Scam Letter(s) from Irina to Justin (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello dear Justin!
I am so happy that you wrote me back. I waited your letter.
I have never believed that I would appear here. To be honest, I was even suspicious about such meetings. Yes, Internet is everywhere now.
I even can't believe that now I am writing you this letter, and you are SO FAR from me:))
Yes, this is the life. As you understand I came here not just to have fun. I came here to try one more time my FATE!Yes, one more time. I was married, I was married for three years! But one day everything was ruined! And I stayed alone. I hope you will understand if I don't tell you now what has happened. May be later, ok???It is very unpleasant theme for me!
But, I don't have kids. I am happy with this fact as it would be very difficult for them to go through that horrible divorce!!!!
One day I talked with one friend. She told me the story about meetings through Internet. And she told me the happy story about her friend who got married for the foreigner and now she lives with him very happy!!! I heard a lot that in your country the men are very caring, loving and understanding. I heard, that if they create the family they will try to do everything to save their marriage. They are honest, loving, helpful, supportive, loyal. Oh, these are qualities I am looking for in man! So, as you can see, after that conversation a lot of time has gone and at last I decided to take my FATE in my own arms! I think and you too?
So, as you understand my name is Ira, but it will be very pleasant for me if you call me Irishka! I hope we will become very good friends and all my friends call me Irishka!
I was born on October,5. I am Libra. I was born in the small town Troitskoye, Ukraine. Now, I live here.
I have mother, father and sister. They live in this town too. But I don't live with them. I rent the flat.
I work. Now I work at the library.
Ok, I will close here. I will tell more in my next letter. I don't want to bore you. I hope I didn't:)))
I send you the photo. I hope you like it. Sorry, I don't have a lot.
After divorce I lost a lot of photos!
Hey, I am waiting your letter,
With the best wishes,

Letter 2

Hello dear Jusrin!
Oh I am very happy to receive your reply. Thank you, you didn't make me to wait a lot. To be honest, I didn't wait your letter back.
Thank you, you make me very happy with your letter.
Thank you for the photos. I am glad that you share them with me. It is very pleasant to answer you, when I see that you are so interested in me!The same is for me.
So, what can I say. I am so happy to come in contact with you. I love your personality. But still we should to learn SO MUCH about ourselves and I feel that I can share with you a lot.
So, as you understand I live in the little town Troitskoye, it is situated in the Eastern part of Ukraine. It is not very big. Yes, I forget to write you in my first letter why I want to relocate. I don't like this town very much. It is very dirty and there is not anything that is interested me. I have the bad recollections about the past. And I believe that if I find the right man for me and if everything will be really serious I will need to come to live in his country. Because I understand that it is impossible for him to realize himself in this town. It is very difficult to find the work here, it is very difficult to find the place where you can feel yourself better, I mean the parks, or just a little square with green plants!!!!
Oh, what can I tell you more? I love kids. I am waiting that day when I can become Mummy:)))I am waiting that day when I will hear his or her voice and scream for the first time. Oh, I believe that it will be the most wonderful day!!!
I want to create the strong family,full of love, happiness and support. I want my man be happy to come home every day after the difficult working hours! I want him to be happy to see me in doors and he is rushing to kiss me. I hate betray, lie, cruelty. I believe that the couple should be strong enough to talk openly, honest. It is also very difficult to admit ours guilt in something and ask for sorry!!!
I have a lot of dreams and likes. Ok, I will share them with you in my next letter!Ok????
Now, I need run. I am in a hurry!
Waiting your letter impatiently,
Have the great day.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Justin,
Thank you for the photos, I like them very much!
So, it is so great and very interesting for me to learn more and more about your life, your dreams, your desires.
I wish I could come closer to you and touch your hand. Sometimes I dream about this while sitting at work.
I wish I could know if it is possible for us to be together??? I think about this every day after we have started to write to each other! I so much want to know this. I so much want to make the new life, to forget all mistakes and to make something, something, no.... I know exactly what I want. I want to make every your day as happy as I can. I don't want to have any betray, any lie any routine in our life. I want to spend every day with you as it is the last day in our life: full of love, passionate and devotion.
You know, I feel free now with you and I feel that I can tell you a ;little, I mean to open one secret for you. I don't want to make guilty anyone. But my marriage was ruined. It was ruined because of the betray and lie. You know, I just found out that he was with another girl. May be it is an every day story, I don't know. But I feel still that pain and emptiness. I I don't want to feel this again and that is why I ask you to be honest with me. If you betray me you will ruin me. I was strong enough to stand that day his betray but it is impossible to overcome one more time this.
You know, the life is full of wonders and picturesque place and yes, I want to feel all this with you. You wrote me the first letter and it means that you took the risk and now we are going on with our destiny. I am very happy to be with you. You make me smile and feel happy, and I hope you also feel the same!
Waiting your answer impatiently.
Your Irishka.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Justin!
Thank you for the wonderful letter and photos, I like them very much!
You see, I didn't believe that it is possible to communicate in this way and I didn't believe that you can learn the person in this way. But right now I believe in this. Now, every day I am waiting your letter impatiently. I wonder, what did you write me, what did you share with me. I so much want to learn how you feel about our communication. Are you happy or not? Did you like my letter or not? Every day I open your soul and heart. This is so exciting. I am feeling wonderful. Yes, we have to learn more and more. But still something has changed inside me. It is new for me. I am waiting today your letter to share with you this feeling. You know, when I start reading your letter I become happier. I become feeling something.... what is it??? I don't know.
We came here only with one aim: to find the Special Person. Yes, we made mistakes in our life. But right now, I am sure that I made the right decision to start writing to you at that first day! We should struggle for our happiness. Sitting in your room and dreaming about something is not enough. We should doing something to receive our dream. That is why I am here, that is why I am writing to you this letter. Because I am sure and I am happy. I am not afraid of sharing this thoughts with you. I am happy that I found in my heart the strength to do this. I hope you will do the same.
I send you one hundred sweet kisses,
Your Irishka.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Justin,
thank you for the photos, I like thme very much.
I am so happy to be close to you. Honey, perhpas it was a crazy stuff.
My dear marriage it is not only love, sex or just simple being together. It is something more. The couple should be the big union of their souls and hearts! Yes, we should be honest!!! before each other! We should share all worries. We should help each other! We should listen to the thought of each other, we should give support at the needed time and be close to each other and the difficult period of time. The life is unpredictable. You can be poor today and immensely rich the next one or vise verse. But the special person will be with you every day!!It is very difficult to find such person. But I think that is why we are here. The life is very difficult first of all because of its routine. It covers you with head and you can't go out form it. You can find the right way to change the life. This irritates you and worries you. It disturbs you but you can guess what has happened. And you continue to live and stay alone with your problem. Why don't you share this worry with your partner???Why don't you tell her what you want???Why do you feel so bad???What do you want to do??? It is so simply to change the life, but it is so difficult to confess that something is wrong in your marriage and you are guilty for this. But you can change all this too.
Sex is very important in the marriage too. It comes to be in this way, that with years you forget about the passionate and romance. But these two things are the answer on all problems. For the woman is very important to feel that she is loved, that you are considering her beautiful woman, that you are attracted by her! Oh, the man stop saying this! Why???It is so simple to me:your so beautiful today, oh you are my sun, you are my flower, I want you very much. I love, you.
etc. This simple words will make me happy for the whole day!!!
your Irishka.



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