello Vassilis.
So waited your letter what to find out, that you think, that I have written to you. So it is good, it in us
It is a lot of prospects for a life converge. You very good person, I, probably, more the first about it speak you. On dialogue
You such person with whom it is more and more and would be desirable to communicate more. Each time you love me more and
It is more, I hope, that in us it with you is mutual. In me free day today was, and I have left, to take walk on city,
Weather in us now good. The snow and all white lays. As though I wanted to play in such day with you to build a snowball. I think of you very much.
Today I go to the girlfriend in date of a birth while it is gone have chosen to her a gift.
I to her have bought a a beautiful vase, she very much loves flowers, and vases constantly in her are lowered on a cat. I think, she would like
It, and flowers necessarily today who - that will present her. By the way, I to you have not told, when I have been given birth. I was
born on July, 26 1977. I on a horoscope, a lion, but was more me than I am direct, I think a cat who should caress and she then will start to purr.
I very much love attention, tenderness and tenderness. To tell the truth, I as a cat?
I very much love animals. And you? If certainly you have no allergy. In me the cat was in the childhood, and he has
At us in the country very low minimum of the salary. The most minimal salary under the law makes 3500 roubles. It does not suffice even to live week. Therefore at us it is a lot of people without a residence. My salary makes 12000 roubles. To me suffices to pay my small charges and to pay accounts for an apartment. In a month that it is good to eat and live, instead of to exist it is necessary to earn a minimum of 45000 roubles. At us it is a lot of millionaires which have made the money not legally... The Most favourable an investment of money I think this small cafe... Though at us it is a lot of them but all of them equally bring benefit as many people eat in cafe. But to open cafe many money, approximately 300000 dollars is necessary.
Living during long time, but new I am not courageous to reach, now and as soon as it - is a lot of work.
Unfortunately it has come time of me to go. See. You it is fast.

Letter 6

Hello Vassilis.
You know, it seems to me, that you for me began not only the friend, but also than - that is more. We with you already are copied so much, that I wait about impatience of each your letter. Can still early about it speak, but I want to admit to you, that I start to fall in love with you. You that person of whom I so for a long time dreamed and searched. When we only have started to correspond, I did not think that so all will take place. But your letters, and you became for me than - that very important. My girlfriends speak, that I even have changed, became better. I with them agree, because because, that you write, the good mood becomes good me, at me always, I think of you much. You agree, that when the person falls in love, he very much varies, he looks at things in another way. You go along the street and you see the happy person and you understand that he whom - that loves also him who - that likes.
I very much did not have such condition of love. And you? I think, that the love is when two persons understand each other without special efforts. At us with you I think and occurs, because we with you is from each other far, but to communicate to us with you easily. Though and if we now were with you beside, I think, at us as all was good, and can also better. Now so it is difficult to find second half though to men it is easier because they should take the first step all over again. To women in this plan it is more difficult, as we cannot run for men. Yes, I agree, that is pleasant, when for you who - that runs, but sooner or later it bothers. I had such relations, but is fast they to me have bothered. I want such relations from which both persons would receive pleasure. You, probably, too had different women, but that - that in them did not arrange you. I understand, that ideal people do not happen, but so it would be desirable such person. I am very happy to write to you the feeling. I with impatience shall wait from you the answer.

P.S. On other photo my close girlfriend!!!

Letter 7

Hello my lovely Vassilis.

While waited for your letter, thought, that the whole eternity has passed. It is very pleasant for me, that you write to me such letters. They you such sincere and, apparently, that from them have your heat. I to you so have become attached, that you very much do not suffice me. I frequently re-read your letters and I understand, that you that person who is necessary for me. I tell about you to the girlfriends, and they very much support me, they speak, that you do me happy. Yes too so it seems to me, I hope, as with me it is good you. I understand, that very difficultly it is good to find out the person when so it is far, but it seems to me, that so you are more truthful and try to like it. And yet you can always tell some words in eyes so quickly, in a real life all flows more slowly. In letters the person more tender also is talkative. I so speak, because itself such. I hesitate to admit to the man what - that when he on me looks. In fact letters it so is romantic. You agree with me? Though to you I want to admit - « I LOVE YOU! » Excuse, that so it is fast to you I speak, but you for me became very native person. You that person who understands me and appreciate.

You know, I very much want to hear your voice, to touch your hand and to feel that warmly with what you to me write letters.

My mum is a lot of about you asks, it is very interesting to her, that it for the person who does her daughter such happy. Vassilis you the best person on light and I am very glad that we have got acquainted with you. I think, that it was not casual and it is destiny. You believe in destiny? I shall wait very much your answer.


Letter 8

Hello my love Vassilis!

Fascinating, wonderful day, wonderful mood, charming man that has written to me charming letters. Wonderful feeling of pleasure and calmness. Love... Really it occurs with me? It is so wonderful, my sweet Vassilis!!! Reading lines of your letters, I have wonderful transformations, it is such pleasant sensations warm and care of your love. It is so wonderful to receive letter from you.

The distance of thousand kilometers between us disappears as if a morning fog, only I begin reading your words, your gentle and so desired to me words. I fall into hypnosis, I can not look away, even for one second. Then I start to re-read your words again and again, but is already more attentive. As if the wanderer wandering in desert some days find water, and greedy drink all over again, not having strength to stop, then slowly feeling taste of each drop. I can not find all words, to express all emotions and sensations. I love you Vassilis, only now I become the woman.

Mum speaks, that I should be more cautious, because girl shouldn't lose a head. You see I have not arrived yet. And what will occur with me when we shall meet? She speaks that I should control myself and emotions. It so is amusing, I did not hear these words from time of training at school. And really I am glad by each your letter as if the little girl is pleased to a beautiful gift, considering that this biggest happiness that can be found in the huge world.

My love Vassilis, you are treasure gift, that I could wish ever. I love you my sweet Vassilis!!! So far, I can only ask the God to give patience to wait that wonderful day of our meeting.

With love from Aleksandra

P.S. Yes I the open woman... Yes I like to try new things.. I very curious and consequently I like to try all.

Letter 9

Hello my lovely Vassilis.

I it read thanks for such letter some times and could not believe, that there is such person who can write such beautiful letters. I am ready to fly for pleasure. You will not believe, but such dream today has dreamed me, that I have arrived to you, and you have met me at the airport. You were with a bouquet of lilies, I still was surprised, whence you know, that it is mine favourite flowers. We were with you such happy, you showed me the city, have acquainted me with friends, and at us all was good. But the most important in my dream it was ours with you the first kiss, it seemed to me, that I do not sleep. It was all so really.

You were such gentle and tender, is direct as I of you represented. And what city at you beautiful, you everywhere carried me also we with you were constantly photographed, all looked at us, and we noticed nobody, we looked each other in the face. You would see, what at you were then eyes, from your sight at me the head even has begun to spin. You are very beautiful for me looked after. Then you have called me in restaurant, but I have suggested you to prepare and know, you have remained pleased. BUT, then I have woken up and have understood, that it was only dream. I have not much begun to cry at all, I so did not want to wake up. I tried to fall asleep again, but have left nothing. You know Vassilis, I very strongly want you to see after such dream. I want to feel really your heat, whether and the most important the truth at us will turn out the same first kiss as in dream, and can also better. You each time all become closer and closer to me. Write to me more likely the answer, I shall wait.


P.S. I can take holiday at any time. Yes it makes 1 month. Yes I want in the Internet of cafe as I use a computer on work. I read all letters and I write itself as I without problems understand you and I speak in English.

Letter 10

Hello loved Vassilis.

As soon as I have read your letter, I have been overflown with happy emotions, to me even on work have told, that I today what - that especial, my girlfriend Olga have told - “ You light with happiness ”. I am very happy, that you too want me to see. Day of our meeting I want, that was for us unforgettable. You know, I very much want you to see, I am sure, that to us is what each other to tell. Having met really, we even better about each other find out, you will see me better, is sure, that you want it. I hope, I shall justify your expectations. I very much would like to arrive to you will get acquainted to your friends and relatives and as in dream to prepare you for my most tasty dish, and still I never was abroad. If I shall come I think, that you will be the best guide. My lovely I am interested with one question. When I to you shall come, where I shall live at you or I should remove a room in hotel. Whether I am simple do not know it is accepted to live at you at home, you do not experience I all I shall understand. But even if it is necessary to live in hotel, I think, it will not prevent us. For people loving each other as we I think, it will not make the big problems. The main thing, that we shall be together.

Today after work I shall go in travel agency and I learn, that it is necessary to me to arrive to you my love. My beloved you should write to me the closest international airport. If I could fly, I would fly to you on wings of love. But while our meetings are possible only in dream. I shall soon write to you.


P.S. In your letter it is a lot of questions about sex. I can assure you that I will have sex only with you. When I shall arrive to you and we shall meet you find out all my sexual dreams and imaginations. I shall do you by the happiest.

Letter 11

Hi my angel Vassilis!
Excuse that has not answered your questions.
I love you.
Now I shall answer your questions.
My girlfriend call Olga. Yes I really want to arrive and visit you. I want it.
Yes I with you completely agree. We should be completely open the friend before the friend.
With me my love, occurs too most. At me as though I you know such feeling many years..
I love you. You the most dear ay me the person after my parents..
My parents transfer you greetings.
Yes I had dream... In my dream we were engaged in sex... But I think that we shall be engaged in sex and in a reality when we shall meet.
You agree my angel?
My sexual honey agarics not big...
But about it then when we shall meet.
Excuse for such ei?oeia the letter.
It is necessary for me to run for work.
I love you.
Yours and only yours Aleksa!

Letter 12

Hello my love Vassilis!!!!!!!!!!
My love Vassilis!!!! How - you today??? In the street simply fine weather!
My love, I love you Vassilis!!! I want to divide with you mood.
Today I have found out in the tourist agency who is required for our meeting. This travel agency has helped many Russian people to leave abroad without any problems.
I saw letters with gratitude of a word which have been precisely exposed in this travel agency. I have found out, what documents to me are necessary for disassembling for our meeting.
The manager tourist agency has told, that for trip to you it is necessary for me to have: the visa, the passport for travel abroad, the medical insurance, tickets aboard the plane.
We have defined type of the visa, and it - type which allows to marry in the future
This visa allows me to be in your country within 90 days.
I think, on which will know each other and in a consequence enough to marry.
If we marry during legality of the visa, I can remain with you on a lot of time.
If we do not marry, I should leave your country after end of legality of the visa.
As the manager of the company to me has defined cost of all expenses. When I have heard this figure I have not fallen nearly.
On all documents 460 dollars and still plus cost of the ticket aboard the plane which makes 1380 dollars are necessary for me. It includes the ticket in both parties.
As it is necessary for me to buy two tickets, in one and in other party.
I counted my sum, and I have found out, that we with mum have only approximately 210 dollars.
I have asked my friends about the help to me, and they have told, that it has no at the moment.
Now I do not know what to do and where to take money! All hope only on your help.
You should know, that I decide to ask you about it because I love you and I trust you very much.
I decide to arrive to you because I feel this way, and you are very necessary for me, I have decided to not arrive to the unfamiliar country and me never to be outside of my country.
But I have decided to make it because now you - a part of my life, and I trust you all.
I think, that you trust me as well love me also. 1630 $ my love, I need in dollars, I think, that you will help me because we have found our love, and we want to meet closer.
In most cases money play a leaging role in a life, but it is not correct! I am confident.
And the quantity of money was, and will not be important for me, I always did not aspire to material enrichment and to not search especially rich for the man.
I estimate human qualities and attitudes, and I love you Vassilis!!!
I think, that you love me also, and we shall meet very soon.
You - my love Vassilis, my Angel. My your heart.
I wait good news from you, I hope, that all will be in the order, and we shall together soon.
Every day I think of our meeting, and I think, that it is real, we should use this chance
From destiny.
I LOVE YOU Vassilis!!!!!!!!
Yours Aleksandra!

Now I shall answer your questions:
1. Yes I do
2. No
3. Is not present only front and a mouth
4. No
5. No

Letter 13

Hi my angel Vassilis!!!
I so am happy to receive your letter.. You do not represent as I is happy that we soon shall meet..
My parents even were surprised my mood.
My angel I answered all your questions.. Excuse me if on any I have not answered or something not so.. My love at me is not enough time and for this time I only have time to express the feelings to you... I at all do not have words to write.. I want to meet you and to tell to you all to face in a reality instead of to write letters... I love you. My angel, I tried to find money. I borrowed from the girlfriend of 430 dollars.. More I have no money...
Mum has asked that with me. I have told that I fly to the favourite person... My mum is glad very much for us. She has given me the Approval.
She transfers you the embraces parent. I love you.
My angel, today in the afternoon I went from work and thought of you... At us the snow and road very slippery lays
I have slipped and have fallen... Passers-by have run up to me and hands have submitted the and have helped me to rise.. The Woman began to calm me.. And I on all street began to laugh and cry.. But it were tears of pleasure. On me looked as at a lunatic... I have shouted on all street I LOVE Vassilis.
I have told then all that I fly to the husband. Everyone began to be pleased for me.
You represent as strongly I you I like. My prince, what weather at you? What I need to take???
My mum has already prepared me for warm things. Yes nearly has not overlooked... My mum has prepared for you for a gift.. But I shall not speak that it!! You do not take offence?
Today I went again to the manager of agency. I at once have concluded the contract with agency. The manager has told that all my documents will be ready in 10 days. he to me has told as you can help me. You can send money through the Western Union or Money Gram. You know such firms? I never simply used these firms and badly I know as all this works.
The manager has told that I should you give the full name, the full address... And you without problems can send me of money!
As he has told, that when you will send to me of money to you will give any code... I without this code cannot receive your money.
My information:
Russia. Saint Petersburg.
My home address:
Sedova street 83/9 appartment 3
my full name
Gorohova Aleksandra
My love, 1200 dollars are necessary for me. You can send money today?
That I tomorrow again went in agency and paid for all documents. As write to me the nearest airport.. Only write to me the full name of the airport.. It is necessary for booking tickets. So to me the manager of agency has told.
I love you.
I wait your answer. Write to me as soon as possible.
Yours and only yours Aleksandra!



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